Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 661

Early in the morning, when the sky was not bright yet, Chen Feng woke up from his sleep and opened his eyes. The room was pitch black and so quiet that he could hear the slight breathing of Xia Mengyao beside him. Yes.
Xia Mengyao lay beside him, facing him sideways, holding him in both hands, sleeping peacefully.
Although Xia Mengyao rightly let him sleep on the sofa last night, she finally relented and let him go to bed, but he was not allowed to have crooked thoughts, let alone move his hands, and even set a limit. One and a half bed, Chu He distinct.
Chen Feng knew that he was wrong, and he felt guilty about Xia Mengyao, so he was very honest and safe. He didn’t touch Xia Mengyao until Xia Mengyao fell asleep.
On the premise that it would not affect Xia Mengyao’s sleep, she moved her body slightly, and then kissed Xia Mengyao gently on the forehead.
After doing all this, he quietly got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash.
“Why are you awake?” After washing, Chen Feng walked out of the bathroom and saw that Xia Mengyao was already awake.
“My biological clock is also very punctual, so why can’t I wake up?” Xia Mengyao said, “In addition, I sleep very lightly. Can you wake up if you make such a loud noise.”
“My sin.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly, and then said, “Leader Guan asked me to find him after getting up this morning. I’m going to run to the West Lake State Guest House, just as a workout. You will go to bed and wait until my affairs are settled. you.”
“Well, I will accompany you to have a meal at noon, and then return to Zhonghai.” Xia Mengyao nodded.
“So urgent?” Chen Feng was a little surprised.
“There was a project over there that was supposed to negotiate and sign a contract. I pushed it back for two days, but it wasn’t good to push it back. Because there are many competitors for that project, if you push it again, it will fall into the hands of others.” Xia Mengyao Explained.
Xia Mengyao’s words sounded in his ears, and Chen Feng’s heart was filled with emotion. He couldn’t help but walked to the bed, leaned over, and kissed Xia Mengyao’s forehead again.
This kiss is very light, but very affectionate.
Immediately, when Chen Feng was about to get up, Xia Mengyao suddenly hooked his neck with both hands, and then took the initiative to kiss his lips.
Xia Mengyao, seeing Chen Feng’s reaction at this moment, was a little shy at first, then deliberately raised her face: “Don’t even think about it.”
When the words fell, Xia Mengyao turned around again and left the back of her head to Chen Feng. It seemed that she was snubbing Chen Feng, but in fact she was hiding her shyness-thinking that she was a little emotional just now, she wanted to find a ground drill. Go in and never come out!
“I knew it.” Chen Feng murmured, then went to put on his clothes depressed.
“Punch—-” Xia Mengyao couldn’t help smiling when Chen Feng’s words sounded in her ears, and the shyness faded.
At seven o’clock, Chen Feng jogged to the West Lake State Guest House, Guan Nantian had been waiting there for a long time.
“It seems that your injury doesn’t matter at all.” Guan Nantian took the initiative to greet him and said with a smile.
“Well, a slight injury has no effect.” Chen Feng nodded.
“Then you can pretend to really look like it. You know, at that time, including me, everyone thought you were injured by that Jingteng. The situation was extremely unfavorable to you, but you didn’t expect you to appear injured on purpose. Then he slammed down the killer, caught Jing Teng by surprise, and severely wounded him with one move, bringing the match to an end.” Guan Nantian sighed with a wry smile.
“Competition is like a battlefield. The situation on the field changes rapidly. Naturally, you have to make the best choice for you.” Chen Feng said frankly.
“Well, it’s a pity, no matter on the battlefield or the martial arts field, not many people know this truth.”
Guan Nantian walked with Chen Feng while nodding his head: “This also shows from the side that looking at the younger generation of Chinese martial arts, without mentioning your strength, you are the first person who deserves to be the first person in terms of fighting experience alone. As far as you are concerned, those other young warriors are more like flowers in a greenhouse, unable to withstand wind and rain!”
“You are absurd.” Chen Feng was very humble.
“It’s not falsehood, it’s fact.”
Guan Nantian said, then turned his head to look at Chen Feng, and said, “Presumably you should have guessed the purpose of my conversation with you.”
“Well, about the Global Martial Arts Competition.”
Chen Feng nodded. Outsiders had guessed this, and he naturally knew it.
“How much do you know about this global martial arts competition?” Guan Nantian did not rush to ask Chen Feng’s results, but asked like this.
“As far as I know, in this global martial arts competition, those strong on the top of martial arts hardly participated in the competition, eclipsing the battle for masters, but such hidden martial arts families, sects and forces like Jing Jia The strongest successor of Confucianism will be born, which will make this martial arts competition full of gold for the younger generation, and it can even be said to be a rare occasion for decades!” Chen Feng said some of the information he had obtained.
“It seems that you have a deep understanding.” Guan Nantian didn’t feel surprised when he heard this. After all, Chen Feng also has his own information channels, and it is not difficult to find out this information.
“Then what do you think? Have you made a decision? Do you want to participate?” Guan Nantian asked three questions in a row, but it was just one question.
When the voice fell, he stopped and looked at Chen Feng expectantly.
“No decision has been made yet.” Chen Feng paused.
“No decision yet?”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Guan Nantian was a little stunned. He thought that Chen Feng would definitely participate in this global martial arts competition, because as far as Chen Feng was concerned, this global martial arts competition would be a good opportunity for him to become famous.
“Leader Guan wants me to participate?”
Seeing Guan Nantian’s expression, Chen Feng suddenly spoke.
“Not bad.” Guan Nantian nodded and admitted directly, “I do want you to participate in this global martial arts competition.”

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