Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 666

“Ok.” The Patriarch of the Ji family nodded, and then reminded: “However, you can’t be too underestimated. The young man named Chen Feng is capable of killing the descendants of the Jing family.”
“In addition, this time, besides you, the descendants of Tianshan Sword Sect, Western Region Buddha Sect, and Wang Yidao should all be born to compete for the place in the global martial arts competition.”
“Grandpa rest assured, I will definitely win the place in the Global Martial Arts Competition!” Ji Yun sneered, and his smile was full of confidence. “Besides, I will let Ji Jia Wuxue shine in the Global Martial Arts Competition! ”
… Nansa is one of the Buddhist holy places in China and even the world. There is the world-famous Potala Palace.
Nansa Buddhism is the Tibetan Buddhism and is known as the Northern Buddhism. It is called the three major systems of Buddhism along with the Han Buddhism and Southern Buddhism. It belongs to the Mahayana Buddhism, with Tantric inheritance as its main feature.
At noon, on an unknown mountain a hundred kilometers away from Nansa, a young man with a shaved head and a black robes, with the sun on his head, found a pile of dry wood and prepared to set fire.
An hour ago, he held a stone in his hand, shot five birds with a finger shot, then depilated and cleaned the skin, preparing for a barbecue meal.
“Three precepts, you broke the precepts again.”
A moment later, when the young man was lighting a fire and was about to roast the bird, a middle-aged monk wearing a robed robe came over with a dark face, “You not only kill wanton, but you also break your flesh ring.”
“Great monk, you are here again. I have said it many times. If you don’t understand me, you will drive me out of Buddhism now. I happen to drink spicy food and taste the taste of women by the way.” In the words of the middle-aged monk, when he saw the middle-aged monk coming, the young man curled his lips, then put a few well-dressed birds on the fire, “I tell you, I was kidnapped by you to enter the Buddha School. The intestines are all regretful, and the typical time I enter Buddhism is as deep as the sea, I now think about getting out of the sea of suffering as soon as possible.”
“” The middle-aged monk’s face turned darker, the muscles in the corners of his eyes throbbed wildly, and the corners of his mouth twitched. It felt like he wanted to slap the young man to death.
In fact, in the past few years, he has thought of expelling the youth from Buddhism countless times, and has also thought of slapping the youth to death countless times, but in the end he resisted it.
Because the young man is the Sovereign of the Western Regions Buddhism, the successor personally designated by the Buddhist master who is called the sage master, in the words of the sage master, the youth cannot be talented in martial arts, and have the roots of wisdom.
Regarding the young martial arts talents, the middle-aged monk has nothing to say that young people have a very strong understanding of martial arts, and they have entered the early stage of Huajin in their early twenties.
Moreover, the youth did not work hard in martial arts.
Yes, this guy belongs to three days of fishing and two days of martial arts. It depends entirely on his mood. In his words, since he is a descendant of Buddhism, he must practice martial arts from the Buddhism!
If not, with the talent of youth, if you work hard, you can now at least step into the middle of Huajin, sweeping the warriors of the same generation without suspense!
As for the youth with wisdom root…
He couldn’t imagine how could a guy who never recite the scriptures, or even read the scriptures, get involved with Hui Gen?
What’s more, young people have repeatedly broken the precepts of killing, meat and alcohol since childhood?
If it weren’t for the desolate place, and even a hen would not be seen within a hundred miles, he would suspect that the youth club had broken the lust, the guy just said he wanted to taste a woman!
Regarding the various evils of the youth, the middle-aged monk went to the Western Region Buddhist Sage Master to respond more than once, but to no avail.
In the words of the holy master, the Buddha is not on the outside, but in the heart.
The middle-aged monk did not understand and was unable to refute it, so he had to press this question in his heart, and finally gave the youth a three-precept slogan, hoping that the youth can correct evil and return to the right and truly convert to Buddhism.
But now it seems that young people are not only unable to do the three precepts, but also seem to break the fourth precept!
“Bang” The middle-aged monk, who was anxious and depraved, suddenly appeared in front of the young man without a second word.
“Great monk, you are deceiving too much!” The young man with the title of Three Precepts was very upset. The middle-aged monk just stared at the young man with a black face, considering whether to teach the young man or not.
“Hmph, you wait, wait for me to break through the mid-term, we will calculate the old and new accounts together. If you don’t fight, you will cry, count me as losing!”
The young man saw that the middle-aged monk was about to do something, but he was not afraid. He had been beaten many times anyway, and he had already beaten his skin.
“I look forward to that day, but can you make a breakthrough?” the middle-aged monk said disdainfully.
“Great monk, you don’t have to urge me, the time should come back, the question of time.” San Jie curled his lips, showing your arrogant attitude of being careful not to hide it from me.
“You think you are very good, but you are still complacent with your insignificant martial arts attainments. This time, it will open your eyes and let you know that there is a sky outside the world and there are people outside the world!” the middle-aged monk exasperated.
“Great monk, you don’t want me to compete with the descendant of the Buddhist sect in India again? Don’t go, don’t go to death, practice martial arts, fight hairy fights!” Let Sanjie be outraged, contact the descendants of Buddhism in India, and let the two compete. But not long after the competition started, Sanjie was very unscrupulous and surrendered, making the people of the Western Regions very shameless.
“The Saint Master asked me to take you to Yanjing to participate in the global martial arts competition qualification competition.” The middle-aged monk said in a deep voice, “In addition to you, the descendants of the Tianshan Sword Sect, the Ji Family, and the King of Swordsman will also participate. .”
“Go to Yenching? Okay, okay, when shall we leave? Shall we leave now?” San Jie was overjoyed with his eyes shining, and said nothing about the martial arts competition.
What does that have to do with him?
He only cares about going to Yanjing!
Because he wanted to go to the Huahua World for a long time, but he has been trapped in this place where birds do not shit, and he has no freedom at all.
“” The middle-aged monk was directly speechless, and his face was full of expressions of hatred for iron and steel.
Because, he also knows that Sanjie is not interested in the number of entries in the global martial arts competition, just want to experience the world of flowers!
… at the same time.
In a virgin forest in the southwest.
As a white light flashed, the head of a black bear was split in two with a knife, and blood spurted out like a rain of blood.
A naked young man was bathed in a rain of blood, his whole body was stained red by the blood of a black bear, but the treasured knife in his hand was shiny white, without a trace of blood.
Killing is not bloody.
The treasured sword in his hand is called Xuanyuandao, which is a treasure handed down by the ancestors of the Wang family!
His name is Chu He, he is a carefully selected descendant of Wang Yidao, the descendant of the previous generation of the Wang family!

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