Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 64

After the call, Shen Junwen became as arrogant as before.
Seeing Chen Feng’s calm expression, Shen Junwen sneered, this silly B, it’s time to pretend, really think he is invincible in the world?
Shen Junwen was not called Shen Hongchang. First, because Shen Hongchang didn’t like him to do these smoky things, even if he could help him, Shen Hongchang would clean up him afterwards.
Second, Shen Junwen felt that Chen Feng was not worthy of alarming Shen Hongchang, and letting Shen Hongchang go out was like a sledgehammer.
“Xia Mengyao, my previous promise is still valid. Leave Chen Feng and be my woman. I can let your mother go.” Shen Junwen poured a glass of red wine and looked at Xia Mengyao leisurely.
Xia Mengyao’s answer was very straightforward.
Shen Junwen shook his head and smiled without being angry. After Han Long came, he would make Xia Mengyao regret what he did today!
Ten minutes later, six black Range Rover Range Rover stopped in front of the Queen’s Building.
Twenty sturdy men in various clothes swarmed down from the car.
After getting off the bus, two dozen big men immediately stood in two rows and bowed their heads respectfully.
Then, a middle-aged man got out of the car with a hand twisting the Buddha beads.
Seeing the security guards at the door looking at him with trepidation, the middle-aged man also showed a peaceful smile on his face, indicating that the others should not be afraid.
A group of people swarmed into the Queen’s Building.
At this time, Chen Feng was a little absent-minded, not because he was afraid that Shen Junwen would really call someone awesome, but because he was worried that his secret would be discovered by Xia Mengyao.
After all, he had already shown a lot of trouble before. If the person Shen Junwen called to get on the ground in a while, how would he explain to Xia Mengyao?
Chen Feng is not yet ready to confess everything to Xia Mengyao.
After thinking for a while, Chen Feng called Xia Mengyao aside: “Mengyao, wait for someone called by Shen Junwen to come over, so you can sneak out by yourself first.”
Xia Mengyao’s face changed and said, “No, I won’t go, I want to go together.”
Chen Feng was a little moved, but when he was moved, he couldn’t help but smile, “Meng Yao, you have already seen my skill, are you still worried, I can’t beat the people whom Shen Junwen called? Let you go first, because I am afraid that I will fight for a while. It affects you.”
Xia Mengyao bit her lip. She understood the meaning of Chen Feng’s words and understood that her own existence is indeed a burden to Chen Feng. If Shen Junwen’s people threaten Chen Feng with her, Chen Feng should How to do?
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded slightly, she was not the kind of woman who didn’t know what to do before, and knew that she must not be headstrong at this time.
“But Chen Feng, promise me that you must protect yourself. If it’s not their opponent, you will be soft and don’t be aggressive!” Xia Mengyao exhorted again. In her eyes, Chen Feng’s safety is the most important, as long as you stay With the green hills here, I am not afraid that there is no firewood.
“Yes.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
As soon as the voice fell, a dozen strong men swarmed in.
Shen Junwen stepped forward to greet him excitedly, while Chen Feng gave Xia Mengyao a look.
Xia Mengyao gave Chen Feng a worried look, and then quietly left from the back door.
“Uncle Han, it’s really not good business. It’s so late and I have to trouble you to come forward.” Shen Junwen’s posture is very low. He is very clear that the gap between himself and Han Long, whether it is status, status or financial power, Not at the same level, if his uncle is not Shen Hongchang, Han Long, such a big man, he would never even look at him.
“Junwen, don’t say these things for the family. Boss Shen is the brother I have worshipped. His younger generation is naturally my younger generation. There is no trouble or trouble.” Han Long smiled. From the outside, the smiling Buddha-like man in front of him doesn’t look like an underground emperor at all, but people who know him know that this one in front of him, smiled at the three horses who had betrayed him. Skin cramps, without blinking the eyes during the whole process.
“Yes, yes, what you said, Uncle Han, is that Junwen was born.” Shen Junwen’s face was full of flattering smiles, Han Long said so, he made it clear that he was going to stand up for him, he wanted to see. How did Chen Feng hide this time.
“This is the little brother you can beat, right?” Han Long looked at Chen Feng with a smile and said. From the moment he walked in, he found Chen Feng, not because of how outstanding Chen Feng was, but because of his unique temperament, which was very eye-catching.
“Uncle Han, it’s him.” Shen Junwen nodded hurriedly.
“What’s the name of the little brother?” Han Long’s tone was very cordial. He didn’t know anyone, and thought he was greeting a junior.
“My name?” Chen Feng glanced at Han Long lazily, and shook his head: “You don’t deserve to know my name, just let your people do it, I’m in a hurry.” Chen Feng is too lazy to be here at Han Long It’s unnecessary to waste time on a smiling tiger.
Everyone took a breath, and no one thought that Chen Feng would dare to be so arrogant in front of Han Long.
“Grass! Chen Feng, what are you crazy about! Do you know who my Uncle Han is?” Shen Junwen yelled. Chen Feng was forgiven for being mad in front of him, but in front of Han Long, why? !
“I’m not interested in knowing.” Chen Feng said lightly. These words made the two dozen younger brothers behind Han Long very angry. This trash, dare to despise their underground emperor so much. If Han Long hadn’t spoken, they He would definitely rush to peel Chen Feng and cramp.
Han Long looked at Chen Feng with a smile on his face: “Is that Chen Feng? I haven’t seen a young man like you in a long time, but young people, it’s a good thing to be crazy, you Uncle Han, I just want to I can’t get crazy anymore.”
Han Long’s tone was a little missed. Then he glanced at several anchors and smiled: “Turn off the live broadcast.”
“Yes, Lord Han.”
Several anchors nodded hurriedly. Although the audience in the live broadcast room is extremely unhappy, after all, this may be the most exciting live broadcast they have ever seen in their lives. First Shen Junwen and Xia Mengyao, then the mythical characters in Cangzhou City, including the underground emperor. Han Long.
They were very curious as to how Han Long would deal with the fanatic Chen Feng.
Shen Junwen’s mood at this time was both regretful and excited. It was a pity that everyone in the city could not see Chen Feng being embarrassed. Excitedly, Han Long let Guan live broadcast. That means that next, he will use Extremely cruel means to deal with Chen Feng.
Naturally, this method cannot be seen by outsiders.
“Little brother, your Uncle Han is not an unreasonable person, so, peeling and cramping, you choose one yourself. After you choose, Uncle Han will give you face today and do it yourself.” Han Long still smiled, as if Let me talk about a little thing that has nothing to do with me.
But the younger brothers who followed Han Long all the year knew that Han Long was angry!
Otherwise, he won’t end up personally, and it’s a cruel punishment like skinning cramps!

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