Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 672

To this, Chen Feng did not respond.
Because at this time, any response is meaningless, the only thing he needs to do is to win Chu He upright in the competition!
After Chen Feng and Chu He returned to their respective camps, Wu Zhizhou’s expression eased a lot.
He glanced at everyone in the court and slowly said, “Presumably you already know the reason why I called you here.”
“Elder Wu, we have known the reason for a long time. It is because of the global martial arts competition. Please explain the selection method as soon as possible.” Before Wu Zhizhou finished speaking, Ji Yun interrupted a little impatiently.
Wu Zhizhou was not angry about this, but Ji Wudao looked at Ji Yun dissatisfied, as if he was dissatisfied with Ji Yun’s actions.
“Don’t worry, I will tell you about the selection method of the martial arts contest soon.”
“However, before telling you the selection method, I want to explain that in this global martial arts competition, the IWUF only gave each country a place. That is to say, in the Chinese martial arts world, only one martial artist can Participating on behalf of our country.” Wu Zhizhou said unhurriedly.
“Just one quota?”
Hearing Wu Zhizhou’s words, many people in the venue frowned. It stands to reason that a martial arts power such as China should be given at least three places, and one place is too few.
Moreover, the competition for this place is also the peerless talents of the Chinese martial arts world. The strength of these peerless talents is not particularly large, so even if the final quota can be determined, it may not necessarily represent the highest martial arts level of China.
“Elder Wu, why did the WWF only give me one quota for Hua Guo this year?” Soon, Ji Wudao asked his doubts, because the IWUF would at least give it to Hua Guo three in previous global martial arts competitions. A quota, but this year’s Global Budo Contest, this quota has directly become one.
“Because of the previous global martial arts competitions, our country’s performance is too bad.” It seems that Ji Wudao would ask this question for a long time, and Wu Zhizhou said lightly.
“The performance is too bad?” Hearing Wu Zhizhou’s words, Ji Wudao couldn’t help but stunned.
“Yes, the performance is too bad.” Wu Zhizhou nodded again and said: “Our country has three consecutive global martial arts competitions and has not entered the quarter-finals. Therefore, the IWUF has reduced our China. The country’s competition quota has changed from three to one now.”
Hearing Wu Zhizhou’s words, the expressions of everyone in the venue suddenly became a little unnatural. In the previous global martial arts competitions, China’s performance was indeed poor.
The poor performance of the Chinese martial arts community is not only the face of Hua Guo, but also the face of the Wu League and their hidden martial arts forces.
“Elder Wu, since there is only one spot, then the five of us will inevitably fight for this spot with all our energies. In the process of doing our best, if there is an accident, injury, fall, and the global martial arts competition, Our injuries may affect our performance…” Tianying couldn’t help but glanced at Wu Zhizhou, and said worriedly. Five peerless talents of similar strength competed for a place in the competition. You can think of it with your toes. How tragic the process will be.
After all, the strength of the five people is similar, and no one will crush the other. In the course of the competition, once you make a full shot, you will definitely be uncontrollable. When the time comes, let alone injury, it is possible to lose your life.
After Tianying said this, everyone turned their attention to Wu Zhizhou. This is not only Tianying’s worry, but everyone else in the field is also worried about this issue.
“Please rest assured, everyone, I know what you are worried about, but the situation you are worried about will not happen.” Wu Zhizhou said in a deep voice, and then he said the selection method for the martial arts competition: “This time, I The five of you will fight against me separately. At that time, I will judge your strength based on the level of strength you have shown against me.”
“That’s OK?”
Hearing Wu Zhizhou’s words, Sanjie couldn’t help being stunned for a while, and the others looked at each other, some of which were unclear.
“Dare to ask Elder Wu, is it up to Elder Wu or the people in our court to have the final say in the judgment criteria?”
Chu He’s master Wang spoke with a stern face. He said this very vaguely, but in fact he was worried about whether Wu Zhizhou would entrain his selfish desires in the process of judging. After all, Chu He had offended Wu Zhizhou just now, if it was Wu Zhi. It is possible for the state to deliberately increase the difficulty of Chuhe during the battle against Chuhe, or to directly judge Chuhe as unqualified.
After Wang Yidao finished speaking, Ji Wudao also turned his attention to Wu Zhizhou. Wang Yidao also had this worry, because just now, Ji Yun also offended Wu Zhizhou. If Wu Zhizhou is a stingy person, He would definitely keep Ji Yun’s offense in his heart, and put Ji Yun’s small shoes on when Ji Yun was at war with him.
On the other hand, Tianying and Chen Feng, the two obviously gave Wu Zhizhou a good impression, so it is very likely that Wu Zhizhou will release water to the two when fighting against the two.
“You worry that I will deliberately increase the difficulty for your disciples?”
Facing the gazes of Shang Wang Yidao and Ji Wudao, Wu Zhizhou’s expression remained unchanged, and his tone remained calm.
The two said nothing, and did not respond to Wu Zhizhou, but their silence happened to represent their true thoughts.
The next moment, Wu Zhizhou smiled: “You think too much, this selection, I was selected for the honor of the Chinese martial arts community on behalf of the Wu League, so in the selection process, I will never entrain private goods. To ensure fairness, I will not take the initiative in this selection.”
“Won’t take the initiative?”
Hearing Wu Zhizhou’s words, everyone in the field was taken aback. They didn’t take the initiative to make any selections.
In the next second, Wu Zhizhou cleared everyone’s doubts: “When the selection starts for a while, I will draw a circle with a radius of three meters where I stand. Then, I will stand in this circle, and then the five of you , Shot at me one by one, who can force me out of the circle, or force me to take defense, then it will be considered as passing the selection.”
“In addition, for the sake of fairness, you can all be present during the selection process.” Wu Zhizhou’s remarks were obviously addressed to Wang Yidao, Ji Wudao and others.
“This method is pretty good.”
After listening to Wu Zhizhou’s words, the expressions of Wang Yidao and Ji Wudao also eased. Before they were worried that Wu Zhizhou would be involved in the selection process, but now, they don’t need to worry.
Wu Zhizhou will not take the initiative, only passive defense.
In addition, even if it is passive defense, Wuzhizhou is not likely to release water, because they will be there to stare at Wuzhizhou when they are in the same realm as Wuzhizhou, but they can see the slightest signs of water release in Wuzhizhou.
At that time, they will certainly put forward their opinions.

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