Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 669

“We should have arrived in Yanjing yesterday. If we arrive at Wumeng, we will be late. In other words, we will arrive first.” Guan Nantian said. Wumeng’s headquarters is also in Xishan, not far from Ye Nantian’s residence. If you go by car, you can get there in half an hour.
Guan Nantian came by special car. After Chen Feng and the three of them went out, they boarded the car one after another, and then went to the Wumeng headquarters together.
The headquarters of Wumeng is located in a small garden in Xishan, which used to be the office of an organization. Later, the organization moved out of Xishan and moved into the red-walled high-rise building. The garden became free and opened to the public.
Today, although the garden is the headquarters of the Wumeng League, it has no sign and is still open to the outside world, more like a park.
However, due to the remoteness of this place, there are almost no residential areas around it. Even if the garden is open to the outside world, it is difficult to see people. Only some people who work nearby come here to walk and visit occasionally. Chen Feng and several people drove directly into the garden, and then drove along the path of the garden until they stopped in front of an ancient building.
Wu Zhizhou, the head of the law enforcement department of the Wumeng League, stood in front of the ancient building and waited for the arrival of the three of Chen Feng. After the car drove into the garden, Guan Nantian notified Wu Zhizhou by text message.
When the car stopped, Wu Zhizhou did not put on airs, but took the initiative to meet him.
Chen Feng first went to the trunk of the car to take out Ye Nantian’s wheelchair, and then helped Ye Nantian get out of the car.
Ye Nantian was besieged by the strong of the gods, and finally his ankles and knees shattered. In desperation, he could only amputate his limbs. Now both legs are prosthetic limbs. If there is no crutches, he can only rely on human support.
Ok? Seeing Ye Nantian stepping out of the car, Wu Zhizhou paused, his eyes condensed, and his face showed unconcealed surprise.
He did not expect that Ye Nantian would come today.
Because today not only the descendants of the Western Region Buddha Sect, the Tianshan Sword Sect, the Ji Family, and the Wang Yidao are coming, but it is very likely that the leaders who fought against Ye Nantian back then are also the descendants of the previous generation of the Quartet forces.
In this way, Ye Nantian, who is now degenerated, needs a lot of courage to meet his old ancestors, and he even needs to look down and put down a lot of things.
“Leader Guan, Senior Ye, Chen Feng, welcome to Wumeng.” After a brief wandering, Wu Zhizhou quickly greeted him and greeted Guan Nantian, Ye Nantian and Chen Feng successively.
Among them, when Wu Zhizhou greeted Ye Nantian, his face was full of respect.
That’s right…
Even if Ye Nantian is now a waste, he has full respect for Ye Nantian! Because, he knows very well that the man who suppressed his obscurity back then, if it weren’t for defending his family and the country, would not be able to compare his achievements in martial arts, but would make him daunting.
In addition, if he were to be replaced by Ye Nantian, and now he would become a waste, he would definitely not have Ye Nantian’s current mentality!
“Hello, Elder Wu.”
Chen Feng and the three responded successively. Among them, Chen Feng and Guan Nantian called Wu Zhizhou’s position, while Ye Nantian smiled faintly, as if meeting with an old friend was as casual.
“Yeah, it’s been in the blink of an eye for many years.” Wu Zhizhou sighed and looked at Ye Nantian sitting in a wheelchair. His heart was sighed, he had a lot to say, but he didn’t know where to start.
“Elder Wu, what are the rules for choosing to participate in the global martial arts competition this time?” Guan Nantian saw this, not wanting Wu Zhizhou and Ye Nantian to mention the unhappy things, so he asked about the business today.
Hearing this, Wu Zhizhou was about to speak, but when he saw a car approaching here, he swallowed back what he had said, and cast his eyes on the car.
In addition, Guan Nantian, Ye Nantian and Chen Feng also looked over.
Then, under the gaze of the four of Chen Feng, the car drove up quickly and then stopped behind Guan Nantian’s special car.
With just a glance, Chen Feng saw that the license plate of the car was somewhat similar to that of Guan Nantian Special Vehicle, and instantly judged that the vehicle belonged to the Huaxia official.
“Great monk, didn’t you just say it? Let’s walk around the imperial city first, why did you bring me here? What about the Forbidden City? What about the Great Wall? You can’t be so shameless!” At this moment, San Jie took the lead to get out of the car, completely ignoring Chen Feng and the four of them. Instead, he looked at the gardens that didn’t look like a palace at all, like a grieving woman, chattering about him, completely inconsistent with his dress and image, or even subverted. .
Because today, he took off the black robes specially in accordance with the requirements of the middle-aged monk. He wore a red-yellow robes with beads hanging on his chest. He looked from a distance as a monk.
“Three Precepts!” Hearing the spit of the youth of the Three Precepts, the middle-aged monk was so angry that he was so black that he drank, trying to stop the other party from continuing to talk nonsense.
“What the hell are you yelling at? Well, they are all martial artists. Did you take me directly to the place of martial arts? Great monk, I tell you, the Buddha is still three-pointed angry, you are deceiving too much! What bullshit global Competition for places in the Martial Arts Contest, I won’t play anymore. If you want to go, go by yourself!”
The resentment in San Jie’s heart is very deep, so how can you care about the middle-aged monk’s anger?
He glanced at the four of Chen Feng and found out that they were martial artists. He moved in his heart and understood something. He was immediately even more angry than the middle-aged monk, so he just quit, turned around and left.
“” Seeing this scene, whether it was Wu Zhizhou, Guan Nantian and Ye Nantian, or Chen Feng, they were all startled, and they all felt that this young monk was a strange thing.
The words of the three precepts sounded in his ears, watching the changes in Chen Feng’s four expressions. The middle-aged monk felt distressed, liver pain, egg pain, and the corners of his mouth twitched. He resisted the urge to slap the young man to death, his body flashed, and he stopped instantly. Three precepts.
Sanjie blows his nose and stares, and there is a tendency to do nothing.
“Sanjie, as long as you participate in this selection, I will let you play in Yanjing City for three days when the selection is over.”
Seeing Sanjie’s stubborn temper came up, the middle-aged monk did not get angry, but lowered his voice to compromise with Sanjie.
“Speaking this time?”
Sanjie looked at the middle-aged monk suspiciously.
“Absolutely count, I promise the Buddha.” The middle-aged monk said, and added: “However, you have to promise me that you will go all out for this selection!”
“Okay, deal!” Sanjie nodded in agreement. The middle-aged monk breathed a sigh of relief, and then took the three precepts to Chen Feng and the four.
“Lord Guan, Elder Wu, Senior Ye, long time no see, Amitabha!” The middle-aged monk took the lead to speak, not giving Guan Nantian, Wu Zhizhou and Ye Nantian a chance to ask questions. At the same time, he smiled slightly at Chen Feng. Impeccable.

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