Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 653

“Yes, Jing Teng’s punch just now was invincible, that is, Chen Feng. If he were replaced by another warrior in the early stage of Huajin, he would be killed on the spot!” Someone agreed.
“Chen Feng’s injury is not minor. Not only was his tiger’s mouth shattered, but his internal organs should also be injured, otherwise the corners of his mouth would not have bleeding.” Someone saw Chen Feng’s state and made this judgment.
“Originally thought Chen Summit would continue to maintain his undefeated record, but now it seems that he is mostly mysterious in today’s battle!”
“Yes, he can’t resist Jingteng’s ultimate hole card at all, and he will definitely be killed by Jingteng!” On the first big ship, those disciples from all sects made such judgments one after another, thinking that Chen Feng would undoubtedly lose.
And defeat means death!
“Yin Yang Quan is indeed well-deserved, and its terrifying power is really rare!”
“No accident, Chen Feng is going to die here today.”
Not only the disciples of various sects on the first ship, but even the second ship. Most martial arts masters couldn’t help but speak, thinking that it was only a matter of time before Chen Feng was defeated and killed.
They do not include several top masters such as Guan Nantian, Wu Zhizhou, Master Kongming, Zhang Tianshi and Zhao Wudao.
They collectively remained silent.
Chen Feng’s strength has completely exceeded their imagination, but after Jing Teng used Yin Yang Fist’s ultimate move, he was injured by Yin Yang Fist, which was far more terrifying than they thought!
If Chen Feng died in battle today, looking at the Chinese martial arts world, except for the strongest heirs of the unborn forces, the so-called Tianjiao of the other sects will face Jingteng, just like a paper, even competing with Jingteng. No qualifications!
On the third ship, Yu Wenbo and others were also silent.
Jing Teng blasted Chen Feng with a fist, causing Chen Feng to be injured, as if a basin of cold river water poured on their heads, so that they could wake up from the state of being beaten with blood, and they could not find any more on their faces. Excited, some just worry.
“Miscellaneous, aren’t you crazy? Why aren’t you crazy?”
At this moment, Jing Teng, who had not spoken on the deck and had not pursued the victory, suddenly spoke. His words were full of ridicule and contempt, “You didn’t mean to cut Am I like cutting grass? Come, I’m standing here, you come to kill me?”
Chen Feng was silent.
Jing Yunfeng, Jing Shiming and his son sneered.
They all knew that the reason why Jing Teng did not take advantage of the victory just now was because the “Yin and Yang kill” killer was a desperate method. If he couldn’t kill and severely injure the enemy, he would be very dangerous to use Yin and Yang. After killing, the inner strength will temporarily lose control and cannot continue to attack.
This is the only drawback of Yin Yang killing, and it can be considered a sequelae.
Just now, Jing Teng not only spoke, but also had a stable breath in his body, proving that he had returned to normal.
At this moment, Chen Feng was not only injured, but his breath was still unstable, proving that his condition was very bad.
The two are in sharp contrast!
“Teng’er, don’t talk nonsense with him, just send him on the road!” After a sneer, Jing Shiming reminded Jing Teng that he was worried that the night would have many dreams and changes would occur.
And if Jing Teng strikes while the iron is hot and uses Yin and Yang to kill again, even if he can’t kill Chen Feng at once, he will inevitably damage Chen Feng severely and make this competition completely lose suspense.
“Miscellaneous, I want to see, how many punches can you block me?” Jing Shiming’s words sounded in his ears, Jing Teng sneered, and then moved towards Chen Feng again. call!
In the blink of an eye, Jing Teng appeared in front of Chen Feng, and his right fist blasted again.
He once again used the ultimate ultimate move Yin and Yang to kill, and his entire popularity was like a rainbow, extremely terrifying!
This time.
Chen Feng did not choose to go head-to-head, but instead of waiting for Jing Teng to get close, he pulled away and retreated, avoiding Jing Teng’s edge.
“Hey, can you run?” With a missed punch, Jing Teng sneered, following like a shadow, using his speed to the extreme, chasing Chen Feng, he was bound to kill Chen Feng.
Three meters, two meters!
Under the gaze of everyone, Jing Teng quickly shortened the distance with Chen Feng. one meter!
“Pay your life!”
Seeing that he had reached the attack range, Jing Teng sneered again, frantically urging his internal energy, ready to use Yin and Yang again to kill.
But this time.
Chen Feng is faster than him!
Under the setting sun, Chen Feng’s figure suddenly stopped, turned like a spiral, and turned to face Jing Teng. At the same time, he was lucky with his dantian and shouted violently, shaking the sky.
Drink out, fist!
In the setting sun, Chen Feng’s right arm followed the rotation of his body and swung out like a big spear, quickly stab Jingteng.
Self-made martial arts second style
Cut the dragon!
This is his strongest hole card!
In the past period of retreat, Chen Feng has been researching and creating his own martial arts, and finally decided to take ancient swordsmanship as the core, integrate the strengths of various Chinese martial arts schools, and combine the actual conditions of modern martial arts to research and create the most suitable for life and death. Fighting martial arts.
He named this martial arts the Sword of Dragon Slash. The ultimate move he once developed was the “Break the Mountain and River” as the first style, while the “Sword of the Dragon Slash” used at the moment was the second.
Slashing the dragon is based on the well-known “Hui Liu Jian” among ancient marksmanship, combined with the essence of boxing and footwork, and made improvements.
In addition to these, the most important thing is to deliberately let yourself into a dangerous situation, and accurately grasp the distance between the enemy and the enemy and the timing of the shot.
All this, a few days ago, Chen Fengjiu was able to do it, but he still felt there were shortcomings. In the past few days, Chen Feng has been practicing and thinking hard, and finally understands what is lacking. Through sonic attacks and aura deterrence, it interferes with the opponent’s mind. On the basis of hitting the opponent by surprise, he makes the opponent lose his mind and lose consciousness. It is too late to make any dodge. And resist.
This is the same as Yin-Yang Fist’s ultimate move.
Just now, Chen Feng was killed and injured by Jing Teng with Yin and Yang, the situation was reversed, and almost everyone thought that he was dead.
Then, Jing Teng pursued the victory, forcing Chen Feng to withdraw and retreat with no aura, making everyone including Jing Teng more firmly believe that he was invincible, and deliberately disguised as a state of unstable breath, and then deliberately let Jing Teng. Shorten the distance and prepare to shoot again.
At this moment…Chen Feng acted first!
He was lucky with his dantian and used martial arts like’Lion Roar’ to make a loud roar, like thunder and explosion, shocking Jing Teng’s figure to a halt, and his consciousness appeared momentarily trance.
At the same time, Chen Feng bent his knees in a squatting posture, his feet were nailed to the ground like nails, his right fist was like a big gun, and he slammed into Jingteng.
With a punch, the blood in Chen Feng’s body almost rose to the extreme in an instant, his inner strength ran away completely, and he rushed to the right fist, blending Qi and God, also forming a terrible fist intent, which completely enveloped Jingteng.

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