Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 660

At the same time, Chu Celadon and Lin Wanqiu glanced at Xia Mengyao, their gazes were slightly complicated, why couldn’t they see that Xia Mengyao was declaring sovereignty to them?
Afterwards, amidst the noise, Chen Feng had a drink with everyone using water instead of wine, and then sat on the table where Xia Mengyao’s daughters were.
“I’ve been patronizing the toast, haven’t you eaten? Let’s eat something first, they toast, I will stop you.”
Xia Mengyao said with a smile, and then used her chopsticks to put dishes on Chen Feng’s plate, which was gentle and considerate.
Hearing Xia Mengyao’s words again and seeing Xia Mengyao’s actions, the expressions of Chu Celadon and Lin Wanqiu became more restrained.
“Come on, let’s have a drink.” Seeing this scene, Xia Mengyao didn’t care at all, instead she greeted Chu Celadon and Lin Wanqiu with a smile on her face.
“Well, you guys drink first, I’ll go to other tables to eat, so it’s a bit lively.” Chen Feng directly chose to drive away. Through Xia Mengyao’s abnormal behavior, he could see Xia Mengyao’s mind, and he could feel Xia Mengyao facing Chu. Celadon and Lin Wanqiu’s strong share-Chen Feng is my man!
In such a situation, his best way is to bugger.
When the voice fell, Chen Feng didn’t wait for Xia Mengyao to speak, so he smeared the soles of his feet and slipped.
Afterwards, as he himself said, Chen Feng ate around several tables, chatting and clinking glasses with everyone, but they all drank water.
At the same time, he had been secretly observing the movement of Xia Mengyao’s table, only to find that several women seemed to be okay, talking and laughing, talking about wine, and looking like good girlfriends gathering.
“Women are really born dramatists.”
Chen Feng sighed secretly, and then faintly felt that the matter of feelings would never be fooled so easily. On the contrary, today is very likely to be the beginning of this matter.
As if to confirm Chen Feng’s speculation, when the dinner was over, Xia Mengyao went out shoulder to shoulder with Chen Feng to see off the guests, and naturally took Chen Feng’s arm. By this scene, both Chu Celadon and Lin Wanqiu were dumbfounded, and then their expressions were complicated, with envy, jealousy, unwillingness, and even more gloomy.
This scene fell into the eyes of Yuwenbo and others, making them aware of the atmosphere of war in the air, and they pretended not to see anything.
Among them, Comrade Yu Wenbo even looked up at the moon and exclaimed, “The moon is so round tonight…”
Hearing Yu Wenbo’s sigh, the four brothers and sisters of the Chen clan wanted to laugh but did not dare to laugh. It was uncomfortable to hold back.
In comparison, Chen Feng was even more uncomfortable being caught between the women, but he could only let Xia Mengyao take his arm with a smile on his face and send the guests away.
“I’m at the Hilton Hotel, let’s go over together.” After the martial arts, business, and officialdom people left, Xia Mengyao turned her head and looked at Chen Feng with a smile. The waves in her eyes turned, which was called an affectionate pulse.
If in the old days, being alone, Xia Mengyao spoke like this, Chen Feng would probably have blood of Peng Bai and beast blood, but at this moment he would be a daze.
“Okay, I’ll send you there.” Chen Feng responded vaguely after a brief stupor.
“Send me there? Don’t you live there tonight?” Xia Mengyao smiled unabated, but threatened no matter what
“Of course live.”
Chen Feng responded with a smile, not daring to see Chu Celadon Lin Wanqiu and the others, but waved his hand along the way and said, “Well, everyone rest early tonight, see you tomorrow.”
When the voice fell, Chen Feng took Xia Mengyao towards a car that had already been prepared, and then got into the car with Xia Mengyao under everyone’s attention.
Half an hour later, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao arrived at the Hilton Hotel.
After getting out of the car, Xia Mengyao didn’t take Chen Feng’s arm anymore, but walked in front alone, with her head up and her chest high, like a proud little peacock.
Chen Feng sighed secretly and followed behind silently. He didn’t know what Xia Mengyao experienced during this period, but now Xia Mengyao felt that he had changed a lot.
The original Xia Mengyao did not fight or grab, and everything was surrendered, but now Xia Mengyao is obviously more active.
“The suite is just a big bed, I sleep on the bed, you sleep on the sofa.” After entering the room, Xia Mengyao spoke first.
“What? Do you have an opinion?”
Xia Mengyao stared at Chen Feng with eyebrows and vertical eyes. She didn’t look like a business woman, but she looked like an angry little girl.
Chen Feng’s head shook like a rattle.
“That’s good.”
Xia Mengyao snorted, and then started undressing directly in front of Chen Feng.
Yes. She just took it off.
Nima! In June, the weather in Hanghu Lake was extremely hot. Xia Mengyao was only wearing a long black one-piece dress. When she took it off, she was only left with her chest~clothes and underwear~pants.
“Uh…” Chen Feng looked dumbfounded, and then immediately had a reaction that a bloody man should have-shortness of breath, and a small tent was set up between his legs.
“Huh!” Xia Mengyao snorted coldly, then gave Chen Feng a triumphant glance before turning around and entering the bathroom.
However, at the moment of turning around, a shyness appeared on her pretentiously angry face.
Although she is Chen Feng’s wife, she has never made such a bold and unrestrained move in front of Chen Feng.
This is the first time.
However-shy to shy, Xia Mengyao’s next move is more bold and unrestrained!
After she took a shower, she was completely vacuumed and appeared in front of Chen Feng wearing a bathrobe, the bumps on her chest looming…
At that moment, Chen Feng only felt that the sky was spinning.
Xia Mengyao’s performance of Chen Feng was in full view, but she looked nonchalant, and directly regarded Chen Feng as air, and walked by Chen Feng with a burst of fragrance, and she deliberately flicked her hair, and the hair brushed Chen Feng His face was itchy.
“Om~” Chen Feng became more dizzy, and subconsciously stretched out his hand to hug Xia Mengyao, but Xia Mengyao dodged lightly, and then rightly told him: Don’t think too much, honestly sleep on the sofa!
“–” Chen Feng was speechless for a while, and then hurried into the bathroom to cool himself down in a cold water bath. Ten minutes later, Chen Feng also walked out of the bathroom wearing a bathrobe, and then went to sleep on the sofa obediently.
Seeing this scene, Xia Mengyao couldn’t bear it, but thinking of today’s situation, she finally snorted, turned around, and handed her hips and back of head to Chen Feng, completely ignored.
People are not sages.
As a woman, she is as selfish as all women in terms of feelings, but she is more knowledgeable than 99% of women in this world.
She has always given Chen Feng’s face in front of outsiders.
But today, after she had sworn sovereignty in front of a few women, she still had to punish Chen Feng a little, so that Chen Feng and everyone should be soberly aware.
She is the empress of the palace!

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