Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 640

“I didn’t expect that Master Qiao was here.”
“Yes, Master Qiao is a few of the peaks of Huaxia martial arts world. A character like him will never appear in the world.”
“This You don’t know, the reason why Master Qiao came here is because he has an antagonism with Japanese Amaterasu Takeno!”
“Have an antagonism? How to say?” Everyone showed interest.
“In his early years, Master Qiao played against Amaterasu Takeno who was also in the early stage of Huajin, but at that time he unfortunately defeated Amaterasu Takeno. This became a part of his heart disease. He originally planned to find someone I had the opportunity to fight again with Amaterasu Takeno and found the place, but I did not expect that Amaterasu Takeno was bombed to death by Chen Feng a few days ago.”
“You said, if you are Master Qiao, you can’t come and see it. What is the person who killed his old enemy?”
“So that’s it.”
After that person explained, everyone understood the intention of Master Qiao.
“In my opinion, today, it is definitely not only Master Qiao and a martial arts master who will come, and most of the heads of other schools will also come!”
The person added.
“Master Wing Chun King is here!”
“Master Jeet Kune Do Li is here!”
“Master Zhao Wudao, the head of the Bagua
Sect, is here !” “Master Zhang Tianshi, the head of Wudang sent to you!”
“Master Kong Ming, the master of Shaolin Temple, is here!”
… … As if to confirm that person’s words, as time passed, a famous martial arts master came here one after another, including Shaolin, Wudang and Bagua Gate, which are the bright banners of Chinese martial arts circles.
“Oh, behaved, it’s just noon. Except for some heavyweights in the Wumeng League, almost the entire Chinese martial arts circle has a head and a face. It’s incredible!” On the big ship, a warrior opened his eyes and exclaimed. .
“Yes, not to mention that Chen Feng has not responded so far. It is unknown whether this battle will be carried out. The leaders and masters of all factions will gather together. This is definitely the first time in the history of Chinese martial arts circles!”
Someone spoke in agreement and spoke the voice of everyone.
At noon, this battle has not yet been determined, and almost the entire Chinese martial arts community has come!
Everywhere, the circle and status are emphasized, and the martial arts circle is no exception.
There are a total of three big boats on board, and disciples from various sects are in a big boat. Among them are the genius disciples of the martial arts such as Wudang, Bagua Sect, and Shaolin Sect. All of them are under Huajin, and most of them are dark energy.
This time, the geniuses of the famous schools followed the leader, that is, to watch the battle, but also to find the gap through the life and death struggle between Chen Feng and Jingteng, so as to motivate themselves to work harder and improve their strength as soon as possible, so as not to be caught by Jingteng and Chen. The evildoer like Feng throws too far.
The second ship is all martial arts masters above Huajin, including three Chinese martial arts masters such as Zhang Tianshi, the head of Wudang School, Zhao Wudao, head of Bagua Sect, and Master Kong Ming, who presided over the Shaolin Temple.
“There are so many people here today. It would be interesting if Chen Feng’s kid should not fight.” Zhao Wudao, the gossip sect, drank a sip of tea and couldn’t help laughing and joking.
“Old Zhao, you are too worried about this. Although we have never seen that kid, I think it is impossible to be a tortoise with his strong temperament and style.”
Wudang school leader Zhang Tianshi laughed He shook his head and said: “In my opinion, even if he is weak, he will fight to the death.”
“The heavenly master said that this is the reason why we came here by appointment today. We all expected that kid would Challenge.” Master Kong Ming nodded, agreeing with Zhang Tianshi’s words.
“Three masters, who do you think will win the battle between Chen Feng and the descendant of the Jing family, Jing Teng?” As Master Kong Ming’s voice fell, Shao Bei Quan Master Qiao Wu Dou asked curiously.
As the warrior at the door had guessed before, the reason why he came to watch the battle this time was indeed directed at Chen Feng.
He wanted to know what kind of peerless evildoer could kill Amaterasu Takeno, who was ranked eighteenth in the god list. Swishwwww
… Upon hearing Qiao Wudou’s words, the other martial arts masters on the big ship unanimously cast their eyes on Master Kongming, Zhang Tianshi and Zhao Wudao, waiting for their answers.
In their opinion, the three of them are all Taishan Beidou of the Chinese martial arts circle, with high strength and excellent vision, and they should be able to make accurate judgments.
Hearing Qiao Wudou’s question and feeling the expectation in the eyes of everyone around him, the three of Master Kong Ming glanced at each other, smiled and shook their heads, indicating that they did not know.
“Guide to the leader!”
At this moment, a loud voice rang out from the boarding gate, which immediately attracted the eyes of everyone including Master Kong Ming.
As everyone watched, Guan Nantian, the deputy leader of the Yanjing Wu League, was accompanied by a group of people and passed through the blockade.
Accompanied by Guan Nantian were the deputy leader of the Hangzhou Wumeng and his assistants. In addition, there was a middle-aged man with a burly figure and a grim complexion.
“Why did he come?”
Seeing that middle-aged man, all martial arts masters including Master Kong Ming were surprised.
Because they recognized the middle-aged man for the first time.
The deputy leader of the Zhanmeng League was once one of the youngest Huajin fighters in the Chinese martial arts world. His breakthrough speed was second only to the Kunlun Sect Master Zhou Pokong. In that era, Wu Zhizhou was synonymous with genius.
If it were not for Zhou Pokong’s existence back then, Wu Zhizhou would be the most powerful existence of those Chinese warriors, and the most dazzling star.
However, things are impermanent, and the limelight and reputation that Zhou broke in those days completely eclipsed Wu Zhizhou.
However, Wu Zhizhou eventually entered the war alliance that represented the temple of Chinese warriors.
“If I am not mistaken, the arrival of Wu Zhizhou is not only an emphasis on this battle, but also an invisible warning to the Jing family.” Zhao Wudao, head of the gossip sect, thought thoughtfully.
“Warning? Why did Master Zhao say that?” Zhang Tianshi couldn’t help but ask, how did you hear what Zhao Wudao meant? Wu Zhizhou’s arrival was for the Chen Feng platform?
“Master Zhang, you may not know, that Chen Feng has a deep relationship with the Zhanmeng.” Zhao Wudao said in a low voice.
Zhang Tianshi was taken aback: “Master Zhao, you mean, the last time Chen Feng went to Japan to perform a mission?”
“More than that.”
Zhao Wudao shook his head, a mysterious smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
Seeing that Zhao Wudao obviously meant something, but he refused to say more, Zhang Tianshi didn’t ask any more, but he kept a mind in his heart.
Subsequently, Guan Nantian, accompanied by the deputy leader of Wuzhizhou and Hangzhou Wumeng, boarded the ship where the master Kongming and other martial masters were.
“Leader Guan, Master Wu, Leader Chen!” Master Kong Ming and others stood up and greeted the three of Guan Nantian.

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