Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 648

Wu Zhizhou’s words sounded from the bank, and Chen Feng stopped.
Although he did not know Wu Zhizhou or his identity, he knew that Wu Zhizhou’s decision was right.
“One move can end the match, why is it so troublesome?”
Jing Teng was close to killing intent and was ready to shoot. Seeing that the match was interrupted by Wu Zhizhou, he was a little dissatisfied.
No answer, Wu Zhizhou just glanced at Jing Teng coldly.
Suddenly, Jing Teng felt as if someone had a steel knife on his neck, his hair exploded, and he felt cold from head to toe.
He didn’t dare to speak again, but looked at Wu Zhizhou in horror and awe.
“Go!” Wu Kong gave instructions without expression.
As his voice fell, the three large ships started to leave the shore and sail towards the center of the lake.
Although the competition was temporarily interrupted, there was tension in the air, and no one on the three large ships spoke, but silently looked at Chen Feng and Jing Teng.
Jing Teng stared at Chen Feng coldly, his intent to kill him was undiminished. It felt as if he would kill Chen Feng as soon as the ship stopped.
Perceiving Jing Teng’s gaze and feeling the cold killing intent in Jing Teng’s gaze, Chen Feng ignored it, but stood there calmly.
Ten minutes later, the three big boats moved away from the shore, came to the center of the lake, and then stopped.
“My name is Guan Nantian and I am the deputy leader of the Wu League. This time the representative organization came to supervise the match between Chen Feng and Jing Teng.”
At this time, Guan Nantian spoke. His tone was low, and his words were filled with a feeling of inviolability. “According to the agreement between the two parties, this competition is a battle of life and death. As the name suggests, the life and death of both parties is strictly forbidden. intervene! at the same time, regardless of any party to be killed during the contest, the other party do not assume any responsibility, but was slain forces behind the party shall not retaliate in any way, or they will suffer military alliance punished! ” ” both of you Is there any objection? If there is an objection, or if one party chooses to withdraw at this moment, there is still time!” At the end, Guan Nantian glanced at Chen Feng and Jing Teng separately.
“No objection!”
Chen Feng had arrived on the deck, 20 meters away from Jing Teng, and answered first.
“I have no objection.”
Jing Teng first responded when he heard the words, and then smiled coldly at Chen Feng, “You should thank the leader Guan, he let you stay in the world for a while.”
Chen Feng did not respond. , Just watching Guan Nantian, waiting for Guan Nantian to announce the start of the game. “Since both of you have no objections, then, the competition begins!”
Guan Nantian frowned and looked at Jing Teng for a few seconds, then exited the deck and gave a low shout.
“Miscellaneous, your life is over, you can leave your last words!” Seeing Wu Zhizhou left, Jing Teng did not immediately take action, but looked at Chen Feng frantically, feeling that Chen Feng was already on the chopping board. You can let him kill.
“You have too much nonsense.” Chen Feng said blankly, and then stepped towards Jing Teng.
“You are looking for death!” Jing Teng wanted to humiliate Chen Feng before the martial arts competition, and then shot Chen Feng to save the face of the Jing family. But at the moment, when he heard Chen Feng’s words, his heart The anger could no longer be suppressed, and he roared immediately.
After the roar, a crisp sound came out.
Jing Teng stepped on the deck, and the terrifying force directly caused the wooden deck to shatter, and a series of fine cracks extended to all sides, like a spider web.
In addition, when Jing Teng stepped on his foot, the entire ship shook violently. One can imagine how terrifying the power of this foot is!
With one foot stepped out, Jing Teng’s figure suddenly rushed out, like an arrow from the string, and shot at Chen Feng quickly, as fast as lightning.
At this moment, he fully urged the internal energy in his body, combined with his own powerful physical strength, to maximize his speed, he would use the shortest time to kill Chen Feng! call!
It was almost just a breathing time before Jing Teng came to Chen Feng’s body. He swung his right hand out suddenly, palm-like, and patted Chen Feng’s head like a fly.
Slap to death!
He wants to kill Chen Feng in the most humiliating way in front of everyone!
Only in this way can he vent the anger in his heart and save the face of the Jing family!
Jing Teng slapped it seemingly at random, but he shot it with anger, combining the terrifying inner strength with the physical strength, the power was extremely powerful, the air burst, and the air burst.
So strong!
As the saying goes, once a master makes a move, he will know if there is any.
With Jing Teng’s shot, the disciples from all sects were shocked on the first ship.
Because reason told them that although Jing Teng’s slap was a casual slap, they couldn’t dodge and resist at all.
Not only them, but also many martial arts masters on the second ship were moved by this. At the same time, they secretly sighed that Jing Teng was so mad, in addition to having the Jing family behind him, his own strength was also very strong. , There is indeed arrogant capital. call!
Facing Jingteng’s extremely insulting slap, Chen Feng said nothing, his feet were as if nailed to the deck, his body squatted, his right fist suddenly slammed out, his inner strength surged wildly, gathering from all directions. Like a rushing river, it rushed to the right fist instantly.
Cannon punch!
He blasted Jingteng with the most common cannon punch.
The next moment, Chen Feng’s right fist hit Jing Teng’s palm like a cannonball, and the terrifying force hit together, directly causing the air to explode, and the strong wind swept in all directions.
At the same time, Jing Teng’s right palm was numb and painful, and he even couldn’t stand steady and retreated uncontrollably.
Jing Teng retreated two or three steps in a row, leaving three deep footprints on the deck, his palms were red, as if he was scorched by fire.
And Chen Feng stood still, motionless!
After one move, the strength and weakness will be judged!
Seeing this scene, the disciples from all sects were all dumbfounded on the first big ship.
Jing Teng’s palm just now seemed random, but because of its full strength, combined with physical strength, the power was terrible, but Chen Feng retreated with a random shot and fell into a disadvantage.
This… completely beyond their expectations!
Not only them, but on the second ship, apart from the four masters of Kong Ming, Zhang Tianshi, Zhao Wudao and Qiao Wudou, the other martial arts masters were also deeply surprised, and even Wu Zhizhou’s pupils were slightly enlarged!
They had only heard of Chen Feng’s legend, and had not witnessed Chen Feng’s breakthrough after turning his energy into action, and they did not have a clear understanding of Chen Feng’s strength.
At this moment, when Chen Feng and Jing Teng fought, they felt Chen Feng’s strength.
Even outsiders are so shocked, let alone Jing family?

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