Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 668

“That’s it.”
Chen Feng was thoughtful, and the mysterious breathing method Xiao Guozhong taught him not only allowed him to practice martial arts with half the results, but also allowed him to use martial arts moves with great power when facing the enemy.
He has always had some doubts about this. After listening to Ye Nantian’s words today, he realized that the inner strength mental method is the cornerstone of the warrior, just like the foundation of the building, which is extremely important to the warrior!
“Xiaofeng, I just said that those are not denying your accomplishments on the road of martial arts. Your martial arts talent is very strong, and it can even be said to be the strongest among people I have ever seen.”
Seeing Chen Feng sinking into thought, for fear of hitting Chen Feng, he added: “Those descendants of martial arts families and forces can break through before the age of 30, but they are absolutely impossible to create martial arts like you. As far as I know, since ancient times, no one can create martial arts before the age of 30 and start a school! What’s more, the Dragon Slashing Sword you created is extremely powerful, suitable for display, and terrifying destruction.”
“In spite of this, the descendants of those martial arts families and forces have devoted themselves to martial arts training from childhood to college, and even put all their energy on martial arts training. This is beyond my comparison.”
Facing Ye Nantian’s praise, Chen Feng appeared very humble and found out his shortcomings.
“Well, this is one of your disadvantages. In other words, if you practice martial arts wholeheartedly since childhood, your achievements in martial arts will be limitless.”
Ye Nantian looked pleased, then changed the conversation, and pointed out another shortcoming of Chen Feng, “However, apart from the short amount of time you practice martial arts, you still have one shortcoming.
“Brother, please tell me.” Chen Feng asked humbly.
“In addition to the Dragon Slashing Sword you created, you can also have many kinds of martial arts, but the martial arts you learn are mixed and not perfect.”
Ye Nantian said earnestly: “The Dragon Slashing Sword is your own martial arts, and it is also the most suitable martial arts for you, but you can’t use it every time you fight, otherwise it will be thoroughly studied after a long time, and its power will be greatly reduced. This means that in addition to the Dragon Sword Technique, you also need to be proficient in other martial arts and use other martial arts to fight the enemy.”
“For the general martial artist, and even the geniuses of your generation, you can be considered proficient in all kinds of martial arts that you have learned, but for the real martial arts master and the head of the school, you are still far from proficient. To the point.”
Ye Nantian patiently explained it, and then gave out his own suggestions: “I suggest that you choose two or three broad and profound martial arts in addition to perfecting the dragon sword you created on the road to martial arts in the future. Practice, strive for proficiency and even thoroughly understand, instead of being so many and not so good now.”
“Brother, I know.”
Chen Feng nodded, awakening like a dream.
A word to wake up the dreamer.
Although he killed Jingteng in the battle of life and death a few days ago, when he reflected on it, he found that when Jingteng used Jingjia’s unique skills, especially after using Yin and Yang to kill, he used the Dragon Slashing Sword to deal with it. No other martial arts can match.
In other words, if he didn’t have his own Dragon Slashing Sword, he would be killed that day, not Jingteng!
This sounded the alarm for him!
As Ye Nantian said, the opponents he encountered before were not strong, and he could deal with all kinds of martial arts freely, but when encountering the descendants of the martial arts family and the top experts, those martial arts would not be useful. .
And the reason is not that those martial arts are not strong enough, but that he hasn’t thoroughly grasped it, unable to exert the strongest power of those martial arts!
“Om~” Then, just as Chen Feng was meditating, the phone vibrated.
The sudden vibration of the phone made Chen Feng recover from his thoughts. He picked up the phone on the stone table next to him and took a look, and found that it was Guan Nantian’s call. He immediately connected: “Hello, control the leader.”
“Xiaofeng, are you still in Yanjing?” Guan Nantian asked straightforwardly.
“Lord Guan, I am here with my brother.” Chen Feng replied truthfully.
“That’s good.”
Guan Nantian was relieved when he heard this, and then said: “As I guessed before, the descendants of the Tianshan Sword Sect, the Western Regions Buddha Sect, the Ji Family, and Wang Yidao will all participate in the global martial arts competition. Just now, Wu Zhizhou called me and told me that the four people will arrive in Yanjing today and tomorrow. Let me inform you that they will arrive at Yanjing Wumeng and will select one of you to represent the Chinese martial arts community to participate in the global martial arts. Study contest.”
“How to choose? Will you try?”
Hearing this news, Chen Feng was not surprised, but asked calmly.
“Wu Zhizhou didn’t tell me exactly how to select it. I won’t know until the Wumeng. So, you come to me today and I will take you to the Wumeng.” Guan Nantian said.
“Okay, take care of the leader.”
Chen Feng agreed, and then put the phone away after Guan Nantian hung up.
“Xiaofeng, if you meet Wang Yidao’s heir, you must be careful and don’t be merciful.” Ye Nantian reminded when Chen Feng put away his phone.
Although he has become a useless person, his hearing is far beyond ordinary people. Just now, he clearly heard the conversation between Chen Feng and Guan Nantian.
“Why?” Chen Feng was a little confused.
“Back then, I challenged the descendants of the five major forces. I only won Wang with a single shot and lost all the other four battles. But after I defeated Wang with a single shot, Wang was unwilling to lose and chose to sneak attack, and I scrapped one arm.”
Ye Nantian slowly explained: “The Wang Family’s swordsmanship is fierce, domineering, bloodthirsty and easy to kill. Most people who practice will become narrow-minded, and the flaws must be reported. If there is no accident, he will definitely let his apprentice use Shame on this opportunity!”
“If that Wang Yidao’s apprentice wants to die, I don’t mind fulfilling his wish!”
Chen Feng’s pupils contracted slightly, and the murderous intent was intense in his eyes.
For the sake of the Chinese martial arts world, his old age was miserable. If someone wants to sprinkle salt on his wound, he doesn’t mind letting the other person know how many eyes Wangye Ma has!
“I go with you.”
Ye Nantian nodded and decided to go to the Wumeng with Chen Feng.
The battle for the strongest young generation in the Chinese martial arts community has begun!
Early the next morning, Guan Nantian arrived at Ye Nantian’s residence.
As the deputy leader of the Wu League, Guan Nantian is no stranger to Ye Nantian, but has witnessed the rise and fall of Ye Nantian.
After Ye Nantian was besieged and disabled by a strong man on the list, Guan Nantian visited Ye Nantian for the first time, and then visited him many times, for fear that Ye Nantian would be devastated and found that he was too worried. Because Ye Nantian was much stronger than he thought. Not only did he cheer up quickly, but he also continued to use his residual heat in the military and martial arts circles!
“Leader Guan, are they all here?” In the courtyard of the second-story building, Chen Feng pushed Ye Nantian’s wheelchair and walked out with Guan Nantian.
They are going to the Wumeng together.

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