Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 677

Chen Feng’s retreating body suddenly stopped and shouted loudly. The sound resounded like thunder, resounding all around, the breath raging in his body, and his right arm round went straight to the front door of Wuzhizhou.
Broken River Mountain, the second trick.
Chen Feng didn’t make a move, and when he made a move, he expressed his strongest assassin’s skill.
It’s too late and it’s fast. When Wu Zhizhou grabbed Chen Feng’s shoulders, he was going to teach him a lesson, letting him know that there is a day outside the sky, but at this moment Chen Feng used a mountain-and-river counterattack. It can be said that all the moves from the beginning, They are all preparing for this killer.
“Not good!”
Chen Feng heard a loud shout, Wu Zhizhou’s secret path was not good, and his mind was a while, when he reacted, Chen Feng’s fist was already approaching.
“Flap! Pop! Pop!”
Chen Feng hit three consecutive punches, the fist wind whistling, and the sound of breaking through the air was heard. His strength was extremely strong, his inner strength filled his fists, and the speed was extremely fast, even the air instantly exploded.
This scene was seen by Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, Ji Wudao and others, and their pupils shrank suddenly.
They are all powerhouses in martial arts, at the master level, and needless to say their strength, they can tell at a glance that Chen Feng’s punch is absolutely extraordinary.
At this moment, even Wang Yidao’s expression changed. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to be so tough.
Even Chen Feng’s senior brother Ye Nantian was shocked at this moment.
Although he had seen Chen Feng show this ultimate move, the show was just a show, not the same as actual combat.
At this moment, whether it was Tianying, the Three Commandments, or the master and apprentice who hated Chen Feng, they were all shocked at this moment.
At this moment, everyone was attracted by Chen Feng’s punch.
In the open space, Wu Zhizhou only wanted to catch Chen Feng, so he was not prepared for Chen Feng’s punch. Seeing Chen Feng’s fierce coming, Wu Zhizhou quickly pumped his hand, spreading his palms and blocking the front.
Moreover, Wu Zhizhou knew Chen Feng’s strength, so he did not neglect, his inner strength surging into his palm, ready to resist this punch.
With a bang, Chen Feng’s fist touched Wu Zhizhou’s palm, and the fist wind roared, forming a storm.
When the fist and the palm of the hand touched, Chen Feng was spread out instantly, the whole arm was full of soreness and numbness, the finger bones appeared cracks, blood flowed, the whole body quickly retreated, Wu Zhizhou’s internal energy rushed into the body, but Chen Feng quickly changed his breath to protect the internal organs without causing more serious damage.
But Wu Zhizhou still stood on the spot without moving his footsteps, but his feet stepped deeply into the concrete ground, a burning sensation came from his palms, his sleeves were shattered by his internal strength, and his body was covered with concrete dust. A little embarrassed.
This scene completely shocked everyone. You must know that Tianying’s three swords just now made Wu Zhizhou move.
At this time, Chen Feng couldn’t help but force Wu Zhizhou to take a shot, and in Chen Feng’s counterattack, Wu Zhizhou had to take a fight.
The significance of this is quite different.
Wu Zhizhou is the elder of the Wu League, a strong man in the late stage of Huajin, half a foot into the grandmaster’s price, even a real grandmaster, Wu Zhizhou has the power to contend.
Such a strong person was so embarrassed by Chen Feng’s blow.
Chen Feng fell to the ground.
“Chen Feng, how are you doing?”
Wu Zhizhou felt a bit complicated at the moment, and asked aloud.
“Thank you, Master Wu, for being merciful, I’m fine!”
Chen Feng shook his head. If it weren’t for the body protector, it would definitely not be a simple skin trauma.
“Ok!” Seeing that Chen Feng really didn’t have much idea, Wu Zhizhou was silent. Chen Feng’s strongest blow just now, if he hadn’t mobilized his internal strength to protect his body in time, was afraid that he would not be able to receive the opponent’s punch, even if he would be injured next.
At this moment, he took Chen Feng’s move, but he was a little embarrassed, and Chen Feng had only some minor injuries.
He saw Chen Feng kill Jing Teng with his own eyes. He thought he knew Chen Feng’s strength very well, and he had already raised Chen Feng’s strength a few quarters in his mind, but he did not expect to underestimate the opponent in the end.
“How is this possible? How could Chen Feng force Master Wu to make a move? Master Wu deliberately released the water, right?”
When everyone was shocked, Ji Yun asked with a look of disbelief.
Although Chen Feng’s punch just now felt the power of the punch even when he watched it from a distance, he didn’t think that this punch could force Wu Zhizhou to make a move.
Not only Ji Yun didn’t believe it, but Chu He didn’t believe it. He didn’t believe that Master Wu Zhizhou could be so embarrassed after taking the shot.
In his opinion, Wu Zhizhou was to give Chen Feng face, so he didn’t hesitate to lose some face, and even though Chen Feng’s punch just now was overbearing, Chu He didn’t feel it personally after all. You should know that you don’t feel anything personally, just feel It won’t work.
And when Chu He thought of his trump card, his mockery of Chen Feng became even stronger. He thought that Chen Feng would never survive his assassin.
At this time, even the Three Commandments, Tianying felt incredible and thought that Wu Zhizhou had released the water. Although they knew Chen Feng’s strength was not weak, they were far from able to compete with Master Wu Zhizhou.
Not to mention these juniors, even Master Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, Ji Wudao, and Wang Yidao think so.
“Chen Feng, I personally witnessed your demeanor when you killed Jing Teng. I still recognized your strength, but I didn’t expect it. If I changed it ten years ago, I had just stepped into transformation. In the late Jin period, I might not be able to borrow your punch!”
Thinking of the words of Chu He and others, Wu Zhizhou not only smiled bitterly, but those people were just finches, how could he know Chen Feng’s strength.
Hearing Wu Zhizhou’s situation with Chen Feng, Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, Ji Wudao and others were all stunned.
“Elder Wu, have you said that too much?”
“Even though Chen Feng’s punch just now was amazing, but the place has reached the point where you praise it so much, right?”
Ji Wudao couldn’t help but ask.
“Elder Wu, are you clearly giving Chen Feng the last place in the martial arts selection? Don’t forget, in the end, he and my apprentice will have a life-and-death duel. If he dies under my apprentice’s hands, that’s fine. Oh no!”
Wang Yidao was also a little angry at this moment. He thought Wu Zhizhou was clearly letting Chen Feng go through the back door.
Hearing Wang Yidao and Ji Wudao’s words, Ye Nantian, Cang Bo, Fang Zheng and others all said nothing. Obviously they thought they were right. Wu Zhizhou’s evaluation of Chen Feng’s strength was indeed a bit too high.
Although Ye Nantian didn’t understand Chen Feng’s specific strength, he also had to admit that he had a slight doubt about Wu Zhizhou’s evaluation.
“Junior, it’s rude!”
Chen Feng bowed his fist to Wu Zhizhou, and gave Wu Zhizhou this elder a certain respect. At the same time, he did not deny the speculation of others.
“I think all your moves and calculations from the beginning are paving the way for this last move, right?”

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