Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 662

The six hundred and second chapters are related to seniors. “There are three reasons. The first reason is related to you personally. As you said earlier, this global martial arts competition will send its own strongest seed players from all the martial arts circles around the world. This competition will definitely get the attention of all countries around the world. If you can stand out in the competition, this will be your best opportunity to become famous.”
“The second reason is related to the Chinese martial arts world. In the previous global martial arts competitions, the performance of the Chinese martial arts world was not very good. On several occasions, the seeded players in the Chinese martial arts world did not even make the top eight. So this time, I want you to play for the Chinese martial arts world and get a better ranking. It’s so shameful.” Guan Nantian said solemnly.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, and then said, “What about the third reason?”
“The third reason is related to your brother.” Guan Nantian glanced at Chen Feng, and then slowly spoke.
“Related to my brother?!”
Hearing the word elder brother, Chen Feng was abruptly shocked. Didn’t the elder brother become a waste person long ago? Why is he involved in the Global Martial Arts Competition again?
Guan Nantian didn’t seem to be surprised by Chen Feng’s reaction. He glanced at Chen Feng and said, “You should know how your brother was deposed back then?”
“I know.” Chen Feng nodded solemnly, and said: “My brother was besieged by a group of strong men, and then broke his legs and wasted.”
“Lord Guan, do you mean that in this global martial arts competition, there will be strong players who participated in the besieging of my senior brother in the past?” Chen Feng couldn’t help asking. He actually didn’t have much impression of senior brother Ye Nantian, because He has been sitting in a wheelchair since he saw him.
He also asked the brother several times why he was sitting in a wheelchair, but every time, the brother refused to tell him. In the end, he learned from others that the brother was ranked by a group of gods more than 20 years ago. Siege, break his legs, and then get into the wheelchair.
“They won’t participate.” To Chen Feng’s surprise, Guan Nantian shook his head.
“But their disciples will participate.” Before Chen Feng could speak, Guan Nantian added.
This time, Chen Feng’s expression became cold, and even a killing intent appeared on his body.
“Lord Guan, can you give me a list of the strongest people in the gods who injured my senior?” Chen Feng said in a cold voice. As Ye Nantian’s junior, he and Ye Nantian are in the same blood relationship.
Moreover, when he fled from Yanjing to Cangzhou, Ye Nantian also made a lot of effort behind his back. Without Ye Nantian, he would probably have died in the hands of the Chen family three years ago.
Now that he knew that the disciples of those who had abolished Guan Nantian’s god list were going to compete, he naturally couldn’t sit back and watch.
“Have you decided to participate in this global martial arts competition?” Guan Nantian said.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded, “I decided to participate.”
“Actually, I have always wanted to avenge my brother, but no matter what, my strength has never been enough.”
“However, this global martial arts competition has given me a good opportunity. I decided to collect some interest for my senior from the disciples of those enemies first!”
“If nothing else, the disciples of those people will participate. As for whether they can appear in the global martial arts competition, it is difficult to say.” Guan Nantian sighed. In his opinion, Ye Nantian was ranked by the gods. The strong besieged and crippled and became a ruin. This is the biggest ups and downs of Ye Nantian’s life and the biggest loss of Huaxia martial arts circles. After all, Ye Nantian has reached the realm of a half-step grandmaster. He is just as talented as Chen Feng today. !
“Why?” Chen Feng was puzzled.
“As you said before, those originally hidden martial arts families, sects, and major secret forces will send their descendants to participate in this martial arts competition. As of now, according to the regulations of the global martial arts competition, only one person from each country . In this way, the quota for the competition is extremely precious, and it’s hard to say whether the disciples who beat your senior brothers can get that quota.” Guan Nantian explained, and then added: “However, it is certain that you Some disciples among the enemies of the brothers will definitely appear in the arena. For example, the leader of the Dark Council, Augustus, who is ranked first on the list of gods, his disciples will definitely be able to compete!”
“That’s the best!” Chen Feng’s pupils contracted slightly, his eyes flickering. He didn’t expect that among the people who besieged the seniors back then, there was actually a peerless powerhouse like No.
The strength of such a peerless powerhouse is probably no weaker than some martial arts masters. Similarly, the strength of their disciples will certainly not be weaker.
If they could kill their disciples in the global martial arts competition, it would surely make them heartache for a long time.
“By the way, if the Buddha of the Western Regions, the strongest descendant of the Tianshan Sword Sect, the descendant of the Ji family, and the descendant of the sword king are born, you have to compete with them for the only place in the competition.” Guan Nantian added, Global Martial Arts For the competition, each country has only one quota, and it is naturally impossible for China to directly reserve Chen Feng.
“If I can’t even get this quota, what qualifications do I have to talk about retrieving interest and revenge for my senior?” Chen Feng heard this, his face calm, but his words were full of confidence.
Guan Nantian was in a trance. At this moment, he seemed to see Ye Nantian’s shadow in Chen Feng…
Hangbang cuisine is an important part of Nanzhe’s food culture and belongs to an important genre of South Zhejiang cuisine. The taste is mainly salty, and the slightly sweet “light” is a symbolic characteristic of Hangbang cuisine. At noon, Chen Feng followed Xia Mengyao’s positioning and came to a small restaurant called Hangjiacai.
The restaurant is located in the old city of Hanghu, at the intersection of a small street. It is a dilapidated second floor with a shabby sign. The entire restaurant is full of age.
In fact, it has existed for more than 30 years. It is called the best restaurant in Hangzhou by the old Hanghu people. It has a limited time limit every day, but the guests get together, don’t miss the meal, even if it’s late. It may not be eaten.
“With so many people in line, the food in this restaurant should be very good. How did you find this restaurant?” Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao sat at a table, looking at the crowd waiting at the door, and couldn’t help asking.
“It’s the truth to eat in large restaurants and taste in small restaurants. The Hangzhou cuisine in this restaurant is said to be the best in Hangzhou, but for so many years it has not been expanded to open branches, and even the old house has not been changed.” Xia Mengyao First, I introduced the Hangjia restaurant, and then answered Chen Feng’s question, “I have a meal here with my father and mother once more than ten years ago, and I have a deep memory. Since then, whenever I come to Hangzhou Lake, I will come here to eat. a meal.”
“So that’s it.” Chen Feng couldn’t help but smile upon hearing the words: “I didn’t expect you to be this foodie.”

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