Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 678

The selection is over, but Wu Zhizhou’s mood has not been calmed for a long time, but after all, he is a strong man for many years, and his complexion returned to normal in a short time, and he said: “You have been restrained since the beginning, and secretly locked my figure, you know In terms of strength, you are by no means my opponent. If you make a move easily, you will definitely lose the wind, so you take another approach, calm your mind, and make me wonder!”
“And I asked you several times before, but you kept silent, deliberately irritating me, making me feel like a lesson, the previous tricks, I think it also broke your body’s function!”
“It makes me feel that you have tried your best. When I took the shot, you retreated extremely quickly, as if you were in a bad manner. But at this moment, you suddenly stopped, counterattacked, and used the strongest killer move!”
“If I can’t get through just now, I used pure internal strength to protect my body. With the punch just now, I will definitely get hurt!”
“Your strength is very good, but the most important thing is your ability to react quickly in actual combat and make countermeasures in a short time, which is very good!”
“Ok?” Hearing Wu Zhizhou’s praise of Chen Feng, everyone was too late to react, but subconsciously felt that this was impossible.
“Elder Wu, the younger generation is rude!” Chen Feng took a few steps forward, bowed to Wu Zhizhou, and said apologetically: “The reason why I calculated you is that I know my strength is not as good as you, so I thought for a long time. , I thought of this method, but I still underestimated your strength! Your strength has exceeded my imagination!”
“Haha, Chen Feng, you don’t have to be humble. I just said that if I didn’t use my internal energy, I would be injured this time, and if I changed to ten years ago, I would have died at this moment!”
Wu Zhizhou told the truth, the four words “fearful future generations!”
Then Wu Zhizhou turned his head to look at Ye Nantian and said: “I was very sympathetic to your ending, but now it is not. With a junior like Chen Feng, you can be proud, even if your future enemy becomes a strong one, Chen Feng is here, it is not a problem!”
One move to control the enemy is usually only when there is little difference in strength. As long as a move is used to attack the opponent’s vitals, or important joints of the body, only in this way can the opponent lose combat power instantly, thus defeating the opponent or killing. Up him.
But all this can only be done by ordinary warriors.
The powerful masters will never make easy moves. They are always observing their opponents, waiting for the opportunity, waiting for the opponent to reveal their flaws, and then subduing their opponents with lightning speed.
The main reason for Chen Feng to participate in this selection is to earn a breath for his brothers, so he also paid special attention. When the first three commandments, Ji Yun, and Tianying fought against Wu Zhizhou, Chen Feng did nothing else. Observe and analyze carefully on the sidelines.
He knew that if Wu Zhizhou stood still and felt that there was no flaw at all, and he would never take the initiative to take the initiative, so from the very beginning, Chen Feng planned to do it hard, relying on wisdom, so he just started At that time, Wu Zhizhou was deliberately angered.
After angering Wu Zhizhou, the opponent will definitely make a move, and Chen Feng uses this moment to use his strongest killer move.
Obviously, Chen Feng succeeded in the end and everything was as expected. Not only did he force Wu Zhizhou to move, he had to make a move.
Wu Zhizhou’s words still echoed in everyone’s ears, and when they heard this, they looked at Chen Feng dumbfounded, with an unbelievable expression.
Although Chen Feng was a little embarrassed at this moment, his arms had not yet recovered his consciousness, his fingers had blood drop, and his body was trembling slightly.
But his expression was still cold, and the sun fell on his cold face, adding a different feeling to him. At this moment, he was the most eye-catching and had completely replaced Tianying and became the most dazzling person here.
“This kid always does this, bringing you one surprise after another and incredible!”
Guan Nantian, the king, Ye Nantian said at this moment, just as Wu Zhizhou said, Ye Nantian has such a junior, and he has no regrets in this life.
Ye Nantian did not answer. From just now until now, his gaze has not left Chen Feng. Looking at the other’s face, he is happy but also proud. He knows that Chen Feng is here for him.
Being able to do this in this selection is also for the sake of his face. Ye Nantian can say that this life is rarely touched by what a person does, but at this moment the figure of that person appeared in his heart. He is Chen Feng. He is his younger brother.
At this time, Master Fang Zheng and Ji Wudao looked at Ye Nantian with very different gazes.
The two of them knew Wu Zhizhou, and they were shocked because of their understanding.
Once Wu Zhizhou’s martial arts strength was far less than the two of them, but through Wu Zhizhou’s unremitting efforts and tenacious character, it has reached today’s level step by step, and its strength has surpassed the two of them.
Although they haven’t been in contact for a long time, the two of them understand Wu Zhizhou. The other party is definitely not a slanderer, let alone praise Ye Nantian for no reason in front of so many people.
In this way, Wu Zhizhou is telling the truth, so Chen Feng’s strength is definitely not what they saw before, and the killing of Jing family heir Jing Teng felt it was a coincidence or luck, but he did it with his own strong strength .
At the same time, it shows that the descendants they carefully cultivated are far from Chen Feng’s opponents, whether it is strength or mind, especially the experience of battle.
At this moment, it was not only the two of them who saw the problem, but also their descendant Three Commandments, Ji Yun, and Tianying Ying.
Among the three, it was Sanjie with an indifferent expression. He was not interested in martial arts at first, and who was strong and weak had nothing to do with him.
Sanjie doesn’t care, but it doesn’t mean that the other two don’t care.
Especially Ji Yun, after seeing Chen Feng’s toughness, he was afraid for a while, and his back was sweating cold.
Fortunately, I didn’t fight against Chen Feng just now. Although there are elders who will not be worried about their lives, his dignity will be completely trampled by Chen Feng.
Tianying didn’t think so much. After witnessing Chen Feng’s strength, he just felt a little lost. This loss stemmed from the comparison between himself and Chen Feng’s strength.
He thought that with his years of strength and his comprehension of Tianshan Sect’s swordsmanship, this time the martial arts selection would surely shine and give the Tianshan Sect a long face, but he did not expect Chen Feng to be born, directly taking the brilliance that originally belonged to him. , Was taken away.
This made him feel a little unacceptable, as the saying goes, the higher the expectation, the greater the disappointment.
At this moment, Tianying even wavered in his pursuit of martial arts.

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