Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 656

“Stop it!” The next moment, before Chen Feng made a move, Jing Shiming suddenly shouted, and then subconsciously jumped onto the deck to stop Chen Feng from killing Jing Teng.
However, as soon as Jing Shiming moved, he was stopped by Wu Zhizhou: “Jing Shiming, I said before the start of their martial arts competition, this is a battle of life and death, life and death are life and death, no one can intervene or interfere. What do you want to do in the martial arts contest?”
“The kid surnamed Chen, leave my family Teng’er!”
Facing Wu Zhizhou’s resistance, Jing Shiming’s face changed and his brows were completely twisted together, but after thinking about it, he didn’t make a move, or even responded to Wu Zhi. Zhou, instead staring at Chen Feng coldly, his words were full of threats, “Otherwise, you will become the mortal enemy of the Jing family!”
“Is the Jing family great?” Chen Feng responded coldly, and then lifted up directly. Right foot.
“Do you dare?”
Jing Shiming’s face changed, and he shouted again, his voice piercing the sky.
Jing Shiming responded with a muffled noise.
In full view, Chen Feng smashed Jing Teng’s head!
Faced with Jing Shiming’s warnings and threats, Chen Feng was not afraid, and smashed Jingteng’s head in public, causing De Jingteng to die on the spot!
Chen Feng’s strength has shocked almost everyone present!
That is the Jing family… one of the most profound martial arts family in China for thousands of years, every birth will shake the entire Chinese martial arts world!
In such a situation, Chen Feng trampled Jingteng to death, not only killing the descendants of the Jing family, but also trampling on the dignity and glory of the Jing family, which is tantamount to immortality with the Jing family! However, when they thought about Chen Feng’s past deeds, they were relieved.
After all, this is a man who once dared to challenge the entire Japan alone!
At the same time, Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming were heartbroken.
Jingteng is not only their offspring, but also a descendant of the Jing family who spent a lot of manpower and material resources to train. He paid an extremely high price. It represents the future of the Jing family. Chen Feng’s strong killing of Jingteng is equivalent to digging their hearts!
“Little beast, I will kill you!” Apart from the heartache, hatred and anger instantly flooded Jing Shiming and swallowed his sanity. He roared and shot his body, trying to kill Chen Feng in public to vent his heart. hate.
“Jing Shiming, are you blatantly violating the principle of the battle of life and death, or that you don’t put Wu Meng in your eyes at all?” Wu Kong stopped in front of Jing Shiming again, protecting Chen Feng’s Safe, and issued a warning at the same time, with an extremely harsh tone.
“Jing family, can you not afford to lose? Or do you think that your Jing family can do whatever they want in China?” Chen Feng stared at Jing Shiming coldly, not only mocking Jing family, but also indirectly reminding Jing family, Jing family Although powerful, it must abide by the rules of the Chinese martial arts circle and accept the leadership of the Wumeng, otherwise it will inevitably be wiped out.
“Made, after the life and death battle, how can your Jing family be so shameless?” Yu Wenbo scolded angrily.
“Dare to touch our Uncle Chen and destroy you!” Chen Zeli and Chen Zewen also spoke.
“Shiming, come back!” Upon hearing Yu Wenbo and the others shouting excitedly, Jing Yunfeng suddenly spoke and signaled Jing Shiming to leave.
In the setting sun, his expression returned to calm, and he looked like a human being, but looking at Chen Feng’s cold and faint gaze and the cold killing intent that radiated from his whole body showed how angry he was inside.
He wished to slap Chen Feng to death now!
However, reason told him that he must not do so at this moment, otherwise he will become a public enemy of the Chinese martial arts circle and will inevitably be severely punished by the Wu League.
What’s more, aside from the Wu League, Chen Feng still has extremely powerful energy behind him. Even a top wealthy such as the Chen family can’t kill him at will, but kill him within the scope allowed by the rules.
Jing Yunfeng’s words sounded in his ears, and Jing Shiming awoke from the state of rage. He glared at Chen Feng viciously, as if he was about to carve Chen Feng’s appearance into the depths of his soul.
After doing all this, he turned and walked towards Jing Yunfeng, and then walked towards the cabin with Jing Yunfeng.
Because, for them, today is a shameful day for the Jing family. They stay here for an extra minute and suffer an extra minute!
Seeing Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming leaving, Jing Ren scrambled to get up and quickly followed. It felt as if he was afraid that he would go to Jingteng’s footsteps and confess his life here.
“Master Wu, thank you.” Seeing Jing Yunfeng and the three of them walking into the cabin, Chen Feng hurriedly clasped his fists to express his gratitude to Wu Kong. If Wu Kong hadn’t made a timely move to stop Jing Shiming, he would have been ill, Jing Yun. After all, Feng is a peerless master in the realm of a half-step grandmaster. If such a master wants to kill him, he may not even be able to sustain three moves.
“You don’t have to thank you for your responsibility.”
Wu Kong waved his hand. He came here in accordance with the requirements of his superiors this time to ensure that this life and death battle is carried out fairly and to prevent subsequent retaliation.
“Set off, return!” After the voice fell, Wu Kong gave instructions again.
This life and death battle has come to an end, and it is time to return.
“Even the legendary descendant of the Jing family was killed by Chen Feng. After today, Chen Feng will become the veritable first person of the younger generation in the Chinese martial arts circle!”
“Yes, the gap between us and him is too big. The opponent has no qualifications, and is not at the same level at all.”
“Alas, we were born in an era with him, it’s really sad!”
The three big boats started at the same time and headed towards the shore of the lake. On the first big boat, the disciples from all sects began to discuss again. While they lamented Chen Feng’s strength, they also felt a sense of powerlessness and frustration.
As they said, they have been completely distanced by Chen Feng, and they are destined to become the green leaves supporting Chen Feng in their lives, and will never reach the height of Chen Feng, and it is hard to say whether they can even reach Chen Feng’s current strength.
At the same time, on the third ship, the bigwigs of the rivers and lakes, including Lu Zhengfeng, did not speak this time, but looked at Chen Feng in awe.
In this battle, Chen Feng won, and demonstrated the ability to kill them with a finger. This gave them a great shock, and they all deeply engraved a thought in their hearts: You must never be an enemy of Chen Feng in this life!
“I said earlier, Brother Feng is invincible, kill that shit Jingteng every minute!” Next to Lu Zhengfeng and others, Yu Wenbo boasted with excitement. It feels better than he killed Jingteng with his own hands and is famous in the Chinese martial arts world. Still excited.
“Come on, when did you say this?”
” Yes , did you put gold on your face like this?”
Chen Zeli, Yuwenqian and others despised it.
Because, before they saw Chen Feng, they were all very worried and worried that Chen Feng would lose. When Chen Feng was injured by Jing Teng, their hearts hung directly on their throats.
Looking at Yu Wenbo and others who were joking around, Xia Mengyao Chu Celadon Lin Wanqiu was unanimously relieved, showing a relaxed smile.

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