Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 659

Although the Hujiang Hotel cannot be compared with the West Lake State Guest House, it is built on the edge of Baima Lake and the hotel facilities are top-notch. It is unique in Hangzhou Lake and the entire Nanzhe hotel industry. Many important conferences will choose here. The business is very good. lake
Jiang Hotel is an industry owned by Hujiang Group, and it is also the venue for Chen Feng to entertain everyone tonight. Because there were too many guests at the banquet, as the host, Chen Feng didn’t drink alcohol on the grounds of injury, but the etiquette was still in place. Half an hour after the banquet started, he was accompanied by Xia Mengyao to toast in a box.
His first toast box was the box Guan Nantian was in.
In addition to Guan Nantian, there are well-known Chinese martial arts masters such as Wu Kong and Kong Ming in the box. “Boy, originally I had something important to discuss with you tonight, but I was toasted by those little brats just now, and we drank too much, we will talk again tomorrow.” After the toast, Guan Nantian said to Chen Feng with a flushed face.
Originally to control Nantian’s martial arts strength, if you use internal power to force alcohol, you will not get drunk even if you have a thousand cups, but there is an unwritten rule in martial arts circles that you cannot use internal power to force alcohol.
In this way, in addition to being toasted by the people in the box, all the martial arts people who attended the banquet today came to toast. After drinking hundreds of cups, he was already a little drunk.
Guan Nantian’s words sounded in his ears, and everyone’s heart moved and instantly guessed that what Guan Nantian was about to talk with Chen Feng was related to the Global Martial Arts Conference!
“Okay, take care of the leader.” Chen Feng also guessed this, he nodded, and then sat down with Guan Nantian, and then said to everyone: “Masters, I have asked someone to open a room for you in the hotel. , The hotel staff will send the room card here later. Of course, if someone wants to go back to the previous hotel, tell the staff, there will be a special car to send it there.”
“Little friend Chen Feng is thoughtful, come, we all toast you, and wish you a great victory today!”
Hearing what Chen Feng said, Zhao Wudao, the head of the gossip sect, raised his glass with a smile and suggested that everyone respect Chen Feng.
Facing Zhao Wudao’s proposal, everyone present responded. Chen Feng replaced the wine with water, drank a glass of mineral water, and then took Xia Mengyao and left the box.
In the second box, there are still martial arts masters and heads of various sects, but they are not as famous as Master Kong Ming and others. They thanked Chen Feng for a toast, and also reciprocated Chen Feng with a glass.
Later, when Chen Feng came to the box where the disciples of various sects were to toast, almost everyone was a little flattered. They did not expect Chen Summit to toast them!
“Mr. Chen!”
When Chen Feng came to the box where Jia Manhao, Lu Zhengfeng and others were, everyone stood up for the first time and greeted Chen Feng.
Among them, Lu Zhengfeng even pulled a chair and motioned Chen Feng to sit in the empty position next to him.
That is the c position of the entire table, that is, the main position facing the door.
That position has been vacant since the dinner, and it was reserved for Chen Feng by the bigwigs.
“Everyone, please sit down.” Chen Feng smiled and gestured when he saw this, and then walked to the main seat accompanied by Xia Mengyao.
Hearing what Chen Feng said, no one, including Lu Zhengfeng, the oldest and the oldest, was seated. They were not seated until Chen Feng took a seat and spoke again.
Although they were all earth emperors of the Huaxia Underground World, in front of a peerless arrogant like Chen Feng, they did not have any qualifications to show off.
“Everyone, thank you for coming here during your busy schedule. I toast you a glass.”
Chen Feng took the initiative to hold up the wine glass, and then said: “However, because I am not well, I can only substitute water for wine tonight. I hope you will not be offended.”
“Understanding, the body is important.”
Lu Zhengfeng picked up the wine glass and said with a smile. The others nodded in agreement, then raised their necks and drank it.
“Mr. Chen, we also toast you a glass and congratulate you on your victory over the descendants of the Jing family.” Jia Hao Hao offered a glass.
As the King of the Southwest, he is no stranger to the Jing family and he knows the strength of the Jing family. Even in the afternoon in the duel between Chen Feng and Jing Teng, he did not think that Chen Shengeng had won, but in the end, it was Chen Feng. His company.
“Thank you.”
Chen Feng thanked him, picked up the wine glass again, and drank another glass of water.
After the second cup, Chen Feng picked up his chopsticks and ate a few bites of food with everyone.
After coming out of the box of Lu Zhengfeng and others, Chen Feng went to the box of Yuwenbo and others.
Here are Yu Wenqian, Wang Gan, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen family, Huang Laosan, and Chu celadon Lin Wanqiu.
At this moment, they were very excited. In less than an hour, they had drunk several boxes of liquor.
In addition, Xia Mengyao, Zhang Xinran, Su Miaoyi, Chen Jing and Wang Mengnan were also present, sitting at a table.
“Brother Feng is here, let us all raise our glasses, let’s respect Brother Feng, and Brother Zhu Feng trampled to death that shit Jing family heir!”
Seeing Chen Feng coming, Yu Wenbo gave a strange cry, and then raised the glass of advice.
Hula With Yuwenbo’s proposal, everyone stood up with their wine glasses and shouted, “Brother Jingfeng has a glass!”
“it is good!”
Faced with the enthusiasm of everyone, Chen Feng walked straight up, ready to pick up the wine glass.
“Chen Feng was injured in the martial arts competition today and can’t drink. The toasts used to replace the wine with water. Drink water here too.” At this moment, Xia Mengyao stood up and said with a smile.
Suddenly hearing Xia Mengyao’s words, Yu Wenbo and the others were all startled. They didn’t know that Chen Feng drank water when toasting before.
Chen Feng just took a break, and then he noticed Xia Mengyao looking at him with a smile but a smile, sending a message with his eyes: Do you dare to try drinking today?
Chen Feng smiled bitterly.
He was not seriously injured today, and drinking was not a major problem, but on the way to the Hujiang Hotel at the end of the competition, Xia Mengyao used his injury as an excuse and asked him to use water instead of wine when toasting tonight.
He accepted Xia Mengyao’s proposal and did the same during the toast before, but he did not expect that Xia Mengyao would still not let him drink at this moment.
Although surprised and helpless, Chen Feng agreed for the first time: “Well, Mengyao is right, I can’t drink today, I can only drink water and tea.”
“Um… well, let Brother Feng drink water, let’s drink!” Upon seeing Yu Wenbo, his eyes rolled twice, and he changed his mouth now.
On the one hand, he thinks Xia Mengyao’s reminder is reasonable. More importantly, all the women, including Chu Celadon Lin Wanqiu, are watching this battle of life and death today. If Xia Mengyao doesn’t mind at all, it’s not. possible.
Xia Mengyao may be angry!
In this way, if he encouraged Chen Feng to drink, he might provoke Xia Mengyao’s anger.

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