Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 676

Not only them, but even Guan Nantian and Wu Zhizhou, the two people who have seen Chen Feng’s strength, also nodded secretly.
Wang Yidao also saw this scene, frowning slightly, this heaviness is indeed rare, but thinking of the strength of his apprentice, he relaxed.
He believes that strength is a sign of the strong, and in the face of absolute strength, all skills are in vain.
Ye Nantian also saw this scene, his eyes lit up and his eyes showed expectation.
Although he is Chen Feng’s senior, he hasn’t discussed with Chen Feng for a long time, and he doesn’t know much about Chen Feng’s strength. To be honest, he has no idea about Chen Feng.
But the expression at the moment made Ye Nantian ignite the fire of hope, looking at Chen Feng, one step, two steps, three steps, walking towards Wu Zhizhou.
Under the gaze of everyone, Chen Feng walked towards Wu Zhizhou step by step, his expression was still calm, his mood was calm, and his calmness was rarely seen in young people. Next time, only those who are strong in the late stage of Huajin can do it. To the heart is like stopping water.
Chen Feng seemed to be calm and not turbulent, but in fact he secretly mobilized his inner strength, making his inner strength spread all over his body.
Soon, Chen Feng was already less than 15 meters away from Wuzhizhou. This distance was very dangerous. For the warriors of Huajin, this distance could come almost instantaneously.
This distance is exactly the shooting distance chosen by the three previous Three Commandments, Ji Yun and Tianying.
But that was them, not Chen Feng.
Chen Feng still stepped forward, three meters, five meters. what happened?
This scene fell in the eyes of everyone, making them stunned for a moment, but Master Dangzheng, Cang Bo, Ye Nantian, including Wang Yidao are all powerhouses, and a brief analysis reveals the reason.
He is waiting, waiting for a chance.
Chen Feng’s breath is locked, the enemy won’t move, I won’t move.
After a little analysis of Chen Feng’s approach, everyone guessed it. The more it was, the more surprised they were.
You should know this kind of tactics. Generally, only when two people are about the same strength, will the breath lock and judge the opponent’s moves, but if the difference in strength is too large, then there will only be one result of doing this, that is, death. kill.
“Could it be that he thinks he can match the strength of Master Wu?” This idea surfaced in the hearts of everyone, but it was quickly rejected.
“Hey, he should know that Master Wu will not take the initiative to deal with his younger generation, so he chose to do this to increase his prestige. It is extremely naive, not clever, and doing so is not only disgusting, but also embarrassing. Disgust is in people’s hearts!” Several Tianjiao also believed that Chen Feng could not be compared with Master Wu, and Chu He was even more mocking.
Chen Feng was not affected by the people around him, and he walked away one after another. At this time, he was less than four meters away from Wuzhizhou.
At this moment, Wu Zhizhou’s heart was rarely disturbed.
Although there was only a trace of this uneasy feeling, it appeared in his mind and made him feel shocked. Knowing that his strength is far superior to Chen Feng, he did not expect to feel uneasy at this moment.
But Wu Zhizhou is a strong man after all, and his heart in martial arts is also very firm. He instantly dispelled the anxiety in his heart, his inner strength surged, and gradually locked in Chen Feng’s breath, waiting for the opponent to take action.
Chen Feng didn’t make a move from start to finish, and he didn’t stop until he was only two meters away from Wuzhizhou, he stopped and looked at Wuzhizhou calmly.
Chen Feng’s move fell in the eyes of others, which made people feel that Chen Feng was really arrogant, and Master Wu didn’t care about it at all.
But Wu Zhizhou didn’t say anything, his expression was calm, as if everything was expected.
Seeing what Chen Feng had done, everyone was completely stunned. They didn’t know what medicine Chen Feng had sold in the gourd.
“Master Wu, when you look at his cryptic appearance, you obviously don’t put you in your eyes. You must teach him a lesson!”
Ji Yun, the Tianjiao of the Ji family, couldn’t help but speak.
He knew that after Chen Feng had killed Jing Teng, he always wanted to fight against Chen Feng. He wanted to use Chen Feng as a stepping stone in order to gain fame, but he didn’t expect to be compared by Tianshan sent Tianying, which made him feel frustrated. Endless.
Under this situation, he saw Chen Feng’s actions, and he was very upset. He thought that the opponent was not strong, but he was so mysterious and attracted so much attention.
The Sanjie on the side looked at Chen Feng but grinned: “It seems that my big brother is not an ordinary person!”
Tianying analyzed Chen Feng on the sidelines, and secretly admired what Chen Feng did.
When Chen Feng and Tianying first met, they were attracted by the temperament of each other, and the impression was very good, and Tianying was also the same to Chen Feng.
So he doesn’t think Chen Feng is bluffing, and he has other intentions.
“I don’t know what to do, what to pretend, as long as you shoot Master Wu, you will definitely slap you!” Chu He sneered. In his opinion, Chen Feng and Master Wu have absolutely no chance of winning.
“Chen Feng, is it possible that you want me to do it first?” Wu Zhizhou groaned and asked with the words of Chu He and others echoing in his ears.
Chen Feng didn’t speak, his eyes still looked at Wu Zhizhou calmly.
“I know what you think. Are you waiting for my flaws to appear before you make a move? You have to know that it is very dangerous to do this. I make a move, you can’t hold it!”
Although Wu Zhizhou understood Chen Feng’s strength, he still felt that Chen Feng was a little arrogant.
You must know that Wu Zhizhou has half-stepped into the peak of the late phase of Huajin, not to mention the initial phase of the phase, it is the late stage of Huajin, such a close distance, Wu Zhizhou shots, the opponent can not hold it.
But Chen Feng still did not speak.
This made Wu Zhizhou a little unhappy in his heart. The other party was really ignorant of the heights of the sky. Thinking of this, Wu Zhizhou stopped talking nonsense. His palm was half held into a grasp, and he quickly grabbed Chen Feng.
This move was extremely fast, and Wu Zhizhou’s hand was not seen very quickly.
Seeing Wu Zhizhou’s palm grabbing it, Chen Feng didn’t panic, as if he had expected the opponent’s movements a long time ago, Chen Feng’s eyes widened fiercely, his inner strength surged, and he withdrew and retreated, Wu Zhizhou instantly grabbed the space.
Slowly speaking, it actually happened between the electric light and flint. Everyone thought that Wu Zhizhou would definitely be able to catch it when he made a move, but Chen Feng escaped unexpectedly.
This made Wu Zhizhou’s old face a bit unbearable. He was already ignored by Chen Feng just now, and he had already lost his face. I wanted to catch the opponent so that Chen Feng would know that he shouldn’t be so big, but he didn’t expect to be avoided.
Once Wu Zhizhou missed his move, he stopped staying and quickly made the second move. This move went to Chen Feng with the momentum of thunder. Whether it was speed or strength, it was far stronger than the first move. Catch it to Chen Feng.
At the moment of crisis, Chen Feng hurriedly backed away and avoided, but at this time Wu Zhizhou’s big hands grabbed it, leaving Chen Feng with nowhere to go.

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