Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 650

After Jing Teng resolved Chen Feng’s offensive, he got close and rushed too fiercely. At this moment, it was too late to dodge, so he could only put up his arms and block hard.
Bang Chen Feng kicked Zhong Jingteng’s arm, and the internal energy of both sides burst out almost simultaneously.
This time, Jing Teng rushed to resist, unable to take advantage of his strength, or even to relieve his strength, causing his internal strength to enter his body, his whole body was violently shaken, the blood inside his body rolled over, and the deck under his feet cracked directly with a crisp sound. Two deep footprints were left.
However, Chen Feng was shocked and leaned back, made an somersault, and landed steadily with his feet. call!
After landing, Chen Feng didn’t stop, but took advantage of Jing Teng’s body blood tumbling and internal energy disorder. With a shot of his body, Chen Feng rushed towards Jing Teng again.
Kill you while you are sick!
Chen Feng is determined not to give Jingteng a chance to reverse the situation and fight back!
Bang Bang Bang…
Soon, the sound of fists and feet collided again, as if a sword collided, and the momentum was astonishing.
On the deck, Chen Feng was like a ghost, using all kinds of martial arts to attack Jing Teng frantically. The two figures staggered and the speed was so fast that everyone on the scene could hardly see except those above the martial arts master. The movements of the two can only faintly see Chen Feng constantly attacking, while Jing Teng constantly resists and dodges. suppress!
From the beginning of the competition, Chen Feng gave full play to his life-and-death fighting experience. His aura always suppressed Jingteng and did not give Jingteng a chance to counterattack. It was completely pressing Jingteng to fight!
“How could Chen Feng suppress Jing Teng without even having a chance to fight back?”
Seeing this scene, on the first big ship, the disciples from all sects were once again stunned in place, and their hearts were completely filled with such doubts.
How can it be?
“Fuck him!”
A shout of excitement responded to them.
On the third ship, Yu Wenbo and the others saw Chen Feng pressing Jing Teng to beat them, and they all raised their arms and shouted like chicken blood. That was an excitement!
As the saying goes, laymen watch the excitement, experts watch the doorway, Yu Wenbo and others just saw Chen Feng suppressing Jingteng’s brutal beating, but those martial arts masters saw the clue that although the two sides were fighting fiercely, Chen Feng was only in the momentum. Excellent, did not cause substantial harm to Jingteng.
However, even so, it was enough to exceed many people’s expectations. One of the martial arts masters couldn’t help but said: “The descendants of the Jing family are not as strong as they thought.”
“It is not only the descendants of the Jing family, but also Chen Feng. However, with the strength that Chen Feng has shown at this moment, he should not be able to kill the two Shangren in Japan.” Someone agreed, and then raised objections.
“That’s because Chen Feng hasn’t used all his strength yet.”
Guan Nantian spoke. He had watched Chen Feng killing two Shangren in Nin Soul, and he knew Chen Feng’s strength well.
Although he didn’t know how Chen Feng suppressed his own strength, he could see that Chen Feng temporarily changed his mind and was far from showing the strongest combat power. It was more like discussing with Jing Teng.
Hearing Guan Nantian’s words in amazement, Master Kongming, Zhang Tianshi, Zhao Wudao and Qiao Wudou, including Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming, were all startled at the other martial arts masters.
“Yin Yang fist is so mysterious, but that’s it!”
At this moment, Chen Feng separated from Jing Yunfeng’s figure. He did not make another shot, but stood still, suddenly speaking, and his words were filled with disdain!
As Guan Nantian had judged, Chen Feng did not use all his strength.
Recently, he has borrowed and integrated the strengths of various martial arts, and created his own martial arts according to his own situation. Now he has created the second style after Broken Mountain and River, but he is far from creating a complete set of martial arts.
Originally, after Chen Feng retired from boxing, he chose to take the initiative to attack and attack Jingteng in public, but temporarily changed his mind. After Jingteng used Yin-Yang boxing, his strength improved and both offensive and defensive skills made him feel that this martial arts is indeed special. Place.
Just now, he violently attacked Jingteng with dozens of moves. Although he didn’t hurt Jingteng, he achieved his goal and basically felt the uniqueness of Yin Yang Quan.
“Uh” heard Chen Feng’s words in amazement, everyone was stunned.
Since ancient times, yin-yang boxing has been famous in the Chinese martial arts circle. No one dares to look down upon it. On the contrary, every time the Jing family is born, the whole martial arts circle will be shaken!
And this time, Jing Teng, who is a descendant of the Jing family, was born and used Yin-Yang Fist to fight Chen Feng in a life-and-death battle. Not only was he at a disadvantage, he was crushed and beaten by Chen Feng, and he was despised by Chen Feng. How could this not shock everyone?
“Xiao Teng, let him see the real yin and yang fist!”
At the same time everyone was shocked, Jing Yunfeng, who had been silent for a long time, spoke. His words were full of anger. Throughout the ages, no one has dared to despise yin and yang fist. Chen Feng is the first!
“Yes, grandpa!”
From the competition to the present, Jing Teng has fallen into a disadvantage. He was taunted by Chen Feng just now, and his lungs were about to explode. Hearing what Jing Yunfeng said at the moment, he first responded immediately, and then Staring at Chen Feng angrily and sarcastically, “Miscellaneous, I will let you know how ignorant you are!” The voice fell, and the blood in Jing Teng’s body suddenly rose up like a volcanic eruption. !
Ok? Except for Guan Nantian and a few others who have a deeper understanding of Yin-Yang Quan, including those martial arts masters, others were all startled when they noticed the changes in Jing Teng.
“What’s the situation?”
“Does he want to break through the mid-phase of the energy in public?” In surprise, someone asked the doubts in his heart, including a martial arts master.
Hearing the words of the martial arts master, almost everyone turned their attention to Guan Nantian.
Guan Nantian, the president of the Chinese Wushu Association, is the oldest and the most knowledgeable among all the people present.
They look forward to Guan Nantian’s answer.
“The essence of yin and yang boxing lies in the transformation of yin and yang, which can complement each other to achieve both offensive and defensive capabilities, and can also reach yin to yang, or offensive or defensive. Once a warrior who practices yin-yang boxing gives up attack or defense, his unilateral ability will be greatly Promote.”
Perceiving everyone’s doubts, Guan Nantian spoke slowly, uncovering the mystery, deliberately speaking loudly, enough to make Chen Feng hear clearly, and indirectly remind Chen Feng to be careful.
“Yin-Yang Boxing is so magical, no wonder it is hailed as one of China’s peerless martial arts!”
“Although Chen Feng had the advantage just now, he was largely based on his life-and-death fighting experience and did not cause substantial damage to Jingteng. According to what the leader of Guan Leng said, then Chen Feng will be dangerous next!”
Guan Nantian’s words shocked those who did not know the Yin Yang Quan, and then unanimously cast their eyes on Chen Feng.

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