Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 638

As if seeing Jing Yunlin’s doubts, Mu Yang smiled and explained: “Uncle Jing, according to the information we have, that Chen Feng is an extremely short-term master, and can’t tolerate the slightest bullying by people around him. He knew that his wife was forcibly accepted as a maid by me, so he would probably ask me to settle the account for it. Then, the young master can kill him!”
“This plan is not bad.” Jing Yun heard Mu Yang’s words. Lin’s eyes lit up and couldn’t help but exclaim. For a genius like Chen Feng, there is nothing more humiliating than letting his wife serve as a maid for someone else’s Wu Tong.
“Compared with this plan, I actually hope that the vain coward can take the initiative to fight. In that case, I will use the most powerful means to kill him, and then let his woman kneel in front of Mu Yang, begging Become a maid for Muyang!” Jing Teng said viciously.
In his opinion, Chen Feng’s wife served Muyang as a maid, that was all high.
“This is the best way. The battle of life and death, life and death, can avoid some trouble.” Jing Yunlin nodded. Although Chen Feng was expelled from the Chen family, after all, he has a very strong network in society and can mobilize various resources and Energy, if it is killed by despicable means, it will inevitably cause trouble to the Jing family, and if the contest is killed, no one has anything to say. at the same time.
Chu celadon and Zhou Wusheng also came to Hanghu.
“Miss, if you want me to say, let’s go back. Chen Feng has yet to show up to respond. I think he is probably planning to avoid fighting.” Looking at the determined Chu Celadon, Zhou Wusheng couldn’t help but smile.
“Grandpa Zhou, I have already called and asked the people around him. He is currently in retreat. If the deadline is up and he does not leave the customs, someone will tell him about the challenge. I think he will definitely take the challenge.” Facing Zhou Wusheng’s persuasion, Chu Celadon was unmoved. She had already been to Yanjing, but did not see Chen Feng. So this time, she came directly to Hanghu to learn from her understanding of Chen Feng. She felt that Chen Feng would definitely not do things like avoiding war!
“But, miss, I remember you have a very important business project to discuss the day after tomorrow. If Chen Feng should not fight, you will not only have to go for nothing, but also affect the business…” Zhou Wusheng couldn’t help but reminded. One sentence.
But Chu Celadon shook his head: “Grandpa Zhou, it’s just a deal. It doesn’t matter whether you do it or not. For me, Brother Feng’s business is a big deal.”
“Okay.” Zhou Wusheng sighed. If that is the case, then I will stay with you in Hanghu, and let me see him, and see how he can be admired by the entire Chinese martial arts world, and it can make you give up business at all.”
… ……
West Lake State Guest House is located on the west side of West Lake, facing the lake on three sides and backing on one side. The courtyard covers an area of ​​360,000 square meters. Because of its beautiful environment, exquisite architecture and elegant furnishings, it ranks first among the West Lake gardens.
Because the location of the battle between Chen Feng and Jing Teng was set at the West Lake, the entire West Lake State Guest House was already overcrowded at this moment.
In addition to some martial arts leaders, some underground world giants also rushed over from all over.
“There is heaven above, and Suzhou and Hangzhou below. The environment of Hangzhou Lake is really not blowing. Although Nankun says that the four seasons are like spring, it still feels less flavorful than Hangzhou Lake, especially around the West Lake.”
When the red sun rose, a white-faced middle-aged man just finished his morning exercise. Accompanied by a military adviser, he took a walk while admiring the lotus in the West Lake State Guest House.
The white-faced middle-aged man is named Jia Wanhao, a well-known underground emperor in the Southwest World of China, and he is nicknamed Southwest King!
He is also one of the many big shots who came to Hangzhou this time.
“Master Jia, this Hanghu Lake has been a favorite place for literati and polite people since ancient times, and it is also a place where emperors and prime ministers traveled. It must be unique.” After Jia Manhao finished that sentence, Li Ci, the military master, smiled and immediately echoed. Up.
“Om~” As Li Ci’s voice fell, the phone in his pocket vibrated without waiting for Jia Manhao to say anything.
Jia Manhao took out his mobile phone and found that it was a call from Lu Zhengfeng, the godfather of Nangang Underground World.
“Mr. Lu is early.” After receiving a call from Zhengfeng Lu, Jia Manhao knew the other party’s intentions, but did not take the initiative to mention it, but asked early with a smile.
“Boss Jia early.” On the other end of the phone, Lu Zhengfeng also responded politely, then changed the conversation and asked: “Boss Jia, I heard that you have reached Hanghu?”
“Mr. Lu has enough news. Well-informed, as soon as I arrived on the front foot, you knew on the back foot that you would not send someone to follow me and plot against me?” Jia Manhao smiled and joked. People like them will pay attention to each other’s dynamics, Lu Zhengfeng Knowing that he had arrived in Hanghu is not surprising at all.
“Haha, I’m afraid I have the guilty heart but not the guts .” Lu Zhengfeng smiled and struck haha, then stopped going around and started to enter the subject, “Boss Jia, as far as I know, Chen Feng has not yet responded to that scene. A challenge from family heirs. Is there any inside information about your rush to Hanghu so early? Is it convenient for me to reveal it?”
“Mr. Lu raised me up, how can I have any inside information.” Jia Hao Hao was dumbfounded.
“Since Boss Jia has no inside information, why did he rush to Hangzhou Lake so early?” Lu Zhengfeng was puzzled.
“I don’t have inside information, and I don’t know why Chen Feng hasn’t challenged Jingteng for a long time. The reason why I came here is simply that he will challenge.”
Jia Wanhao gave the answer Lu Zhengfeng wanted, and then smiled and joked, “Furthermore, I think the environment of Hanghu Lake is pleasant and there are many beautiful ladies. I want to try if I can have an affair.”
“Haha, Jia . Masaoki good boss “is the wind Lu smiled, then said:”.? that being the case, then I have to accompany the boss Jia Yaxing something, rush past today, and Jia boss live ‘
. “Xihu State Guesthouse”
Guwan Hao slow Speaking slowly, there was a bit of sorrow in his heart. Originally, Chen Feng would not have attracted the attention of so many underground world leaders. But when Chen Feng went to Japan and destroyed the second largest underground organization in Japan, everything was fine. Everything has become different.
Chen Feng can destroy the second largest underground organization in Japan, Nin Soul, then he can also destroy many underground organizations in China. This is the reason why many China underground world leaders have rushed over. For them, this is A good opportunity to meet Chen Feng.
Regardless of the outcome of the battle between Chen Feng and Jing Teng, they must get to know Chen Feng, the newly promoted killer god, so that one day in the future, his subordinates will not provoke Chen Feng…

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