Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 657

Although he didn’t know the specific identities of these people in front of him, he could tell from the aura erupting from these people in front of him that these people in front of him must be the leading leaders of the China Underground World. “Okay, Mr. Chen.” Jia Manhao, Lu Zhengfeng and others responded immediately, and at the same time they were relieved. Chen Feng is not as difficult as they thought. On the contrary, Chen Feng gave them a very good feeling. Approachable.
“Brother Feng is mighty!”
“Master Chen is mighty!” Seeing Chen Feng greeted all the people, Yu Wenbo and other talents greeted him and surrounded Chen Feng.
“Boy, is your injury okay?”
Later, Huang Laosan came over and looked at Chen Feng with worry.
“It’s okay, a little injury, don’t worry.” Chen Feng shook his head.
“That’s good.” Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Huang Laosan finally breathed a sigh of relief. Although he was also in the early stage of his energization, the battle between Chen Feng and Jing Teng just now scared him throughout the entire process, and Jing Teng gave him the feeling It is simply an invincible monster. If he is allowed to fight Jing Teng, he may not even be able to sustain three moves, and he will be killed by Jing Teng.
“Brother Chen Feng, are you okay?” At this time, Lin Wanqiu also hurried up. Because she had come to the West Lake secretly, she was not qualified to watch Chen Feng. Later, Guan Nantian saw her and brought her in. .
“I’m fine.” Chen Feng was taken aback when he saw Lin Wanqiu, and then shook his head. He didn’t expect that Lin Wanqiu would also be here.
“It’s fine.” Lin Wanqiu breathed a sigh of relief. Not long ago, she witnessed Chen Feng’s life-and-death battle in Japan to save her and several Japanese masters. She did not expect that she had just returned to China and saw Chen Feng fought a life and death battle with another genius warrior.
And compared to the battle in Japan, the battle with Jingteng was obviously more dangerous.
“Everything is over.” Chen Feng said, then cast his eyes on Li Xueyan.
Li Xueyan did not speak, but looked at him with a smile on his face.
In the sunset, the smile was beautiful, which made Chen Feng feel excited. at the same time.
The setting sun did not know when it had entered the West Lake, leaving only half of the body in the sky, looking from a distance, connected with the mountains and rivers, the beauty was so beautiful that it palpitated.
With the advent of dusk, the number of tourists in the West Lake Scenic Area began to decrease, but the decrease was not too large, and tourists can still be seen everywhere.
In the sunset, three big boats were still parked on the shore of the lake, and a group of people stood there, chatting separately. A cordon was still set up at the scene, and the staff of the Hangzhou Wumen League stood on their posts. They stood at the entrance to prevent tourists from approaching.
Suddenly, the noisy scene fell silent, and everyone unanimously cast their eyes on the second ship.
Under the gaze of everyone, Jing Yunfeng took Jing Shiming off the boat, and Jing Shiming carried the dead Jing Teng and Jing Ren with his broken leg in his hands.
As for Mu Yang’s body, it was still thrown on the deck. It felt as if to the Jing family, Mu Yang was a dog before his death, but now it is just a dead dog, and he doesn’t even have the treatment for Jing family to collect the body.
Through the sunset, everyone could clearly see that Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming had grim expressions and frowned brows, while Jing Ren had blood on his legs and his expressions were extremely painful.
Not only was he stomped on his knees by Chen Feng, but when Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming entered the cabin, they scrambled to follow in. The wound rubbed repeatedly and the pain made him almost fainted.
In the face of the gazes that were staring at them, whether it was Jing Yunfeng or Jing Shiming, there was a feeling of being stripped off the street, and they wanted to teleport away immediately.

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