Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 651

On the deck, Chen Feng heard Guan Nantian’s words word by word.
Originally, after urging Xiao Guozhong’s breathing method, he took the initiative to attack again, killing Jing Teng, and ending the battle directly, but at this moment, after hearing Guan Nantian’s words, he was not eager to take action, but silently urged the mysterious set. The breathing method, waiting for Jing Teng to attack.
“Miscellaneous, that’s it!” A few seconds later, accompanied by a low growl, Jing Teng’s aura climbed to the extreme, the blood in his body rolled like waves, and the whole person was like a burning sun with a terrifying breath.
Grow out, the figure moves!
In the setting sun, Jing Teng’s feet swayed, and he appeared in front of Chen Feng instantly as if he had shrunk to an inch.
“So fast!” Jing Teng completely gave up the defense. After letting go, the speed was so fast that many martial arts masters were shocked, but the disciples of the martial arts were completely unable to see clearly, only to see. A phantom flashed past. call!
Instantly close, Jing Teng blasted out a punch.
With this punch, he urged the secret method of Yin-Yang boxing and completely gave up the defense. The blood in his body seemed to burn, his breath was terrible, his inner strength surged crazily to his right fist, compressed to pureness, and almost merged with Qi and God. The power is terrifying.
Chen Feng’s heart trembled, and for the first time he felt a dangerous breath in Jing Teng, but his face did not show the slightest fear or timidity, but directly raised his right arm and fisted to greet him.
At this moment, his right arm was like a big gun, and his fist turned into a sharp spear head.
Go forward bravely, I am invincible!
Broken mountains and rivers!
While secretly urging the mysterious breathing method, Chen Feng directly used the ultimate move to break the mountains and rivers, perfectly combining Qi and Jin to form the purest inner strength, all gathered in the fist, and the fist passed it. Everywhere, the air was exploded one after another, forming a vacuum.
The broken mountain comes out, the enemy is dead!
In an instant, Chen Feng’s entire popularity has also undergone earth-shattering changes. He is like a warrior on the battlefield in ancient times, regardless of his own safety, stabbing the enemy with all his strength, and he is bound to assassinate the enemy!
At this moment, both Jing Teng and Chen Feng used their strongest strength, and neither flinched back, choosing to head-to-head again.
It can be said that the tip of the needle is against the wheat mang! boom! !
Immediately, as everyone held their breath and stared intently, the iron fists of Chen Feng and Jing Teng slammed into each other violently, and the internal energy gathered on their fists burst out almost instantly with terrifying power.
Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!
In an instant, the air burst sounded, and the terrifying wind centered on the point where the two iron fists collided, forming a terrible wind vortex, like a small tornado, sweeping across the square.
At the same time, Chen Feng and Jing Teng separated their fists and encountered terrible counter-shock force, their arms trembled violently, and they moved back uncontrollably.
Chen Feng retreated three steps in a row, sinking vigorously at each step, and directly crushed the deck beneath his feet.
On the other side, Jing Teng took five steps before he stopped!
Chen Feng stabilized his figure and quickly stabilized the qi and blood tumbling in his body, looking no problem.
Jing Teng’s face turned pale, the blood in his body was rolling, almost out of control, his right arm drooped, the tiger’s mouth was split, and the blood flowed out, dripping on the deck, especially dazzling in the sunset.
In addition, there was a bloodshot from the corner of his mouth!
In the head-on-head just now, not only was he torn apart by the terrible counter-shock force, his arm became numb and almost unconscious, and his internal organs were attacked by internal forces and suffered serious trauma.
All this gave Jing Teng a great shock!
He never dreamed that after using the secret technique of Yin Yang Fist and using the ultimate move, he still did not kill Chen Feng, and fell into a disadvantage again!
In the sunset, he was like a stone sculpture, standing on the spot, wide-eyed, and staring at Chen Feng incredulously. He felt as if he was asking: How could he be so strong?
“Brother Feng is mighty !” In response to Jing Teng, Yu Wenbo and the others cheered.
Although they could not see how dangerous Chen Feng and Jing Teng’s head-on confrontation were just now, they clearly saw that Chen Feng was safe and sound at the moment, and Jing Teng’s tiger’s mouth was bleeding, and even the corners of his mouth overflowed with blood. This was enough to prove Chen Feng. Have the upper hand in the confrontation just now!
Even Yu Wenbo and others have seen this, let alone those warriors?
“It turns out that this is their true strength, it’s terrifying!”
“Yes, with the aura that Jingteng showed before, I am afraid I don’t even have the courage to fight him!”
“Jingteng is already strong enough. , Especially the punch just now, it was terrifying, and the result was not only resisted by Chen Feng, but also injured. How strong is Chen Feng?” After those disciples of various sects were shocked by the strength shown by Chen Feng and Jing Teng, They started talking one after another, and their eyes were filled with horror.
They are also considered the arrogances of various sects, but compared with Chen Feng and Jing Teng, they are insignificant, not at the same level!
Unlike the first and third ships, the second ship is extremely quiet.
Compared with those laymen in the martial arts world such as the disciples and Yu Wenbo, the martial arts masters on the second ship not only have far better vision than them, but are also close, see clearly, and feel more directly!
Except for Master Kong Ming, Zhang Tianshi, Zhao Wudao, and Qiao Wudou who had witnessed Chen Feng using the strongest strength to kill Bei Chenhai, all martial arts masters were shocked.
Even Wu Zhizhou, Jing Yunfeng, and Jing Shiming from the Zhan League are no exception!
Among them, Wu Zhizhou, like other martial arts masters, did not expect Chen Feng and Jing Teng to be so strong.
As for Jing Yunfeng, Jing Shiming and his son…Although Chen Feng had always suppressed Jingteng’s brutality before, in their view, Chen Feng was completely relying on the experience of life and death, and was still weaker than Jingteng. Jing Teng used yin and yang fists to fight Chen Feng, and Chen Feng was shocked and took a half step back!
In such a situation, they firmly believed that Jingteng thought that after giving up the defense and taking the initiative to attack, they could easily kill Chen Feng. As a result, Jingteng was still at a disadvantage and was slightly injured, which shocked their hearts!
“I now finally understand why Chen Feng can kill two Japanese Shangren, and even cause a murder in Japan!” Then, a martial arts master broke the silence.
“Yeah, he is really too strong. With the power of Jing Teng’s punch just now, even the warriors in the middle stage of Huajin may not be able to follow. As a result, he not only blocked it, but also injured Jing Teng!” You Wu Xue The master agreed.
“In this way, that Jing Teng also has the strength comparable to the top martial artist in the middle stage of Huajin!” Those martial arts masters who had never witnessed the battle suddenly realized, and then exclaimed.

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