Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 637

“Yes, but I’m very curious, how effective Chen Feng’s retreat can be? Is it possible that he wants to break through the middle phase of Huajin?”
“It hasn’t been long before he broke through Huajin, and it is impossible to break through Huajin again in such a short period of time. In the mid-term, in my opinion, he was mostly comprehending a certain kind of martial arts and improving his strength.”
“Then the question is, will he challenge it?”
… For a while, the Huaxia martial arts world and other fields have been competing with each other. There is a lot of discussion about Chen Feng’s life and death challenge.
However, none of the heavyweight figures in the martial arts world spoke out, and there was never even a school leader and Huajin master who spoke about disciples of some sects.
All this is because the heads of the martial arts and the masters of Huajin are not sure whether Chen Feng dares to fight. Under such circumstances, the best way is to remain silent, otherwise, if you make a wrong judgment, you will be beaten in the face in the future. Oh no.
While remaining silent, they are also watching and waiting, watching the development of the situation, and waiting for Chen Feng’s response.
Chen Feng didn’t know about all this.
In the past five days, he has been immersed in the research and creation of martial arts, and he can’t extricate himself from eating and meditating. He has been doing this at other times.
However, five days later, he still did not develop his own martial arts.
To be precise, he did not develop the second formula after the killer move.
Any martial arts research and creation cannot be accomplished overnight, but there is a process that requires one-by-one research and creation, and finally merged together to form a martial arts.
As the sun sets, Chen Feng is in the shape of electricity, shuttles in the courtyard of the villa, leaving behind shadows. call!
Suddenly, Chen Feng’s figure paused, his body turned like a spiral, then his knees were bent in a squatting posture, his feet were nailed to the ground like nails, and his right fist was like a big gun, and he slammed out loudly.
Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!
With a punch, the air burst, and the power was terrifying.
Soon, Chen Feng closed his fists and stood in the sunset, thoughtful.
“The Huiliu sword is one of the killers in swordsmanship. It is a very suitable choice to use it as the basis of the second style. It is a very suitable choice to change and extend, but I always feel that something is missing.”
Chen Feng frowned and muttered Muttered.
After five days of deliberation and practice, he finally decided to use Liu Jian as the basis of the second style, and research and create the second ultimate move.
The key to returning Liu Jian is not to “turn around to spur”, but to “return to spur”. It requires the user to deliberately lure the enemy general to catch up, and wait for the enemy to stab the enemy back (or cut it off with a knife), and then turn around. The head of the horse makes the two horses into an l shape before attacking.
At this time, the enemy’s moves have been made, and the weapons have no time to pull back to resist. If they can’t prevent them, they are assassinated (or hacked) immediately.
To do all of this, you must first put yourself in a very dangerous situation, secondly you must seize the opportunity, and finally, if you are using it right away, you must integrate well with the horse.
This is the key to returning to Liu Jian in ancient swordsmanship, and Chen Feng can do it perfectly and even improve it.
In this way, the person who uses this trick needs to have an accurate grasp of the timing and the distance between the enemy and the enemy. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you will really fall into danger and be killed by the enemy.
After several days of continuous exercises, Chen Feng integrated boxing into it, and successfully adapted Hui Liu Jian into a move suitable for modern martial artists to fight empty-handed or use daggers, but still felt that there were shortcomings.
“What the hell is missing?” Chen Feng was lost in thought, but he didn’t know that Jing Teng challenged him to life and death because of the fact that the outside world had been quarreled…
It’s been eight days.
Eight days have passed since Jing Teng, the heir of the Jing family, challenged Chen Feng to life and death, but Chen Feng still did not show up and did not respond.
“At this point, it is basically certain that Chen Feng will not fight anymore.”
“It’s a pity that I originally wanted to go to West Lake to witness this battle with my own eyes and see how strong Jing Teng is as a descendant of the hidden martial arts family. Now it seems that this wish is mostly impossible to achieve.”
“No need to witness, facts have proved that Chen Feng can kill the top martial arts masters in the mid-term Huajin, but he dare not take up the life and death challenge of Jingteng, showing that Jingteng Teng’s strength is higher than that of the warriors in the middle stage of Huajin, and can even be comparable to the warriors of the late stage of
Huajin !” Chen Feng’s silence made people even more convinced that he did not dare to fight, and at the same time marveled at Jingteng’s power!
Just as these voices spread through martial arts circles and spread across all fields, Jing Teng walked out of the Jing family ancestral home for the second time in his life and came to the Jing family manor in the suburbs of Nangui.
Jing Teng’s arrival was personally received by all powerful figures in the Jing family.
After the banquet, Jing Yunlin, the spokesperson of the Jing family’s secular world, brought Jing Teng to his study. In addition, there was also Jing Teng’s Wutong Muyang.
“Xiao Teng, are you planning to wait for Chen Feng’s response before going to Hangzhou Lake, or do you plan to go to Hangzhou Lake tomorrow?” After Muyang made tea, Jing Yunlin couldn’t help but ask.
“Hey, the world has spread that Chen Feng so evil, saying that the first young generation of Chinese martial arts scholars used his own power to wash the Japanese nation, killing several powerful martial artists, and after the whole Japanese pursuit, he was safe and sound. To leave Japan and create a legend.” Jing Teng answered the question, his face was filled with a sneer of disdain, “In my opinion, he is completely vain, he is simply a coward, and he doesn’t even have the courage to fight me!”
“Master, in my opinion, that Chen Feng is a bit stronger than the geniuses of Shaolin, Wudang, and Emei. And he probably heard that Master, you went out six years ago to travel and crush the geniuses of various martial arts, and he was so scared. In the face of the battle, I don’t even dare to show my face.” Mu Yang agreed, and then sneered: “Don’t talk about the young master, if you fight in the same realm, I will kill him like a chicken!”
“Xiao Teng, if that Chen Feng has been slaughtered from beginning to end ! If he doesn’t show up to respond to you, what does your grandfather plan to do with you?” Jing Yunlin asked again. Although he is the secular spokesperson of the Jing family, he also holds a certain position within the Jing family, so he knows why Jing Teng To challenge Chen Feng, apart from making the Jing family famous, there is another reason, that is, at the request of the Chen family, to kill Chen Feng in the challenge!
In such a situation, if Chen Feng did not fight from beginning to end, then the Chen family’s plan would be in vain.
And he asked at the moment, wanting to know if Jingteng has alternate plans and plans.
“If he doesn’t respond, I will force him to fight!” Jing Teng sneered, as if he would not stop killing Chen Feng.
“How to say?” Jing Yunlin was a little confused.
“Uncle Jing, I have discussed with my grandfather, if Chen Feng should not fight, I will let Mu Yang lead people and accept his wife as Mu Yang’s maid.” Jing Teng sneered.
Upon hearing this, Jing Yunlin was taken aback for a moment, and asked Chen Feng’s wife to be Mu Yang’s maid. Can Chen Feng be allowed to act?

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