Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 644

However, when he used force to capture Xia Mengyao alive, and pressed Xia Mengyao and others to dare not say anything, Chen Feng appeared.
At the very moment, Chen Feng perfected his second style of martial arts research and creation. He woke up from the “entertainment”, and then with his outstanding hearing, he heard Mu Yang’s unbeatable words: “You group of native chicken tiles Dog, dare to talk more, I don’t mind teaching you a little lesson!” After hearing this, he leaped over the villa courtyard wall and clearly saw Mu Yang standing in front of Xia Mengyao and others, as if carrying a little The chicken carried Xia Mengyao in his hands.
Although he didn’t know why Xia Mengyao and others gathered here, or what happened, after he saw the scene in front of him, he immediately fell into a state of anger!
Ok? I was shocked to hear Chen Feng’s voice, whether it was Xia Mengyao and others, or Mu Yang and Jing Ren.
“Brother Feng!” ” Uncle
“Chen Feng!” After a short astonishment, various exclamations came from the crowd. Everyone, including Xia Mengyao, looked at Chen Feng like a ghost with excitement, and hurried towards Swept over here.
“Why is he here?”
At the same time, Mu Yang and Jing Ren also recovered, and their hearts were filled with such doubts.
Has Chen Feng been here to retreat?
Why didn’t they have any news before?
“Let go of her!”
Just as the two of them were thinking about why Chen Feng appeared here, Chen Feng’s cold voice came.
Mu Yang subconsciously let go of her hand, and Xia Mengyao also took the opportunity to run back to Chen Feng.
“What happened?” Chen Feng glanced at Mu Yang coldly, and then asked Yu Wenbo several people.
He didn’t understand why Yuwenbo, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family, and Xia Mengyao would all be here after only a few days of closing the hall, and there were people who wanted to act on Xia Mengyao in public.
“Brother Feng, this is how things are. Ten days ago, Jing Teng, a heir of the Jing family, said in the air and gave you a book of war. Today, he will fight with you in the West Lake in a life and death battle…” Yu Wenbo knew the matter best. The ins and outs, so he quickly told Chen Feng the ins and outs of the matter, including Jing Teng challenged Chen Feng, and Mu Yang wanted to accept Xia Mengyao as a maid, and the big figures from the entire Chinese martial arts circle almost gathered in Hanghu. Waiting at the moment in West Lake.
“Chen…Chen Feng, if you have a kind, you can go to fight my life and death with my brother Teng!” As Yu Wenbo’s words fell, Jing Ren suddenly spoke. He tried his best to conceal the panic and anxiety in his heart, deliberately stimulating Chen Feng, want Chen Feng to challenge immediately.
In this way, he can escape.
Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!
Jingren’s response was dull footsteps.
In the sunset, Chen Feng walked towards Muyang without saying a word, his face cold.
“You…what do you want to do?”
Seeing Chen Feng coming, feeling the cold killing intent emanating from Chen Feng’s body, Mu Yang couldn’t find a trace of arrogance anymore, some were just panic, he could clearly Feel the power of Chen Feng!
It is simply not something he can resist!
“You relied on martial arts, treat the rules as nothing, do whatever you want, and you should be punishable!” Chen Feng said coldly as he walked.
After the words fell, Chen Feng came to Mu Yang, stopped, raised his foot in public, and stomped Mu Yang’s chest in the fear of Mu Yang’s eyes.
A crisp sound came out again, and the ribs on the left side of Mu Yang’s chest were shattered by the terrible internal strength, and his heart shattered instantly!
“Puff” Mu Yang opened his mouth and spouted a mouthful of blood mist, his body twitched violently, and then he remained motionless, his eyes lost and he died completely.
He… was trampled to death by Chen Feng!
He couldn’t even think that he would be killed, but he would be greeted with this way of death!
Seeing this scene, Jing Ren almost stopped breathing in fright, his apple squirming constantly.
He tried to say something, but his heart was completely occupied by fear, his brain was blank, he did not say a word, he just watched Chen Feng pick up Muyang’s corpse and walk towards him in strides.
“If I’m not wrong, your Jing family thought I didn’t dare to fight, so you brought him to collect Mengyao as a maid, deliberately forcing me to fight?”
Under Jing Ren’s horrified gaze, Chen Feng came. to his side, slowly opening, then waiting for him to answer, he continued: “! as you wish, I will go to fight, but before that, I want you to understand that the fate of the moving Xiameng Yao” call !
When the voice fell, Chen Feng kicked out, hitting Jingren’s knees.
There was a crisp sound, Jing Ren’s knees shattered instantly, and he knelt down in front of everyone.
Chen Feng did not stay, bent over and grabbed Jingren.
“Ah” Jing Ren wailed, and fainted with fright.
Upon seeing this, Chen Feng grabbed Jing Ren and directly picked up Jing Ren.
“Wenbo, call your father, and ask your father to tell everyone at the competition site three hours later, I will go to the scene to make a living!” The screen freezes .
In the sunset, Chen Feng walked to the car like two dead dogs, killing intently.
“Okay, Brother Feng!”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Yu Wenbo recovered from his excitement and responded with a trembling voice. Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed Yu Wen Chengying’s number, but he couldn’t make the call. He was shocked and said: “Brother Feng, I Dad’s phone number suddenly couldn’t be reached.”
“Uncle Chen, my master has also gone to the scene. I will call him and ask him to notify him.” As Yu Wenbo’s voice fell, before Chen Feng could speak, Chen Zeli stepped out of the crowd. Go out, take out the phone, and prepare to call Huang Laosan.
“Forget it, Zeri, let’s go straight ahead.” Chen Feng said in a cold voice.
He didn’t expect that this time Jing Teng challenged him would cause such a big disturbance, almost alarming most of the Chinese martial arts world.
“Okay.” Chen Zeli understood what Chen Feng meant when he heard Chen Feng’s words, and put down the phone.
“Let’s go.”
Chen Feng glanced at Xia Mengyao, and then motioned everyone to go to the competition site.
“Let’s go, let’s witness that Brother Feng beat that Jingteng into a dead dog!” Yu Wenbo shouted with excitement. Immediately, everyone followed Chen Feng and got into the car one after another and headed to the blocked area.
At seven o’clock, the number of tourists on the West Lake reached a peak, spreading across every scenic spot. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as a flow of people, but not including the boarding gate.
The place is still blocked, and the staff of the patrol and Hangzhou Wumeng are still holding their posts to prevent tourists from entering.
The three big boats are still parked by the lake, and everyone is waiting for Chen Feng’s response and appearance, but many people have lost patience.
“At this point, Chen Feng neither responded nor showed up. It seems that he will not come.”

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