Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 645

“Yeah, if he had to fight, he would have come a long time ago, and he won’t wait until now.”
“It seems that the so-called retreat training is just an excuse. Although he is strong, he still flinches in the face of Jing Teng, the heir of the Jing family!
” Alas… I thought I could watch a dragon-tiger fight, but I ran for nothing. Then Chen Feng was so depressed!” On the first big boat, children from all sects talked about it, almost everyone thought Chen Feng persuaded, not daring to fight with Jing Teng.
Not only them, but on the third big ship, the bigwigs, business tycoons, and officials in the China Underground World also started to talk.
“Boss Jia, won’t that Chen Feng really stop coming, right?” He Rong, the helm of the He family in South Australia, couldn’t help but ask. Like Lu Zhengfeng, he thought that Jia Wanhao came to Hanghu ahead of time because he knew the inside information, but he didn’t. Ask Jia Manhao alone like Lu Zhengfeng.
At this moment, seeing Chen Feng’s delay in appearing, he couldn’t help it after all.
Upon hearing He Rong’s words, other bigwigs including Lu Zhengfeng turned their eyes to Jia Manhao, waiting for Jia Manhao’s answer expectantly.
They came to Hangzhou Lake this time to watch the life and death battle between Chen Feng and Jing Teng. The key thing is to know the result of this battle.
This… is related to the vital interests of each of them, and they have to be taken seriously!
“Originally, I thought that Chen Feng would definitely face the battle, but now I am a little confused.” Facing He Rong’s question and everyone’s attention, Jia Hao Hao still firmly believes that Chen Summit should fight, but he did not dare to fight. The words are too full, but vague.
At this time, He Rong turned his gaze to Yuwen Chengying again.
As a real estate tycoon with a net worth of over 100 billion in China Shipping, Yu Wen Chengying’s status is not inferior to anyone in the field.
Moreover, the most important thing is that Yuwen Chengying’s son knows Chen Feng.
“Mr. Yuwen, I heard that Lingzi and Chen Feng are friends. Can you call Lingzi and ask him to ask Chen Feng if he will come today?”
“I don’t think it is necessary. Yes. If Chen Feng is facing the battle, he will show up without making a phone call. If Chen Feng should not fight, it won’t help if I run out of power on my cell phone.” Yu Wen Chengying said like this, feeling very dissatisfied with He Rong’s request.
At this moment, all the big figures in the Chinese martial arts circle are here, and there are many big bosses who are higher than him on their boat. Where can it be his turn to call Chen Feng?
“Brother Yuwen, you are right. My head is hot and I am not thinking about it. I still hope not to go to my heart.” He Rong heard this, realizing his problem, scolded himself for being confused, and at the same time apologized to Yuwen Chengying.
Yu Wen Chengying shook his head, saying it was okay.
For a while, the third ship quieted down again, but there were discussions on the second ship.
“Chen Feng won’t really stop coming, right?”
“This point doesn’t show up, I see Xuan.”
“If he doesn’t come, then all of us will be left here. It can be called the Chinese martial arts world. Wonders of the ages!”
The martial arts masters from all over the world talked a lot, and at the same time looked at Guan Nantian intentionally or unconsciously, hoping that Guan Nantian could give them a clear answer.
“You don’t need to look at me. As I said before, I am like you. The reason why I came here is just to judge that Chen Feng’s kid will challenge. As for whether that kid will appear today, only he knows.” Listen Looking at the faces full of expectant expressions, Guan Nantian spread his hands and smiled bitterly at the remarks of the martial arts masters around him.
Several martial arts masters, including Qiao Wudou, couldn’t help but ask about Nantian. At this moment, when they heard Guan Nantian’s words, they swallowed their words.
Jing Yunfeng, Jing Shiming and his son, who stood not far away, frowned.
For the Jing family, this battle was not only to help the Chen family get rid of Chen Feng, but they also used this battle to announce the birth of the Jing family and to shock the Chinese martial arts world.
In such a situation, if Chen Feng chooses to back down, then none of their goals will be achieved.
“Go to the cabin and ask Xiao Teng to see what’s going on.” Jing Yunfeng made arrangements. Not only did he know the preparatory plan discussed by Jing Teng and Jing Ren, but he personally agreed to it.
Jing Shiming took the order for the first time, then turned to leave, walked through the crowd and walked into the cabin.
According to the plan, the contest between Chen Feng and Jing Teng was conducted on this big ship. For this reason, this ship is larger than the other two ships, with a total of five floors up and down, with public halls and luxurious boxes.
Jing Ming found Jing Teng in a luxurious box and asked straightforwardly: “Teng’er, did you let Muyang do it?”
“I’ve called before to inform.” Jing Teng nodded.
“What’s the situation now?” Jing Shiming asked.
“They did not answer.”
Jing Teng said, the feeling that something was amiss, which have in the past three hours, Jingren husbandry and yang should answer the two fishes, right again: “I now call them.”
Voice fall.
Jing Teng took out his cell phone and dialed Jing Ren’s number. at the same time.
Several cars were driving on the road in the scenic area and were about to arrive in the blocked area.
In the first car, Chen Zeli drove, Chen Feng sat in the passenger seat, Jing Ren curled up in the back, next to Mu Yang’s corpse, the whole compartment was filled with a pungent smell of blood.
Smelling the pungent bloody smell, looking at Mu Yang’s corpse close at hand, feeling the sharp pain from his knees, Jing Ren’s face turned pale, his body trembling, and his heart was so full of fear that he did not dare to look. Chen Feng glanced.
“Om~” Just then, the phone vibrated.
The sudden vibration caused Jingren’s body to shake violently, and then he clearly noticed that the phone in his trouser pocket was vibrating.
This discovery made him change his face in an instant, and he subconsciously reached out to touch the phone, but Yu Guang stopped his actions after seeing Chen Feng.
“Is it the call from your Jing family?” Chen Feng asked, turning his head.
Jingren didn’t dare to answer, but tremblingly took out his mobile phone, and suddenly saw Jing Teng’s call: “Yes…it’s my Teng brother.”
“Give me the phone.” Chen Feng heard the words and thought about it.
Jingren handed the phone to Chen Feng tremblingly without saying a word, and Chen Feng directly connected.
“Brother Ren, what’s the situation on your side? Why don’t you answer the call?” The next moment, Jing Teng’s voice came from the receiver, and his words were full of dissatisfaction.
“One of them is dead, the other is disabled.” Chen Feng said calmly, as if to say a trivial matter.
Jing Teng, who was in the cabin on the phone, was startled when he heard Chen Feng’s words, and then blurted out, “Who are you?”

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