Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 670

“Master Fangzheng is good.” Guan Nantian and Wu Zhizhou responded unanimously. Ye Nantian squinted his eyes, staring straight at Sanjie, and couldn’t help but sigh: “Fangzheng, you have found a good heir.”
“Senior Ye, we haven’t seen each other for so many years. It would hurt me if you can’t meet.” Master Fang Zheng looked depressed. He thought that Ye Nantian was talking about what was just now, but he didn’t know that Ye Nantian saw that Sanjie martial arts talent was wonderful.
“Great monk, don’t you think Senior Ye Nantian is hurting me? Even you can be my senior?”
Sanjie curled his lips in disdain, and then took the initiative to say hello to a few people, “The little monk has seen Meng Leng Guan, Minister Wu and Senior Ye.”
When the words fell, San Jie cast his gaze on Chen Feng standing behind Ye Nantian, as if he had discovered the new world: “Brother, you are the legendary Chen Feng who killed Jingteng, right? It’s a well-deserved reputation. I’m glad to meet you. Brother, I called the Three Precepts. After the selection is over, take me to Yanjinglang!” Although the three precepts said something that made the middle-aged monk vomit blood, he joined Chen Feng. This is Buddhist etiquette.
“Hello, Brother Sanjie.” Chen Feng smiled and clasped his fists, only thinking that the young monk in front of him was very interesting.
At the same time, his peripheral vision clearly saw that two men in robes were rushing towards this side, very fast.
And Guan Nantian, Wu Zhizhou, Ye Nantian, and even Fang Zheng, San Jie also turned their attention to the visitors.
Soon, under the gaze of everyone, the incoming person slowed down, and then stepped towards the crowd. Both of them wore long robes, among them a middle-aged man in a gray robe, and a young man in a white robe.
“I heard that Buddhism in the Western Regions cultivated a weird heir. I saw it today, and it was not true!” Walking and walking, the white robe youth swept across everyone, and finally stayed on Sanjie.
“Who are you?” Although San Jie likes to drink and eat meat, and does not like to fight and kill, but being so humiliated by others, somewhat annoyed, he frowned and asked. however
The white-robed youth completely ignored the Three Precepts. Instead, staring at Chen Feng coldly, he said word by word: “Our Ji family and Jing family are feuds. That Jing Teng was originally my destined ghost, but was robbed by you. First, we have to make a good calculation of this account!”
“What are you going to count?”
Chen Feng raised his brows. He judged the identity of the white-robed youth based on the words of the white-robed youth. He only felt that this fellow was too arrogant. Not only did he not be polite, but he was provocative when meeting.
“The selection will start later, I’ll take you home first!” Ji Yun stopped, raised his head, and looked at Chen Feng with a downward look. It felt like Chen Feng was a fly that could be slapped to death.
“Yun’er, don’t be rude.”
This time, before Chen Feng could speak, the middle-aged man beside Ji Yun spoke.
He is Ji Yun’s father Ji Wuchang, the descendant of the Ji family, who defeated Ye Nantian.
Know the son Mo Ruo father.
As Ji Yun’s father, he knew very well the nature of his son.
Ji Yun was talented in martial arts. He was trained as a successor by the Ji family from an early age, and he was also strong enough to make great achievements in martial arts.
All of this led Ji Yun to develop an arrogant temperament, except for the family elders, almost no outsiders were in the eyes.
But at this moment, Ji Yun just appeared, and directly offended the three precepts and Chen Feng, the descendants of the Western Regions Buddhism in front of everyone. This is definitely not a good thing for Ji Yun.
After all, until now, the Wumeng has not announced the selection rules. If the four candidates competed separately, it would be very stupid for Ji Yun to pull hatred at this moment!
Even if Ji Yun can defeat Sanjie and Chen Feng, he still has to peel off his skin. How can he compete with others? How to shine in the global martial arts competition? In addition to this concern, Ji Wuchang himself still admires Ye Nantian.
That year, Ye Nantian fought with him, but he was only defeated, and finally ended in tragedy, which made him feel a little regretful. He didn’t want to make the face of this twilight hero ugly.
Ji Wuchang’s words sounded in his ears, Ji Yun had no choice but to constrain his posture, and said no more, but his gaze towards Chen Feng was full of disdain.
“Ji Yun, although I don’t like fighting very much, it’s not right for you to provoke me so much. I tell you, Xiao Ji Yun, I will fight you crying when I look back!”
At the same time, Sanjie was unhappy. He was a cynical temper and had no interest in martial arts disputes, but he was a very strong person in his bones. He was stubborn and couldn’t bring back ten yaks.
“You…” Ji Yun had already converged, and was a little annoyed when he heard the words of Sanjie.
“Three Precepts, shut up!”
This time, without waiting for Ji Yun to get angry, Ji Wuchang and Master Fang Zheng both spoke to stop him. Obviously, they all know that, on today’s occasion, it doesn’t make any sense to let the juniors take advantage of their tongues. On the contrary, they will lose the face of their teachers.
“Guan Leng, Elder Wu, Ye Nantian, Master Fang Zheng, I usually neglect to discipline the evil son, and I still look at Haihan for the offense.”
Ji Wuchang brought Ji Yun forward, handed over his hands to apologize to Guan Nantian and the others, and then glared at Ji Yun, “Why don’t you say hello to the masters?”
“Hello, Lord Guan, Elder Wu, Master Fang Zheng.”
Ji Yun bowed his greetings, but did not mention Ye Nantian. Because, in his eyes, Ye Nantian has now become a waste person, not worthy of the title of master, and it is not worth his bow to say hello.
“This is Master Ye.”
Ji Wuchang secretly scolded Ji Yun for not being sensible, but did not force Ji Yun to continue to say hello to Ye Nantian, which would make Ye Nantian more embarrassed, so he had to take the initiative to introduce him, showing that Ji Yun didn’t know Ye Nantian.
When Ji Ba heard the words, he held his fist symbolically as a greeting.
In response, Ye Nantian’s expression was as calm as water, while Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly.
He can allow Ji Yun to be rude to himself, but he absolutely does not allow Ji Yun to be disrespectful to his brother!
After he came here, he saw sympathy and regret for Ye Nantian in the eyes of everyone.
All of this seems to be blaspheming the hero’s glory, making him very uncomfortable, as if there is something blocked in his heart!
At this moment, Ji Yun was disrespectful to Ye Nantian, which made him very annoyed. At the same time, he secretly decided that if he could meet Ji Yun in the trials, he must teach Ji Yun a lesson!
Just as Chen Feng secretly made a decision, two cars drove towards this place one after the other.
Those two cars were the same as the cars used by Master Fozong Fangzheng and Sanjie in the Western Regions, and both had the license plates of the China War League.
Although the Wu League is responsible for the organization and implementation of the global martial arts competition quota selection, the China War League cooperates, including the accommodation of participants.

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