Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 647

Before that, Chen Feng did not say a word to face the battle, and did not show up. Except for a few people, almost everyone thought that Chen Feng was scared, afraid, and afraid to accept Jingteng’s challenge! But now, Chen Feng first showed up with the bodies of Jingren and Muyang, and then explained why he did not respond to the challenge and the reason for taking action against Jingren and Muyang. Finally, in front of everyone, he strongly urged Jingren and Muyang’s The body was thrown into the lake!
The shock of this utter contrast to everyone is beyond words! In the same way, all of this is like stomping on the Jing family’s head, trampling on the pride and glory of the Jing family!
As one of the oldest and most powerful martial arts families in the Chinese martial arts world, the Jing family has held a high position in the Chinese martial arts world since ancient times. Every time they are born, they will shake the Chinese martial arts world.
Soon, the cry for help sounded, Jing Ren struggled and thumped in the lake in a panic, and at the same time shouted for help, bringing everyone back.
“Jing Teng, get them up!” Jing Yunfeng said, his eyes fixed on Chen Feng in the distance, the anger and killing intent in his eyes were unconcealed, and these few were almost squeezed out between his teeth. word.
“Yes, grandpa!” Jing Tengqiang resisted the urge to rush to kill Chen Feng immediately, and took his command angrily and frustratedly.
At the same time, under the gaze of everyone, Chen Feng stopped talking nonsense, but led Xia Mengyao and others through the blocked area unimpededly and began to board the ship.
Among them, Chen Feng went straight to the second ship, while Xia Mengyao and others went to the third ship.
“Originally I thought Chen Feng was stunned, but I didn’t expect that he was still so strong, even the Jing family didn’t care about it !” “Yes, throughout the ages, there has never been anyone in the Chinese martial arts school who insulted Jing family so strongly! ”
“In this way, today’s martial arts competition can be beautiful. I don’t know who is better at Chen Feng and Jingteng?” Watching Chen Feng step by step towards the second ship, on the first ship, those from The disciples of various sects began to discuss, they first marveled at Chen Feng’s strength, and then some people talked about the next life and death battle, and the discussion suddenly became louder.
“Although Chen Feng has been extremely strong, I think Jingteng’s winning side is greater. First, the Jing family is a long-standing family of martial arts, and the ancestral mastery of Yin-Yang Quan is terrifying. Second, Chen Feng said He did not know Jingteng’s challenges because he was practicing martial arts in retreat, but I personally think that he was lying. He knew that Jingteng was going to fight his life and death before retreating!” Someone made such a judgment and said his own. view.
“I think you make a lot of sense. Being strong does not mean you will win. On the contrary, it is probably because you have no bottom in your heart and deliberately did this, trying to gain the upper hand in the momentum.” Someone agreed and got the majority. Recognition.
“Being strong does not mean winning, but if you know Chen Feng, you should know that being strong is synonymous with him, and there is no bluffing. As for the results of the competition, I think Chen Feng has a greater chance of winning. Think about him. Deeds and achievements, they were all killed. Are the flowers in the greenhouse like Jingteng comparable?” Some people hold different opinions. After all, Chen Feng once killed the Japanese martial arts world with seven in and seven out. , Is his actual combat experience comparable to someone like Jing Teng who has been in retreat?
“Yes, unless there is a big difference in strength, Chen Feng will win. His life-and-death fighting experience is definitely not comparable to Jingteng!”
“I believe Chen Feng can win in the end!”
“I support Jingteng!” For a time, the first big ship The disciples of all sects on the boat argued, and the quarrel was too much.
On the second ship, the martial arts masters actually wanted to discuss and discuss, but Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming stood by, and they didn’t say anything. They were afraid that they would offend the Jing family!
On the third ship, the bigwigs, business tycoons, and officials from all over the world recovered from the shock, and looked at Chen Feng walking towards the second ship. They all remained silent.
On the one hand, their identities are special and sensitive and should not be discussed. More importantly, they do not have a deep understanding of the martial arts world and dare not jump to conclusions.
“Guide the leader.” At the same time, Chen Feng urged his inner strength, his feet were like wind, and soon boarded the second ship, and then greeted Guan Nantian.
As for the others, he was not familiar with them, so he didn’t say hello.
“Young man, to learn to care for the young, if not King Teng later to be with you life and death, alone, before you disrespect my father’s words, I will give you an unforgettable lesson!”
Ranging from pipe south Several people responded to Chen Feng, Jing Shiming suddenly stepped forward, staring at Chen Feng, his face was full of anger, his eyes were cold and frightening.
Just now Chen Feng spoke disrespectfully to Jing Yunfeng. As his son, he naturally wanted to stand up.
“Shiming, what are you angry with a dying life?” At this moment, Jing Yunfeng with an indifferent expression asked. Instead of looking at Chen Feng, he looked at Jing Shiming and said in a disdainful tone. “The ignorant is fearless, so let Teng’er send him to Yan Wangye later and repent!”
“Father, you are right. He is about to die. Why should I be angry with him?” Jing Shiming sneered and nodded. Looking at Chen Feng is like looking at a dead person.
Hula this time, without waiting for Chen Feng to say anything, Jing Teng salvaged Jingren and Muyang from the lake, carrying a person in each of his left and right hands, and then suddenly jumped out of the water like a swimming dragon, and then only Hearing a “pop”, my right foot exploded.
Water splashed all over, Jing Teng rose into the air, carrying Mu Yang’s body and leaped easily onto the deck.
“Missed, roll over and die!”
Jing Teng was like a chicken in soup, and his body was wet. He casually threw Mu Yang’s body and Jing Ren aside, not caring about Jing Ren’s life and death, but staring at Chen Feng like a knife, and roared.
Roar out, killing intent!
In an instant, Jing Teng was like a peerless sword that had just been unsheathed, with terrifying killing intent all over his body. The killing intent locked Chen Feng firmly, as if telling Chen Feng: No matter he escapes to the end of the world, he will be killed. !
“Send you on the road!”
Chen Feng said, striding towards Jingteng.
In an instant, the three big ships fell into absolute silence, and everyone stared at Chen Feng and Jing Teng intently, looking forward to the upcoming young generation peak duel!
“Although this place is blocked, it is too close to the shore, which can easily cause confusion. Wait a moment, and when the boat reaches the lake, you two will compete again!”
Then, when Chen Feng strode towards Jingteng, Wu Zhi Zhou suddenly flickered and appeared between the two of them, speaking blankly, with no doubt in his tone.

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