Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 641

The three of Guan Nantian responded one after another. Among them, Guan Nantian was smiling and approachable, while the deputy leader of the Hangzhou Wu League was very polite.
Although he has the title of deputy leader, his status and status are inferior to those of martial arts masters like Master Kong Ming.
As for Wu Zhizhou… He just slightly nodded at the crowd, then walked to the empty deck to the side, looking at the boarding gate, as if waiting for the arrival of the descendants of the Jing family and Chen Feng.
“Lord Guan, when will the Jing family come?” After Wu Zhizhou left, Zhao Wudao rushed to Guan Nantian and asked.
“They contacted me before, saying that they would be here at noon, and they should be here soon.” Guan Nantian replied.
“The Jing family are here!” As if to confirm Guan Nantian’s words, as his words fell, Zhang Tianshi, the head of Wudang faction, had sharp eyes and was the first to see Jing Yunfeng, the master of the Jing family, leading Jing Teng and his son towards the boarding gate. Come.
And Master Chenyi, the head of the Emei school, accompanied the two disciples of the Emei school, behind the Jing family, as if they were little followers of the Jing family.
“The Jing family is so grand!”
Seeing this scene, almost everyone had such an idea.
The Emei School was once a famous school with Shaolin and Wudang. It belongs to the banner of the Chinese martial arts circle. Although it has declined in modern times, the lean camel is bigger than Ma. Except for Wudang and Shaolin, even the gossip school dare not say anything. Can stabilize the Emei faction.
In such a situation, the head of Emei, Chenyi Master, is like a follower, behind the Jing family. This has to make everyone sigh that the Jing family’s pomp is really rare.
“Jing Yunfeng, the master of the Jing family, is here!”
“The head of the Emei faction, Chenyi, is here too!” Then, when Jing Yunfeng and others walked to the blockade, the staff member immediately announced their identities loudly.
Regarding this, neither Jing Yunfeng, Jing Shiming, Jing Teng father and son, nor Chenyi Master took a look at the staff member and went straight into the blockade.
Instead of stepping forward to stop him, the staff member was forced to retreat several steps in a row by the horrific momentum emitted by several people, and he almost sat on the ground, almost collapsed.
Seeing this scene, Wu Zhizhou, standing on the deck, frowned slightly, while Guan Nantian and others looked at each other and shook their heads.
According to the records of the Chinese martial arts world, every time the Jing family was born, it would shake the Chinese martial arts world and make a lot of noise. This time it was no exception.
“Master Jing, long time no see.”
Then, after Jing Yunfeng led people on board, Guan Nantian got up and greeted Jing Yunfeng first.
“Nan Tian, ​​we haven’t seen each other for some years.”
Jing Yunfeng nodded in response, without addressing Guan Nantian’s position, then glanced at Master Kong Ming, Master Zhang Tian and Zhao Wudao, and said: “It’s me and Kong Ming, Zhang Tianshi and Zhao
Wudao met once six years ago.” After hearing Jing Yunfeng’s words, Master Kong Ming’s expressions were a little ugly.
Six years ago, when Jing Teng walked out of the ancestral home of the Jing family for the first time and traveled to challenge the strongest descendants of Shaolin, Wudang and Bagua Sect, Jing Yunfeng also went there in person and witnessed Jing Teng sweeping the three with a crushing force. The scene of the strongest descendant of the martial arts.
Nowadays, Jing Yunfeng mentions the events six years ago in public, and it can be said that he does not give Shaolin, Wudang and Bagua in the slightest.
“Lord Guan, since you are all here, it proves that you all know that the little guy named Chen Feng will fight my family Teng’er.”
Later, before the three of Master Kong Ming answered, Jing Teng’s father Jing Shiming suddenly spoke. The tone was rather unkind, “In that case, all of us are here. Waiting for that little guy to be alone is too big for him, right?”
“You may not know something. As of now, Chen Feng has not yet responded or stated that he wants to face your son.”
Jing Shiming’s words sounded in his ears, feeling Jing Shiming’s aggressive tone, Guan Nantian’s smile gradually disappeared, Shen Said: “As for those of us who come here, it is subjectively thinking that he will fight, rather than knowing that he will fight.”
“Is there a difference?” Jing Shiming asked coldly.
“The difference is very big.”
This time, regardless of Nantian’s reply, Wu Zhizhou suddenly walked towards this side. He said as he walked, with a low tone and strong speech, “We think that Chen Summit is just a guess and judgment of ours. Chen Feng’s attitude can determine whether this battle will proceed. In other words, if Chen Feng should not fight, all of us will leave, and your Jing family must not attack Chen Feng without authorization!”
“Wu Zhizhou, you join the battle.” After the alliance, after all, it is different. He speaks harder and is no longer the coward who didn’t even have the courage to challenge me.” Jing Shiming’s face changed slightly when he heard Wu Zhizhou’s words, and then said with a sneer. .
Back then, after Zhou Pokong’s breakthrough, he successively challenged the hermit sects and families of the Chinese martial arts circle, but as a genius second only to Zhou Pokong, Wu Zhizhou did not do this, but kept practicing low-key.
“Didn’t your master teach you to respect your predecessors?”
Not only Jing Shiming, but Jing Yunfeng also spoke. He frowned, exuding a terrible breath, and his energy was locked in Wu Zhizhou, cold. Snorted: “What you said just now, your master said it’s okay. As for you, what are you? Pointing in front of the old man?”
“I am here on behalf of my master and the war alliance. My words are my master’s words and wars. The attitude of the alliance!” Wu Zhizhou tried his best to resist Jing Yunfeng’s imposing pressure, and said, not humble or overbearing. After all, Jing Yunfeng is a half-step master. Everyone in the field, even Guan Nantian, is not necessarily Jing Yunfeng’s opponent.
“Heh…your master has cultivated an arrogant apprentice.”
Jing Yunfeng sneered, oppressing Wu Zhizhou without being a predecessor and the owner of the Jing family.
On the one hand, he could see that Wu Zhizhou was a very tough master. On the other hand, he was somewhat afraid of Wu Zhizhou’s masters and war alliance.
After all, Wu Jikong, the master of Wuzhizhou, has also entered the realm of a half-step master. His martial arts is unfathomable, even if he is not sure that he can defeat it. The Zhanmeng is the exercise of power on behalf of the country and is one of China’s three major military organizations. .
In such a situation, if the Jing family is fighting against the Zhan Meng, it is tantamount to provoking the authority of the country, which is definitely not a good thing for the Jing family.
“Naturally, I won’t take action against that coward without authorization.” At this moment, Jing Teng, who had been silent, spoke. The arrogance in his words was compared with that of Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming. Said that there is nothing less than surpassing, thoroughly explaining the meaning of the four words “Young and Young Crazy”, “But if that coward chooses to fight with a hot head, then even if I beat him into a dead dog, or chop him up, If you throw it into the West Lake to feed the fish, no one can interfere, and the Zhanmeng will not work!”
Wu Zhizhou took a deep look at Jing Teng after hearing this, and said nothing.

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