Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 639

As expected by Jia Manhao, except for Lu Zhengfeng who rushed to Hanghu from Nangang, He Rong, the head of the He family in South Australia, the boss of the rivers and lakes in the north of Jinbei, the new generation of rivers and lakes in Jinxi, and the famous figures of the China Underground World all arrived Hang lake.
There is only one reason why these big people rushed to Hangzhou Lake. Get to know Chen Feng and see if you can win over Chen Feng!
West Lake is located to the west of Hang Lake. It is one of the first batch of national key scenic spots and one of the top ten scenic spots in China. It is also one of the few lakes in the current World Heritage List and the only lake cultural heritage in China.
The West Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with an area of ​​about 6.39 square kilometers, a width of about 2.8 kilometers from east to west, a length of about 3.2 kilometers from north to south, and a circle of nearly 15 kilometers around the lake. The lake is separated by Gushan, Baidi, Sudi, and Yanggongdi. According to the area, there are five water surfaces, namely Waixi Lake, Xili Lake, Beili Lake, Xiaonan Lake and Yue Lake. Sudi and Baidi cross the lake surface, and Xiaoyingzhou The three small islands, Huxin Pavilion, and Ruan Gongdun, stand in the center of the Waixihu Lake. The Leifeng Pagoda of Xizhao Mountain and the Baochu Pagoda of Gem Mountain stand against each other across the lake, forming “one mountain, two towers, three islands, The basic pattern of “three dikes and five lakes”.
It coincides with six one or eight o’clock. Tourists in the West Lake scenic spot are like weaving. There are people everywhere, densely packed, and you can’t see the end at a glance.
“The West Lake is so big, where will Brother Chen Feng compete with that Jingteng?” Among the crowd, Lin Wanqiu looked at the dense crowds and the huge West Lake scenic area, a little confused, she ran secretly from the Dragon God Special Operations Base She didn’t even bring her mobile phone. She only asked where Chen Feng and Jing Teng were fighting and came out. But when she came here, she found that the West Lake was too big. If she didn’t know the specific location of the martial arts competition, she would never find Chen Feng!
After being confused, Lin Wanqiu quickly walked out of the crowd, then found a service point in the scenic spot, walked straight over, and asked straightforwardly: “Hello, where is the competition held today in the scenic spot?”
“Competition? What competition?” The staff of the scenic spot looked dazed.
“It’s the martial arts contest between the descendants of the Jing family and Chen Feng.” Lin Wanqiu explained.
“Heirs from a family of martial arts? Girl, do you see a lot of martial arts? What age is this, how can there be any martial arts family? In addition, there is no competition here.” The scenic spot staff looked at Lin Wanqiu strangely.
“” Lin Wanqiu was speechless for a while, and at the same time understood that the staff at the scenic spot did not know about Chen Feng’s match with Jing Teng.
Ok? Immediately, when Lin Wanqiu was worried, she saw several people wearing Tang suits and long robes, and her heart moved and immediately followed.
She now has a certain understanding of the martial arts world, so she can tell at a glance that the few people are eccentrically dressed, have extraordinary bearing, and exude inexplicable aura, most of them are from the martial arts world.
In this way, as long as she follows people in the martial arts circle, she will definitely be able to walk to the place where Chen Feng competes with Jing Teng, so as to meet Chen Feng and witness Chen Feng’s martial arts competition with her own eyes.
After half an hour, Lin Wanqiu almost trot all the way, followed the warriors, and came to a boarding gate in the West Lake Scenic Area.
The boarding gate was blocked, and there were patrols and Wumeng staff working together to maintain order at the scene. Everyone who wants to board the ship must show their credentials.
Those warriors seemed to have known all this, they walked straight over, took out the identification documents, and then entered the blockade, and then boarded a big boat.
There were already many people on the big boat, and those people, like the few people Lin Wanqiu followed, were in robes or martial arts uniforms. Some even carried swords and looked like people in the martial arts world.
Seeing this scene, Lin Wanqiu thought for a while and walked straight over.
“Girl, this place is not open to the public today, please go to other places to watch.” A staff member wearing a shirt stopped Lin Wanqiu and said politely.
“Hello, I came to see Chen Feng and Jing Teng compete.” Lin Wanqiu explained.
“Oh?” Lin Wanqiu’s words sounded in his ears, the staff was a little surprised, and then looked up and down Lin Wanqiu, and said: “Today, in addition to the registered members of Huaxia Wu League who can enter the game with their membership cards, there are also a small number of people with The Wushu Association coordinated to get the opportunity to watch the game, but they all have guest badges, please show your guest badge.”
“Guest badge?”
Lin Wanqiu was taken aback again, and then explained: “Hello, I don’t have guest badge, but I’m Chen peak friends. ” ”
I’m sorry, girls, higher provisions, no guest card will be allowed to enter. “working staff, very simply refused to enter Lin Wanqiu blocked area, then changed the subject, and said:” but, you say you are Chen Feng’s friends, you can wait, and then you can go in with him.”
“Okay, thank you.”
Hearing the staff’s words again, Lin Wanqiu nodded in frustration, and then prepared to leave.
“Girl, are you really a friend of Chen Feng?” Seeing Lin Wanqiu was leaving, the staff couldn’t help asking.
“Yeah.” Lin Wanqiu nodded.
“Chen Feng tells you that he will challenge?” the staff asked again.
“No, I guess he will challenge.” Lin Wanqiu shook her head and said like this.
“People who come here today guess that Chen Summit should fight. If he shouldn’t fight, the fun would be great!” The staff shook their head with a wry smile, and then stopped asking questions about Lin Wanqiu and let Lin Wanqiu leave.
Lin Wanqiu did not go far, but just as the staff said, standing not far away, not knowing whether he was waiting for the opportunity to enter the blocked area or waiting for Chen Feng’s arrival.
“Master Qiao Wudou, the head of Shao Bei Quan, is here!” Soon, the staff member saw a middle-aged martial artist walking with two disciples, his heart moved, thinking of the identity of the person, and shouted immediately. .
As the staff member’s voice fell, no matter it was the other staff in the blockade or those warriors who had already boarded the ship, they turned their eyes to Qiao Wudou.
“Hello, Master Qiao, I am a staff member of Hangzhou Wumeng League.” Then, as everyone watched, Qiao Wudou took two disciples to the blockade, and the staff member took the initiative to meet him, and did it first. Introduce himself, and then said: “Master Qiao, due to the special nature of this competition, in accordance with the instructions of superiors, if the competition is conducted within the designated blockade area, all spectators must board the ship. At present, some people have already boarded the ship. Now, do you want to board the ship, or do you want to stroll around and board the ship before the competition?”
Qiao Wudou slowly uttered two words, simple and clear. He brought two disciples to the West Lake today, just to watch the match between Chen Feng and Jing Teng. As for watching the scenery, he did not have this leisurely elegance!

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