Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 646

“As you wish, I’ll take you on the road!” Chen Feng answered the question and directly declared Jing Teng to death!
“Uh…” Jing was stunned again.
If he was only surprised before, then at this moment, he was completely shocked!
Chen Feng!
Although he didn’t know how Jing Ren and Mu Yang would meet Chen Feng, he was sure at this moment that the person on the other end of the phone was Chen Feng, otherwise he would never say such a thing to him!
Then, when Jing Teng recovered from the shock, the call was interrupted.
“That person was Chen Feng just now?” Jing Shiming heard the conversation between Chen Feng and Jing Teng with his super hearing ability, and he could see the changes in Jing Teng’s expression.
“It should be him!”
Jing Teng gritted his teeth, almost smashed the phone with anger, and was full of cold killing intent. He wanted to immediately thwart Chen Feng, “Jing Ren and Mu Yang are in his hands. One is dead and the other is disabled. He is provking our Jing family. I will chop him up and throw it to the West Lake to feed the fish!”
“Go, go up and see.” Jing Shiming was also angry, and his face was gloomy as he spoke. Turning to leave the box, Jing Teng put away his phone and followed closely behind. at the same time.
Chen Feng took Xia Mengyao and others to the entrance of the blocked area by car.
“Look, there is a motorcade coming, is it Chen Feng?”
Chen Feng and the others attracted everyone’s attention before they got off the bus, and some even exclaimed.
The next moment, with everyone watching, Chen Feng pushed the car door and got out of the car first.
“It’s Chen Feng!”
“I didn’t expect Chen Feng to come at the last minute!”
“Haha, I said earlier that with
Chen Feng ‘s strong style, he would never be a tortoise!” Chen Feng got out of the car and suddenly made Yuan quiet. The crowd was gone, and people were excitedly discussing it.
Hearing everyone’s discussion and looking at Chen Feng’s face that had only been seen in the photo, Jing Yunfeng, the head of the Jing family, smiled.
Originally, he had been worried that Chen Feng would not dare to fight. Then, all the Jing family’s plans would fall to nothing. Now Chen Feng appeared, and his worries disappeared.
Because Chen Feng is already a dead person in his eyes, Jing Teng is bound to kill Chen Feng!
But soon, the smile on Jing Yunfeng’s face froze.
Because, he clearly saw that after Chen Feng got out of the car, he picked up Muyang and Jingren from the back seat. The former was like a dead dog, motionless, and the latter was shaking all over, with panic on his face.
This discovery immediately shocked Jing Yunfeng’s heart, and his brows instantly frowned.
He knew and acquiesced to the emergency plan discussed by Jing Ren and Jing Teng. Seeing this scene at this moment, he could think with his toes that Jing Ren and Mu Yang met Chen Feng when they strongly conquered Xia Mengyao to serve as Jing Teng’s maid. And with his eyesight, he could see that Mu Yang had no vital signs at a glance, and Jing Ren was also beaten and disabled!
Not only him, but on the second ship, the other martial arts masters also saw this one after another. They all looked surprised and didn’t know what happened.
Among them, Wu Zhizhou, a member of the Zhan League, frowned.
“What’s the situation?”
“Who is Chen Feng carrying?”
“I don’t know, but the two men seem to have blood stains on their bodies, so they should be injured.”
“What did Chen Feng do with the two men here?”
At the same time, on the first and third ships, the faces of the disciples from various sects, the underground world gangsters, business tycoons, and officialdom were filled with doubts.
Due to the long distance, with their eyesight, they could only see Chen Feng carrying two people, vaguely seeing blood stains on their bodies, unable to see the specific situation.
There is no answer.
The next moment, in the eyes of everyone, Chen Feng was carrying Muyang’s corpse and the maimed Jing Ren like a baby chicken, leading Xia Mengyao and others, striding towards the entrance of the blocked area.
Ok? Seeing this scene, whether it was the patrol standing at the entrance of the blocked area or the members of the Hangzhou Wu League, they were all confused.
Because they were so close, they saw that Jing Ren and Mu Yang were covered in blood, and they found that Mu Yang’s eyes were closed tightly, his face turned blue and motionless, and they judged that Mu Yang was dead.
“Little beast, let go of the Jing family!”
Later, before the staff at the entrance of the blocked area recovered from their dazed state, Jing Shiming took the lead to get out of the cabin and onto the deck. He saw Chen Feng’s actions, and he was shocked. Said furiously.
Wow! Jing Shiming’s words were like a bolt from the blue sky, and almost everyone was stunned. They never thought that Chen Feng was carrying Jing family!
“Everyone, the reason why I didn’t respond to Jingjia Jingteng before was just because I had been practicing martial arts in retreat and didn’t know about it.”
Chen Feng directly ignored Jing Shiming’s words, but glanced over the three big ships in turn, finally Staying on the second big ship, he said in a deep voice: “Because I have not responded for a long time, the Jing family thought that I was afraid to fight. In order to force me to fight, they sent these two people to my retreat. my wife Xiameng Yao went to the King of Wu Teng Tong when the maid! “” my wife Xiameng Yao does not agree, they will be a strong shot, suppression by force, but also to my other friend then hands them are a group of ordinary people! ” ”
King home Too much, right?”
“It’s not too much, but too arrogant. It’s completely trampling on the rules of the Chinese martial arts world!”
Everyone accused Jing Jia, and Jing Shiming was speechless at this moment, because Chen Feng was telling the truth.
“Chen Feng , You are dead!”
At this moment , Jing Teng came to the deck, heard the discussion from everyone, and saw Jing Ren and Mu Yang being carried by Chen Feng like two little chickens, and shouted immediately. , The killing intent was like a volcanic eruption, boiling instantly.
“As a warrior, this man relied on force to hijack and force my wife Xia Mengyao to be a maid. He also shot a group of ordinary people, completely ignoring the rules of the Wu League. He happened to be hit by me after leaving the customs and slapped to death. Walk for the sky!”
Chen Feng completely regarded Jing Teng’s words as farting, did not even take a look at Jing Teng, but pointed to Mu Yang and Jing Ren one after another, and said loudly, “Although this person is not a warrior, he is embarrassed and raped. To assist him in doing all this, I interrupted his legs to show punishment!”
Whoosh! Whoosh!
When the voice fell, Chen Feng suddenly applied force with both hands, and suddenly threw Mu Yang’s body and Jing Ren towards the lake. “Ah” his body suddenly vacated, and the cold wind whizzed in his ears, Jing Ren closed his eyes in fright, and yellow liquid poured out between his legs.
He was scared to pee!
“Puff! Puff!”
With two falling water sounds, the bodies of Jing Ren and Mu Yang were thrown into the lake by Chen Feng in public! All this, like a loud slap, hit the Jing family’s face fiercely!
This scene deeply shocked everyone present!

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