Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 665

Tianshan is one of the seven major mountain systems in the world. It is located in the hinterland of Eurasia, straddling four countries including China from east to west. It is the world’s largest independent zonal mountain system, the world’s farthest mountain system from the ocean and the largest mountain system in arid regions in the world.
In China, the Tianshan Mountains are called Snow Mountains, which are covered with snow all year round. They are also called sacred mountains by many local people. There are many mythological stories, such as the Ancestral Temple of the West Queen Mother.
In addition, Tianshan has been well-known in Chinese martial arts circles since ancient times.
All this is due to the existence of the Tianshan Sword Sect.
The Tianshan Sword Sect has always been one of the powerful forces in the Chinese martial arts circle. It is just because it is far away from the Central Plains that it rarely participates in the martial arts battle, and is less popular. However, there has also been a “seven swords under Tianshan” that shocked the Chinese martial arts circle.
Since entering modern society, the Tianshan Sword Sect has disappeared, except for the older martial arts masters, few people know their existence.
At very early in the morning, the red sun rises, and the morning glow runs across the eastern and western horizons, and the morning glow pours on the continuous snow-capped mountains, just like putting a layer of golden gauze on the white snow-capped mountains, beautifully.
On the halfway of a snow-capped mountain, some wooden houses were built there in a patchwork pattern, hidden in the mountains and forests, almost obscured by the luxuriant branches.
This is the seat of the Tianshan Sword Sect, which has existed for thousands of years, just like a paradise, uncontested.
On a hill ten kilometers away from the Sect of the Tianshan Sword School, a man with long hair and a white robe sat cross-legged on a rock, his eyes closed, breathing against the morning glow, his chest sucking like a toad. The air is average, sometimes bulging, sometimes dry, quite strange.
A black sword was placed beside him, the scabbard was black all over, and a bird was carved on the hilt, which looked like a eagle, but it was actually a legendary phoenix.
The Phoenix Sword, the sword of the Tianshan Sword School.
Thousands of years ago, this sword did not have this name. It was broken once, recast and repaired and renamed the Phoenix Sword, which means the rebirth of the Phoenix Nirvana.
At this moment, this handed down sword is placed next to the youth, which is enough to prove the youth’s identity and status in the Tianshan Sword Sect.
His surname is Tian and Ying, and he is the contemporary heir of the Tianshan Sword School.
“Wow…Wow…” Just as Tianying closed his eyes and breathed out, there was a slight noise around him, like the sound of a beast walking.
However, Tianying didn’t seem to hear it at all, as if an old monk entered concentration, motionless.
Gradually, the voice became louder, and dozens of wolves appeared from all directions, approaching Tianying in an enveloping manner.
Wolves are cruel, social animals, and occupy an extremely important role in the biological chain of nature, almost all over the world.
Generally speaking, the danger a wolf brings to other animals is not great, even humans are not afraid of it, but if you encounter wolves, even the king of the forest, the tiger, has to shrink back!
At this moment, dozens of wolves rushed to Tianying from all directions, with bloodthirsty rays in their eyes.
“Wow~” Suddenly a wolf roar sounded, and the head wolf roared and issued an attack order.
Hh hhhh…
Following the order of the first wolf, dozens of wolves rushed towards Skyhawk like a tide and launched an attack.
Huh! At this moment… Tianying opened his eyes suddenly, and his eyes exploded, and a cold killing intent emerged from his body, filling his surroundings with his body as the center.
He heard the running sound of the pack of wolves, and saw bloodthirsty wolves.
Under Chen Hui, he picked up the sword, but did not draw it, just stood up slowly.
As he got up, the killing intent emanating from his body instantly burst, and the whole person was like a born peerless sword, extremely sharp.
In the next moment, almost all the wolves that were approaching Skyhawk were shocked by the horrific killing intent that Skyhawk suddenly burst out.
They stopped at the same time, their claws gripped the ground, and looked at the sky eagle warily.
They have been preying all the year round, and felt extremely dangerous aura on Skyhawk, making them very uneasy, even if the wolf had already issued an attack order, they did not dare to attack rashly.
Then, under the gaze of the pack of wolves, Tianying carried the sword and walked down the mountain. The casual posture seemed not to be besieged by the pack, but to appreciate the scenery on the mountain.
“Wow!” Seeing this scene, the pack of wolves roared uncomfortably. Instead of daring to approach the besieging Skyhawk, they retreated uncontrollably.
“Aw!!” Suddenly, the wolf let out a rapid roar, dozens of wolves turned and ran wildly, quickly moving away from Tianying.
One person, one sword.
Before he drew his sword, he scared away the wolves. This is the daily life of Tianying, the contemporary descendant of the Tianshan Sword Sect.
An hour later, Tianying returned to the Tianshan Sword Sect and was called to his room by the head of the Tianshan Sword Sect.
“Xiaotian, clean up and leave for Yanjing with your brother tomorrow.” The head of the Tianshan Sword School said straightforwardly.
“Head, are we going to be born?” Tianying heard this, his eyes lit up, and he had been waiting for this day for a long time.
“Well, the global martial arts competition is about to begin. In this competition, all forces have sent the strongest heirs to participate. This is the best time for our Tianshan Sword to be dispatched.” The head of the Tianshan Sword School nodded.
“Please rest assured, I will live up to expectations and let the Tianshan Sword Sect become famous in the global martial arts world!” Tianying said confidently.
“Yeah.” The head of the Tianshan Sword Sect nodded slightly, then waved his hand to let Tianying leave.
He didn’t tell Tianying, nor did he tell Tianying that the descendants of the Jing family were killed. These things seemed to him unnecessary!
He has absolute confidence in Tianying!
… at the same time. Wuyi Mountain in the southeast, Ji family ancestral land
The head of the Ji family also called the contemporary heir Ji Yun to his room.
“You prepare, and you will leave for Yanjing with your father tomorrow.” The Patriarch Ji made the same arrangement.
“Grandpa, did you let me go to Yanjing to compete for a place in the global martial arts competition?”
Unlike Tianying, although Ji Yun was never born, because the Ji family has an industry in the secular world, he has his own information that can be clearly understood through the dynamics of the Chinese and global martial arts circles through family information.
“Yeah.” Patriarch Ji nodded.
“Oh… It’s a pity that the descendant of the Jing family is dead. I still think about the first one to take the descendant of the Jing family after being born.” Ji Yun said with some regret.
As a family of martial arts in the Chinese martial arts circle, the Ji family and the Jing family have always been in a competitive relationship. They have fought the enemy twice in history, each with a victory or defeat. The hatred has accumulated for thousands of years, and once they are born, they will face each other.
“Hey, this can only prove that there is no successor to the Jing family!” The Patriarch of the Ji family sneered, and he was very happy that the descendants of the Jing family were killed by Chen Feng.
“Grandpa is right. The descendants of the Jing family’s generation are simply a waste. It is the shame of the Jing family to be killed by an unknown warrior!”
Ji Yun said sarcastically that although he had learned about Chen Feng’s existence through family information and had some knowledge of Chen Feng’s deeds, he did not put Chen Feng in his eyes, “Although I can’t kill the Ji family heirs personally, But as long as I defeat or even kill the guy named Chen Feng casually, it is equivalent to indirectly proving that the waste of the Jing family is very weak!”

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