Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 649

Both Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming frowned at the same time.
This scene completely exceeded their expectations and made them realize that the reason why Chen Feng is so strong is not a bluff, but that it is definitely not an easy task for Jing Teng to kill Chen Feng with two brushes!
“Can modern martial arts be so strong?”
Jing Teng was also aware of this. To be precise, the horror in his heart far surpassed everyone present.
Because he knew very well the power of the blow he had just now. If it was a normal initial stage of Jin Jin, it would not be able to resist it. However, Chen Feng only relied on a simple cannon punch, which not only resolved his attack, but also shook him back. Three steps, even the tiger’s mouth became numb, painful, and almost split!
“Okay, Fengfeng is awesome, fuck him!” As if in response to Jing Teng, Yu Wenbo shouted with excitement like he was beaten with blood. It felt as if it was him who had retired from Jing Teng just now. Not Chen Feng.
“Uncle Chen fucked him!” Yu Wenbo said, and the four brothers and sisters of the Chen clan also shouted like chicken blood.
“I have to say, you surprised me, but it’s just an accident. Next, you won’t have any chance again!”
Yu Wenbo and others chanted in his ears, Jing Teng recovered from the shock , His complexion was so gloomy that water could drip out, he stared at Chen Feng fiercely, the anger and killing intent in his eyes even worse.
“Killing you is like cutting grass!”
Chen Feng yelled coldly, and then jumped into his body, like a tiger descending the mountain, directly towards Jingteng.
After one move, he took the initiative to attack, and wanted to fight Jingteng in public!
At the beginning of the competition, Chen Feng and Jing Teng had a head-to-head encounter as soon as they came up. As a result, Chen Feng unexpectedly gained the upper hand and shocked everyone. Then he took the initiative to attack and threw himself at Jing Teng. call!
Almost instantly, Chen Feng threw himself in front of Jing Teng, turned his palm with his right hand, and slashed his head against Jing Teng.
Chop the palm.
With this palm, Chen Feng used the famous chopping in the Eight Diagrams Gate, and he fully urged his internal energy, combined with the powerful physical power, like a sharp sword, and wherever he passed, the air was cut. , Forming a vacuum, the strong wind sweeps all directions.
In the way of the person, the body of the person is also treated.
Just now, Jing Teng attacked Chen Feng in a very humiliating way, and Chen Feng also returned it at this time. It can be described as extremely strong!
“Looking for death!”
Jing Teng roared, and blasted out a punch directly, hitting Chen Feng’s palm.
Chen Feng used Jing Teng’s method to shoot, and Jing Teng also used Chen Feng’s method to fight back that he was defending his dignity and the pride of the Jing family in this way!
However, what Chen Feng used before was extremely simple gun boxing, and because Jing Teng had fallen into a disadvantage just now, he also had a clear understanding of Chen Feng’s strength. He didn’t dare to hold it big and directly used the yin and yang boxing handed down by the Jing family.
The yin-yang boxing technique was created by the ancestor of the Jing family, containing the four pairs of relations between yin and yang, namely: yin and yang mutual body, yin and yang nurturing, yin and yang opposition, yin and yang have the same root, showing introverted, continuous, soft and sturdy, quick and slow, and flowing water martial arts style. The martial artist’s mind, energy, form, and god gradually tend to be in the highest realm of harmony.
As the saying goes, between yin and yang, fast and slow!
At this moment, Jing Teng urged the yin and yang boxing method, and did not first resist Chen Feng’s attack with softness and sturdiness.
In an instant, the fists and palms collided, and the internal strength burst out, like two peerless weapons colliding together, making a muffled sound. A terrible wind swept in all directions around the impact point, but they couldn’t get close to the two. body.
After the impact, Chen Feng suffered a strong counter-shock force, his center of gravity was somewhat unbalanced, and he took a half step back.
Jing Teng stood still, motionless.
All this is just like the previous version, except that the two have exchanged roles. call!
Immediately, before everyone exclaimed, before Jing Teng was secretly happy, and took advantage of the victory, Chen Feng’s body suddenly popped out like a compressed spring, and blasted Jing Teng with a punch, completely denying Jing Teng a chance to make a move.
Jing Teng snorted coldly, and then suddenly shot out with his left hand palm.
With this palm, his speed was so slow that even a martial artist like Yu Wenbo could see it. However, when Chen Feng’s fist was about to hit Zhong Jingteng, Jing Teng’s speed suddenly increased, and the palm of his left hand quickly and accurately slapped Chen Feng’s fist. Although it did not stop Chen Feng’s fist, it also made Chen Feng. The attack offset.
At the same time, Jing Teng shook his feet, slightly to one side, and while avoiding Chen Feng’s attack, he got close instantly, raised his right arm, raised his elbow, and slammed into Chen Feng.
The left hand is yin, the right hand is yang.
Overcome rigidity with softness, use strength to fight!
At this moment, Jing Teng not only performed yin and yang fist, but also showed the essence of the fist to the fullest. This attack contained the “Tai Chi” of overcoming rigidity with softness, and also the mighty and masculine “Tai Chi”, which instantly reversed the situation, turning defense into offense, leaving Chen Feng in hiding.
However, Chen Feng seemed to be an unknown prophet, relying on his fighting instincts trained through years of killing, he quickly closed his fists, squatted, and while avoiding Jingteng’s fierce bump, he kicked out his right leg and swept towards Jingteng’s bottom plate. , The same can turn from defense to offense.
Sweep the legs.
With this blow, Chen Feng used the famous leg sweep in the leg technique. The legs were quick and powerful. Not to mention the flesh and blood, even a thick-mouthed tree would instantly break when swept!
Ok? Chen Feng’s reaction was completely beyond Jing Teng’s expectations. In a hurry, he didn’t hit and resolve Chen Feng’s sweeping legs, but quickly took a step back and Chen Feng was completely wiped out. call!
With one leg swept away, Chen Feng’s body turned like a spiral, followed the trend and turned into a right foot support, his left leg swung up, his instep was tight, his inner strength surged, and he kicked fiercely towards Jingteng’s chest.
Jing Teng finally turned from defense to offense, but he was instantly suppressed by Chen Feng. He was extremely annoyed. He shouted coldly, and at the same time waved his hands, palm-shaped, blocking him like a door. .
Chen Feng kicked Zhong Jingteng’s palm, and his energy poured out.
Jing Teng’s hands trembled, and then suddenly recovered, unloading Chen Feng’s inner strength from this foot, and then suddenly exerted force and pushed outward.
Leverage effort.
At this time, it seemed simple, but in reality Jingteng perfectly displayed the essence of Yin-Yang boxing, which not only resolved Chen Feng’s offensive, but also made Chen Feng’s center of gravity unstable again.
Taking this opportunity, Jing Teng stepped forward, ready to turn defense into offense again!
However, at this moment, Chen Feng took advantage of Jing Teng’s push to make his body suddenly jump into the air, his right leg raised high, and the inner strength of the instep surged, from top to bottom, fiercely slashing towards Jing Teng who was coming straight.
Taking advantage of his strength, Chen Feng once again treated his body with his own way!

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