Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 673

“Five of you, who will come first?”
Wu Zhizhou asked Chen Feng and five people as a master.
“I come!”
Without waiting for everyone to speak, San Jie stepped forward confidently and said.
“Ok?” Hearing Sanjie’s answer, everyone looked at him in unison with surprise. You should know that although Wu Zhizhou introduced the general rules just now, he didn’t say the specific measures and how to grasp it.
In this way, the three precepts volunteered and suffered a bit, because he didn’t know how to grasp the specific measures. He was tantamount to saying that he was exploring the truth for everyone.
Master Fang Zheng also knew the pros and cons of this, and quickly took the hand of the three precepts and warned: “You promised me that you will do your best, don’t forget!”
Sanjie smiled slightly and said nonchalantly: “Don’t worry, I will never break my promise!” After speaking, he walked to Wu Zhizhou in a big stride, with a very relaxed expression, as if this selection was nothing in his eyes.
He really did not put this selection in his eyes. It was not that he was confident that he could be selected, and he was not interested in this so-called martial arts competition. He wanted to end the selection soon, and then follow Chen Feng to see it. The colorful world outside.
This is why he was the first to stand up.
In the early morning, the morning light shattered and reflected on Wu Zhizhou. He was expressionless with his hands behind his back, waiting for Sanjie to come forward, while the crowd scattered around, leaving room for Wu Zhizhou and Sanjie.
“Little monk Sanjie, you don’t have to keep your hands, just do your best at me, don’t worry about hurting me!”
Seeing Sanjie walking up, Wu Zhizhou smiled slightly and did not forget to remind him.
“Master Wu, you are absurdly praised, I know my strength, even if I use my whole body solution, it may not hurt you, but since I promised the great monk, I will definitely do my best!”
The Three Rings are still cynical.
Unexpectedly, the Three Precepts would actually say this, and everyone was stunned.
Master Fang Zheng was speechless for a while, and he increasingly felt that it was unwise for the saint master of the Western Regions to choose the Three Precepts as the heir.
Sanjie paid no attention to the strange gazes from the surroundings, and saw him respectfully saying to Wu Zhizhou: “Master Wu, I’m ready!”
“Good!” Wu Zhizhou replied.
Hearing Wu Zhizhou’s answer, San Jie’s eyes instantly sharpened, his left foot slammed hard, his body moved away from the arrow of the bow, swish, and rushed towards Wu Zhizhou.
Three Jie appeared next to Wu Zhizhou in an instant, making a fist with his right hand, his inner strength surged, and a punch was blasted out with the sound of breaking through the air.
This fist seems simple, but it is actually the Buddhist vajra fist.
King Kong Boxing, also known as “King Kong Arhat Boxing”, is an older and representative traditional type of boxing in the Buddhist system. Its complete system, rich martial arts connotation, unique technical form, and simple and practical self-defense imminent value all make it stand in the forest of traditional martial arts and occupy an important position.
Sanjie’s boxing strength is very fierce, but Wu Zhizhou still stands in place without changing his face.
When Sanjie’s fist approached, Wu Zhizhou did not change his face, stretched out his palm, and directly caught the opponent’s fist.
You must know that Sanjie is not Wu Zhizhou’s opponent, so it was used up as soon as he shot it, but I didn’t expect Wu Zhizhou to catch it so easily, and it was extremely easy to see the opponent.
The fist thrown contains internal strength, which is not something ordinary people can take, and from the side, it also shows that Wu Zhizhou’s reaction speed is extremely fast.
Seeing that one punch didn’t work, Sanjie didn’t hesitate, snapped, snapped, snapped, and punched three punches, each of which was stronger than the first punch. It can be seen that Sanjie has exhausted all his strength at this moment.
Unexpectedly, these three punches were all taken by Wu Zhizhou with one hand, and he stood still and did not move half a point, which shows its strength.
“Forget it, forget it, I won’t fight, it’s not a level at all, how to fight!”
A total of four punches exhausted all of his strength, but the other party remained unmoved, which made San Jie’s own quite a blow, and simply conceded defeat and stopped fighting.
“Ok?” Hearing the words of the three precepts, not to mention that everyone was blindfolded, even Wu Zhizhou did not expect that it would be like this.
It’s just that Master Fang Zheng doesn’t have that good concentration. Seeing that the Three Precepts gave up, Master Fang couldn’t help shouting: “Three Precepts, have you forgotten your promise!”
“Great monk, don’t shout, you didn’t see that I and Master Wu are not at the same level at all!” Sanjie walked towards Master Fang Zheng nonchalantly.
Master Fang Zheng was extremely aggrieved at the moment, but didn’t know what to say.
“Um, Master Founder, the performance of Sanjie is very good. Obviously he has already practiced the diamond boxing to a certain level. I also understand his strength. As for his unwillingness to continue, just let him!”
Seeing that Master Founder was a little embarrassed, Wu Zhizhou hurriedly said, giving him a step down.
But even Wu Zhizhou himself did not expect that the Three Commandments would treat this martial arts selection as a trifle, so he gave up so easily, but as Wu Zhizhou said, he already knew the strength of the Three Commandments.
Not only him, but the surrounding spectators, Guan Nantian, Cangbo, Ji Wudao, and Ye Nantian all saw the strength of Sanjie.
As for Master Fang Zheng, no one in the room knew the strength of the Three Commandments better than him.
Master Fang Zheng sighed. Since Wu Zhizhou has said everything, he can’t help the matter if he is forced to do so.
San Jie’s first challenge was also the first person to fail. After San Jie stepped down, Wu Zhizhou’s eyes swept across Chen Feng, Chu He, and Ji Yun one by one and said in a deep voice, “Who is next?”
“Master Wu, let me come!”
Ji Yun eagerly stepped forward a few steps, and then walked towards Wuzhizhou.
“Well, let’s do it!” Wu Zhizhou still stood in place, carrying his hands on his back, showing the style of a martial arts master.
Ji Yun nodded, the aura in his body rose rapidly, and it looked like Ji Yun’s aura was like a rainbow. When he raised his inner strength to the top, he went straight to Wuzhizhou without hesitation.
Ji Yun’s speed is extremely fast, leaving an afterimage in place. This is the core of their family’s martial arts, just one word “Quick!”
Ji Yun’s speed was extremely fast. Everyone watched intently. He thought he would shoot immediately. He didn’t expect that when he approached Wuzhizhou two meters away, he stopped in an instant, and then moved forward at a speed faster than before. In that moment, Ji Yun turned his palm into a knife and slashed it with one knife.
Although standing in front of the elders of the Wumeng, Ji Yun didn’t keep his hands at all, and his shot was a thunderous blow.
Just when Ji Yun slashed, Wu Zhizhou still looks like that, without a trace, his figure is slightly on one side, avoiding the opponent’s, attacking, hesitating too fast, and at first glance I think Wu Zhizhou is not standing there. move.

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