Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 674

Seeing that a hit was missed, Ji Yun hurriedly pulled out his palm and waved it back at an extremely fast speed. Then the other hand clenched a fist and blasted out. This set of techniques was consistently beaten by Ji Yun.
Wu Zhizhou was still calm, and flashed twice in a row.
The two shots missed, Ji Yun did not get discouraged, but showed a sly smile. The two moves just now were foreshadowing, Ji Yun suddenly turned around and kicked it out with great strength.
Ji Yun deserves to be the best in the family. With the coherent moves just now, if ordinary people can’t respond at all, plus the last kick, Wu Zhizhou has almost no room to dodge.
Wu Zhizhou didn’t dodge this time, and stretched out his palm to use his strength to grab Ji Yun’s ankle and threw it away.
Ji Yun never thought that this move used softness to overcome the strength. He originally thought Wu Zhizhou would catch his move, so he could use his strength to create a consistent legwork.
But who would have thought that Wu Zhizhou took advantage of his strength and threw him out. Ji Yun couldn’t control his body in mid-air. He flew only seven or eight meters away. After landing, he leaped forward and took a few steps to stabilize. Live shape.
From beginning to end, Wu Zhizhou stood still and did not move at all.
In the distance, Chen Feng and others all showed deep thoughts, recalling the moves just now, secretly changing their angles with Ji Yun and analyzing how to deal with Wu Zhizhou’s moves.
Not everyone thinks like this. Chu He is one of them. He showed disdain and made a mockery of Ji Yun. This scene made people feel that if Chu He played by himself, he would be able to cope with the move just now.
After Ji Yun stabilized his figure, he rushed towards Wu Zhizhou again, but this time he didn’t make any moves, and threatened Wu Zhizhou with a very fast speed.
After that, Ji Yun found the opportunity and blasted out with a punch. He didn’t reserve this punch and used his family’s unique Ben Lei Fist.
Ben Lei Fist, with the momentum of thunder, kills the opponent, and with the internal strength, destroys the internal organs of the opponent.
The speed and strength of his punch completely exceeded the ability to withstand the early stage of Huajin, and he couldn’t hold it even in the middle stage of Huajin. This move was Ji Yun’s killer.
But after all, he and Wu Zhizhou are at a different level, not the same level. Wu Zhizhou grabbed his wrist again and used force to throw him out.
This time Ji Yun exhausted all his strength and couldn’t control his speed at all. After losing control of his body, he fell to the ground and made an intimate contact with the ground.
“Ji Yun, let’s stop here, you can practice Benlei boxing in the family to such an extent, it is already very good!”
Seeing Ji Yun’s face like earth-colored and extremely embarrassed, Wu Zhizhou said, it was an affirmation of his strength, and Ji Yun’s challenge was over.
Originally Ji Yun was about to make another move, but after hearing Wu Zhizhou’s words, he was a little bit aggrieved, but he couldn’t say anything, and turned and walked towards Ji Wudao.
Ji Yun, as a Tianjiao in the family, is in the early stage of Huajin, but no one among his peers is an opponent. Even in the middle stage of the ordinary Huajin, he is not his opponent, but he did not expect to fight against Wu Zhizhou today. This fact makes his self-esteem be taken care of.
“Haha, don’t be depressed!”
Upon seeing this, Ji Wudao comforted and said: “What’s the frustration of this, Master Wu is a strong in the late stage of Huajin, and can fight against the grandmaster at the peak of the late stage of Huajin. It is your blessing that you can fight with him, let alone others Didn’t shake Master Wu!”
“Master Wu, please give some advice!”
The Tianying who was watching the battle stepped forward and said with a fist.
Chen Feng has been observing from the sidelines, analyzing inwardly how he can make Master Wu move.
“Master Wu, can I use a sword?”
Tianying dressed in white and looked at Wu Zhizhou firmly.
“Haha, of course, if a swordsman does not have a sword, how can he be called a swordsman!”
Wu Zhizhou laughed, his first impression of Tianying was very good.
Not only Wu Zhizhou, but several people including Chen Feng have a good impression of Tianying. These young people are capable, but not arrogant, and respect their elders.
“Thank you, Master Wu, then I will do it!” Tianying bowed his fists again.
Then Tianying did not immediately make a move, and stood in place to adjust his breath, and then walked towards Wuzhizhou step by step.
He did not have Ji Yun’s aura like a rainbow, on the contrary, he was extremely calm and restrained.
Tianying stepped, and the sword in his hand moved slightly. Whenever he took a step, the sword in his hand trembled, as if the sword in his hand was drawn by the breath. When the Tianying took the tenth step, the sharp sword was out of its sheath very quickly. There was a sound of swords.
Then the Tianying aura slowly turned from calm as water, making waves, and then when he was less than five steps away from Wuzhizhou, his aura rose to the extreme.
His aura is different from that of Ji Yun, his aura is the aura of thousands of troops and horses, and this aura cannot be hindered.
Tianying jumped up, grasped the sharp sword, and then took advantage of the momentum to cut down. As the sharp sword descended, a trace was drawn in the surrounding air.
Wu Zhizhou still had that calm expression, and his figure flickered to avoid the first sword.
With a flash of white light, Tianying withdrew the sharp sword and went straight to Wu Zhizhou’s head. The speed was extremely fast and the angle was tricky.
Everyone saw Tianying from the moment he shot to the sword. Chen Feng and the others had fierce pupils. This Tianying was very strong. Whether it was his strength or the calculations he made when making moves, it was far from the first two comparable. but.
Such an astonishing sword still didn’t make Wu Zhizhou move.
Wu Zhizhou carried his hands on his back. When the sharp sword was only one foot away from his head, he tilted his head and avoided it with great ease.
Regardless of fighting skills or timing, Tianying is far from Wu Zhizhou’s opponent.
Seeing a miss, Tianying turned into a thorn, and went straight to Wu Zhizhou’s neck. This speed is extremely fast. If it is stab, let alone a body of flesh and blood, even a body of steel will definitely be pierced. Big hole.
Seeing the fierce sword coming, Wu Zhizhou closed his eyes and prepared to dodge the heavy blow with his sense of danger.
But who knew that when the sharp sword was less than two inches away from Wuzhizhou, Tianying suddenly changed its moves and swung the sharp sword diagonally, almost instinctively reacting to Wuzhizhou’s body, Tianying changed its way.
This sudden change, even Wu Zhizhou did not expect that the body had already made an instinctive avoidance just now, and it was impossible to react again in a short time.
If this sword hit, Wu Zhizhou’s arm would be insecure. He didn’t dare to hold it big, and when his body moved, he instantly escaped an important blow.
Although he escaped the heavy blow, Wu Zhizhou also moved. The amazing three swords forced Wu Zhizhou to move. This scene surprised Chen Feng and others. Tianying has been amazing since the shot. The audience.

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