Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 671

After the first car arrived, two men wearing swords took the lead to walk down. Among them, the young man was in white robe like Ji Yun, but his body was slender, and his temperament crushed Ji Yun.
He is no one else, but Tianying, the descendant of the Tianshan Sword Sect!
Along with Tianying was Cangbo, the descendant of the Tianshan Sword Sect.
Seeing that Tianying was wearing a white robe like himself, and his temperament was far better than that of himself, Ji Yun was jealous, and looking at Tianying was very unkind.
Tianying noticed Ji Yun’s uncomfortable gaze, but smiled slightly, and then followed Cang Bo to say hello to Guan Nantian, Wu Zhizhou and Ye Nantian.
Throughout the process, Tianying not only carried a smile, but also respected all the elders, giving people a feeling of being bathed in spring breeze, which made people feel good.
A swordsman in white, a gentleman.
This is a true portrayal of him.
“This person is very strong!”
Seeing Tianying’s series of actions, Chen Feng couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.
He has always felt that the real strength of a person lies in his inner strength and strong willpower, not the strength that is whitewashed by foreign objects.
Because the whitewashed by foreign objects is powerful and vain, and often vulnerable to real setbacks.
Judging from Tianying’s performance just now, his state of mind has reached a high level, far from Ji Yun’s kind of arrogant genius who relies on powerful force value, and it is more dangerous than the cynical Three Precepts.
“You should be Master Ye’s junior brother Chen Feng?” Tianying walked straight up and asked with a smile, seeming to notice Chen Feng’s gaze.
“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.
“I am Tianying, from the Tianshan Sword Sect.” Tianying said with a smile on his face, “Before, I had been practicing martial arts in retreat. After I left Tianshan, I heard about your deeds everywhere, and then I knew that our Huaxia martial arts world came out. A character like you is really a blessing to the Chinese martial arts world. I am glad to meet you.”
When the voice fell, Tianying took the initiative to stretch out his hand.
“The Tianying brothers are absurd.” Chen Feng shook hands with Tianying, acting very humble.
Afterwards, the two let go of their hands and unanimously cast their eyes on the last car.
When the car stopped, Wang Yidao led Chu He out of the car.
Under Chenhui, Chu He was wearing a blood-red robe, carrying the murderous Xuanyuan treasure knife, coupled with the killing intent accumulated by countless blood on his body, the whole person was like a killing god, giving people an extremely dangerous feel.
Unlike Tianying, after Chu He got off the car, he did not say hello to Guan Nantian and the others, and he did not even glance at the elders. Instead, he locked on Chen Feng with bloodthirsty eyes. It felt like Chen Feng was his prey, no matter how he fled to the end of the world. Can’t escape his hunt.
Feeling the crazy killing intent in Chu He’s eyes, Chen Feng’s expression was like an ancient well, calm, but his slightly squinted eyes represented his true inner thoughts. Chu He wanted to die, he would definitely satisfy the other’s wishes!
“What qualifications does this waste have to compete with us for the global martial arts competition? Can he pick me up three times?” In the next second, when everyone’s eyes were attracted by the two masters and apprentices of Wang Yidao and Chu He, Chu He spoke, looking at Chen Feng as if looking at a dead person.
The enemy met, extremely jealous. As soon as Chu Gang appeared, he attacked Chen Feng and wanted to put Chen Feng to death!
If Ji Yun was just arrogant and domineering, then Chu He could be described as unparalleled.
After he got out of the car, he ignored everyone and directly attacked Chen Feng, trying to smash Chen Feng against him, and then beheaded Chen Feng in one fell swoop before the selection of places in the global martial arts competition, which was a shame to his master Wang The purpose of deterring other people can be described as vicious. “Chu He, first come, first served, don’t pretend I have booked to send him home in advance!” As Chu He’s voice fell, before Chen Feng could respond, Ji Yun couldn’t help but speak first. Filled with dissatisfaction, it felt like Chu He was about to snatch away his prey.
“I have no hatred with him. I have booked his head. Whoever robs me is immortal with me!” Hearing this, Chu He glared at Ji Yun with a murderous look.
“” Looking at Ji Yun’s bloodthirsty appearance, feeling the strong killing intent on Ji Yun’s body, Ji Yun’s throat squirmed, and finally didn’t say anything.
Although he had confidence in his own strength, he was unwilling to pretend to be immortal with Chu He.
At the same time, Guan Nantian, Wu Zhizhou, Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, and Ji Wuchang all frowned and looked at Ji Yun. They didn’t like Chu He’s style. Among them, Wu Zhizhou took a step forward and prepared to say something.
However, before Wu Zhizhou could speak, someone spoke first.
Chen Feng.
“Since you are in a hurry to reincarnate, I will send you on the road now!”
Under Chen Hui, Chen Feng let go of Ye Nantian’s wheelchair, took two steps forward, squinted at Chu He, full of murderous intent.
Putting aside the grievances between the two sides, Chu He clamored to kill Chen Feng as soon as he appeared, which made Chen Feng completely angry!
At this moment, he moved murderously, ready to explode Chu He in public!
“you wanna die!”
Chen Feng’s powerful words sounded in his ears, and Chu He shouted violently before taking a sudden step, preparing to draw his sword and start his hand.
At this moment, Wu Zhizhou suddenly yelled, like thunder and explosion, shocking everyone present, “What do you think of this place? How can the headquarters of Wumeng be wild for you?”
When the words fell, Wu Zhizhou’s eyes swept towards Chen Feng and Ji Yun like a knife, and finally fell on Chu He.
Chen Feng silently retreated behind Ye Nantian, Ji Yun clamped his mouth with interest, and did not dare to say anything, while Chu He stared at Wu Zhizhou recklessly.
“Wang Yidao, how do you teach your disciples? Your disciples dare to question the candidacy set by the Wumeng? Is it possible that your Wang family thinks that you can disobey the management of the Wumeng, or even surpass it?”
Wu Zhizhou stared at Chu He coldly for a few seconds, until Chu He’s scalp was numb, and his heart felt hairy, then he looked away and looked at Wang.
Huh! Wu Zhizhou’s words sounded in his ears, Wang Yidao’s face changed slightly, and then he explained: “Sorry, Elder Wu, I am not strict with my disciples.”
“Xiao Chu, come back!” The words fell, and Wang waved at Chu He with a single knife, for fear that Chu He would continue to yell out and provoke the Wu League.
In that case, the Wang family is likely to be labeled as “above the Wumeng” by the Wumeng. That is definitely not a good thing for the Wang family!
“Ant, I let you jump for a while. When the selection is over, it is the beginning of my life and death battle against you. I hope you will not be a turtle with your head!” Chu He smiled coldly at Chen Feng, and then retreated. By Wang Yidao’s side, the words were filled with cold murderous intent, and it felt as if Chen Feng was going to be killed anyway today.

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