Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 652

“Teng’er, don’t worry, this is already his strongest combat power, he is not your opponent!” Hearing the words of many warriors, the expressions of Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming father and son became serious.
From the competition to the present, Chen Feng’s strength is like a bottomless pit, even they can’t see clearly, they have been getting stronger and have always had the upper hand, causing them to shake their firm belief in the moment that Jingteng will win!
But at this moment, the arrow is on the string, and they have to send it. They have no retreat. Jing Teng must defeat Chen Feng!
Ok? On the deck, Chen Feng had already adjusted the blood in his body, stabilized the slightly disturbed internal energy, and was about to take a step to completely kill Jing Teng. He was stunned when he heard Jing Shiming’s words and stopped immediately. “Uh…” At the same time, all the other martial arts masters, including Guan Nantian and Wu Zhizhou, after hearing what Jing Shiming said, they all looked at Jing Shiming in surprise, as if they were asking: Does Jingteng still have a hole card?
“Miscellaneous, I have to admit that you are really strong, and even forced me to use the last hole cards. Originally, I planned to save the last hole cards for the global martial arts competition before using it!” As if in response to Guan Nantian and others Like, Jing Teng licked the blood at the corner of his mouth, then shook the blood from the tiger’s mouth, moved his body, and said coldly: “However, this is all, you can die under my strongest trump card. Enough glory!”
“Hehe, from the beginning of the competition to the present, what else do you have besides being brave?”
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, despising Jingteng, but secretly he was on guard.
Just now, not only Jing Teng and the people who watched the game were shocked, Chen Feng was also quite surprised.
After all, he urged the mysterious breathing method that day and used the ultimate move to break the mountains and rivers. Even the two Japanese Shangren could not resist, and Jing Teng was only slightly injured. This completely exceeded his expectations and was enough to prove Jing Teng. The blow just now was extremely powerful.
In such a situation, Jing Teng still has a hole card, so Chen Feng has to pay attention to it!
“Our Jing family can stand in the Huaxia martial arts world for thousands of years, and the Yin Yang boxing can powerfully shock the Huaxia martial arts world for thousands of years. Its breadth and depth are beyond your imagination!” Jing Teng sneered.
Ok? Hearing Jing Teng’s words again, Chen Feng did not speak, but stared at Jing Teng firmly.
Not only him, at this moment, everyone’s eyes are focused on Jingteng, and it feels like asking: What is Jingteng’s strongest hole card?
Without answering, Jing Teng completely controlled the disordered internal energy in the body, and then the blood in the body rose again, and the momentum rose again, and the speed was faster than before.
Soon, Jing Teng’s aura was as terrifying as before, but his aura was still climbing, as if it were never ending.
Immediately, Jing Teng stepped towards Chen Feng. Each step seemed slow, but in fact it was fast. The deck below his feet could not withstand the horrible force. It split one after another, leaving clear footprints, making the entire ship shake. stand up!
In addition, his steps contained a certain rhythm, resonating with the fluctuations between the heavens and the earth, as if thousands of troops were charging, his voice was deafening.
The dull voice made Yu Wenbo and others on the third ship dizzy, and their chests seemed to be pressed against a large mountain, making it hard to breathe.
Not only them, but on the first big ship, those disciples from all sects heard the sound of footsteps superimposed on each other, but they felt their eardrums agitate and couldn’t concentrate.
“Dead!!” The next moment, when Jing Teng walked to a place ten meters away from Chen Feng, he suddenly got lucky with his dantian and roared like a thunder.
This sound was so sudden and so loud, as if it was about to shake the sky, making Yu Wenbo and others on the third ship unstable and almost slumped, and also made those on the first ship come from all sects. His disciples trembled and looked in a trance.
Even the few martial arts masters who were closer to the deck were lost in their minds, with trance expressions.
Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!
It roared, and the air burst sounded.
In the setting sun, Jing Teng appeared in front of Chen Feng as if out of thin air, swiping his right fist again and blasting towards Chen Feng.
This punch perfectly blended his strength, energy, and spirit, forming a terrible punch!
First cheered, so as to interfere and affect the opponent’s mind, and then slam the killer, hit the opponent by surprise, and at the same time use the punch to lock the opponent, so that the opponent is in a trance…
All of this is paving the way for his final blow !
Yin and Yang kill!
At this moment, Jing Teng used the ultimate ultimate move of Yin Yang Fist!
At this moment, Chen Feng was in a daze. He only felt that Jing Teng at this moment was like a giant standing on the sun, blasting out with a punch, smashing the whole world into pieces, it was impossible to match!
Time slowed down and the picture freezes.
On the deck in the sunset.
Jing Teng used the ultimate ultimate move of Yin-Yang Fist, blasted Chen Feng with a punch, and locked Chen Feng with his fist, leaving Chen Feng unable to hide.
Facing Jingteng’s violent punch, Chen Feng seemed to be frightened, motionless, his momentum was completely suppressed, and the situation was extremely dangerous.
“Broken mountains and rivers!” At the critical moment, Chen Feng roared in his heart, his mind regained his clarity, and his right fist burst out!
He used Broken Mountains and Rivers again and chose to head to head!
With a loud noise, Chen Feng and Jing Teng’s iron fists slammed together again, and the momentum was even greater and terrifying than before.
In an instant, nearly 30% of Jing Teng’s internal energy poured out, rushing to Chen Feng’s fist like a torrent.
Inner strength burst, Chen Feng only felt that he had hit an iron mountain with a punch, his right fist bounced away, blood dripping, and the terrifying counter-shock force made him fly upside down, his internal organs ached, and the corners of his mouth overflowed. Bloodshot!
This time, he was blown away by Jing Teng with a fist. Not only did the tiger’s mouth crack open, but his internal organs were traumatized. A stream of blood rushed to his throat and was forcibly suppressed by him.
But Jing Teng stood there, motionless, compared to before, he was totally different!
After he used the ultimate ultimate move yin and yang to kill, the situation completely reversed!
Seeing this scene, except for Jing Yunfeng, Jing Shiming and his son, including Guan Nantian and Wu Zhizhou, everyone on the scene was stunned. They did not expect that Jing Teng’s ultimate ultimate move was so strong. !
Immediately, before everyone recovered, Chen Feng’s body fell on the deck, his face turned pale, his brows were completely twisted together, his expression was extremely solemn, and he quickly suppressed the tumbling blood and disordered internal energy.
“Yin Yang Quan is worthy of being a peerless martial artist in China’s martial arts world. Jingteng’s killer move just now is really terrifying!” As Chen Feng landed, the silence on the scene was broken, and someone on the first big ship spoke.

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