Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 675

“Haha, okay, you have understood the main tricks of Tianshan swordsmanship, come on, take out all your strength!”
Wu Zhizhou’s figure appeared eight meters away, widening the distance from Tianying, and unabashedly admired Tianying.
“Come on, I hope you can move me again!” Wu Zhizhou smiled and seemed very optimistic about this junior.
“Master Wu praised it!”
As soon as Tianying’s voice fell, his figure went straight to Wuzhizhou, his sword kept squandering, cutting, slashing, and stabbing. Tianying performed consecutive moves, but it was a pity that Master Wu took it easy this time Hid away.
However, Tianying did not stop, but instead swung more than a dozen swords continuously. This bizarre and weird sword technique forced Wu Zhizhou to retreat again.
Tianying looked at the opportunity and jumped up. The dozen swords just now turned into one sword, and one slashed down. One sword slashed the Tianshan Mountains, the core of Tianshan’s swordsmanship. This sword can cut the sky and this sword can break the ground.
At this time, the sky eagle and the sword were combined, and the sky eagle fell from the sky with a slash, magnificent, like anyone, nothing can stop this sword.
Almost instantly, Tianying’s figure jumped down, Wu Zhizhou hurriedly moved and avoided the fatal blow. Fortunately, he dodged quickly, otherwise he would definitely die.
In this scene, whether it was Guan Nantian, Ye Nantian, Ji Wudao, or Master Fang Zheng, they all saw it. Tianying was much stronger than they thought.
Chen Feng’s eyes were meditative, the strength of this Skyhawk was really extraordinary, even if he was fighting against it, it was extremely difficult to win.
On the other side, Chu He still had the expression of disdain. Although the scene just now surprised him a bit, he seemed to have absolute strength to defeat Tianying.
“Tianying, stop here, your performance is very good, extremely amazing!”
At this moment, Wu Zhizhou suddenly stopped the martial arts competition, and he was full of praise for Tianying.
“Master Wu, it’s ridiculous, how can Xiaotian dare to make an axe in front of Master Wu!”
Tianying was still very humble and bowed to Wu Zhizhou, then turned and walked towards Cangbo.
Seeing Tianying approaching, Cangbo smiled and felt extremely proud.
Today, Tianying’s performance is extremely outstanding, much better than the previous Sanjie and Ji Yun. With his strength, maybe this time he can get the only martial arts place, and it will give them a long face for the Tianshan faction.
Regarding Tianying’s performance, Ji Wudao and Founder Master also all saw that Tianying’s strength was stronger than Ji Yun and the Three Commandments, which made them depressed.
Thinking of this, Fang Zheng glanced at San Jie again, wishing to slap his bald head twice.
He knew very well that if the three precepts used all their strength, they would never lose much of this Tianying, and even if they didn’t get a place in martial arts in the end, they would not be ashamed of Buddhism.
“Who is next?”
Wu Zhizhou looked at Chen Feng and Chu He, waiting for their answers.
“Xiao, give you a chance and you can go first. I am afraid that as soon as I show my strength, you will be scared and unable to take care of yourself, but then if you kneel and surrender to me in advance, our life and death challenges will not be over. !”
Chu He didn’t answer Wu Zhizhou’s words, but looked at Chen Feng with a flash, his eyes were full of scorn, as if the life and death of the other party were only in his own thoughts.
Everyone present heard Chu He’s arrogant words, Wu Zhizhou and Guan Nan Tianjun frowned.
At this moment, they had already seen that Chu Heyu Wang did not come here for the first place in martial arts, but with the idea of killing Chen Feng to avenge Ye Nantian.
“Oh, I accept your challenge now, and when I finish the selection, I will send you on the road!”
Chen Feng didn’t even look at Chu He, and sneered.
Chu He repeatedly provoked and insulted his senior brothers, completely offending Chen Feng’s inverse scales and causing his murderous intent.
“The generation of ants, I don’t know what to say!”
Seeing that his violent general technique worked, Chu He sneered inwardly, and Wang Yidao couldn’t hide his joy from the side at this moment. It seemed that his revenge for the broken arm could be avenged.
But their master and apprentice did not know that Wu Zhizhou and Guan Nantian’s eyes contained disdain for surprise.
You must know that Chen Feng personally killed Jing Teng and the others before. They knew Chen Feng’s strength very well. The two masters and apprentices were all looking for death.
Thinking of their fate, Wu Zhizhou sighed secretly. Today’s selection is more like a formality.
If it weren’t for the Tianshan School, the Western Regions Buddhism, the Ji Family, and the Wang Family all participated in the selection, Wu Zhizhou would directly give Chen Feng the last place in martial arts.
But the faces of the other companies had to be taken care of, so a trial was organized, which was considered to give them some face.
In his eyes, Chen Feng is definitely the first player in the middle of Huajin, and no one can be Chen Feng’s opponent in the early stage of Huajin.
“Are you wearing a diaper? Don’t be scared to pee soon!”
Chen Feng didn’t look at Na Chuhe, and took a few steps to accept the selection.
He wanted to go all out in this battle, he wanted to make a blockbuster, and after he shot, no one dared to laugh at Ye Nantian again.
Chen Feng’s voice came in his ears, Chu He was more intent to kill, but when he saw that the other party turned to Wu Zhizhou again, there was nothing, he didn’t worry. In his opinion, Chen Feng was just an ant. Wait a while. He wanted to kill the opponent under the attention of everyone, and avenge the brother Wang.
Wang Yidao didn’t speak, but sneered. They spent a great price to cultivate Chu He. They knew very well about Chu He’s strength. The reason why Chen Feng was the first to take action was because he was afraid that after Chu He showed his strength, the opponent would regret it.
Now that Chen Feng is going to play first, then everything will be worry-free. For a while, he will only have to watch Chu He’s performance.
And Master Founder, Ji Wudao, and Cang Bo looked at Chen Feng expectantly, not knowing what kind of surprise Chen Summit brought them.
The Buddhists of the Western Regions, the Ji family, and the previous generation in power of the Tianshan Sect, are no strangers to the Jing family, although they did not witness the battle between Chen Feng and Jing Teng.
But Chen Feng’s ability to kill Jing Teng already shows that Chen Feng’s strength is strong.
What’s more, Chen Feng also had various deeds of killing the Dongying martial artist, the powerhouse of the gods, which made them full of curiosity about Chen Feng.
Under the morning sun, Chen Feng stepped away and walked towards Wu Zhizhou. The breath on Chen Feng’s body could not be felt at all, as if it were not a battle, but a relaxation.
“Ok?” Before the battle, the heart is like still water, without the slightest disturbance, this calmness is not something ordinary people can do.
Although Tianying was like this just now, his restrained aura was to accumulate energy, not to go to Chen Feng to be like this, so calm.
This scene attracted the attention of Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, and Ji Wudao. They are powerful in martial arts, and they can naturally see it.
No matter how strong the martial artist is, the state of mind is also very important. Looking at this alone, Chen Feng is much better than their descendants.

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