Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 679

“Elder Wu, I think your words are a bit untrue!”
At this time, Wang Yidao was silent for a while and suddenly spoke, seeing Chen Feng’s strength, and from his surprise just now, he turned into the disdainful expression he is now.
“I admit that Ye Nantian’s junior, Chen Feng, is quite strong, but he is far from the standard you mentioned. Not to mention the strength of those enemies in Dongying. In the martial arts world of China, where can he occupy? Obviously he It has not reached the level of Ye Nantian, so what Elder Wu said is a bit false!”
Before Wang Yidao’s words fell, everyone looked at him in unison.
“Oh? According to Master Wang, Chen Feng is obviously not as good as your apprentice?”
Wu Zhizhou’s expression was a little unhappy, Wang Yidao questioned him in front of so many people, obviously not giving him face.
And other people didn’t know that he knew very well that the strength that was just revealed by Chen Feng had exceeded their previous assessment, and even though he was a little embarrassed just now, he had to say that he admired this junior.
Of course, there is another meaning. The reason for raising Chen Feng is to give himself a step down.
“Hmph, it’s useless to say more, try and you will know!”
Wang Yidao responded indifferently, his words full of confidence and arrogance.
After hearing Wang Yidao’s words, everyone was shocked again, not knowing what kind of confidence this Wang Yidao had, and said such words in public.
The elders of the family here have already seen Chen Feng’s strength just now, and at the same time secretly compared their descendants, obviously not Chen Feng’s opponent.
Moreover, when I went to Wuzhizhou, Chen Feng was clearly the first person in the middle of Huajin.
Wang Yidao wouldn’t fail to see it. Under this circumstance, the other party was still so confident, apparently knowing the strength of his apprentice very well.
This made everyone look forward to Chu He’s strength, and they didn’t know what realm Chu He had reached.
“Haha, yes, let’s do it, I’m going to see how tough your apprentice is!”
Wu Zhizhou’s face was sullen, obviously the other party made him unhappy.
Without waiting for the king to open his mouth, Chu He suddenly stepped forward and said: “Master Wu, you said before that if you change to ten years ago, you will definitely not be Chen Feng’s opponent. In this way, Chen Feng is stronger than the previous three. To be strong, can I understand it this way?”
Hearing this, Wu Zhizhou frowned and said, “Yes!”
“In this way, things are simple, I don’t need to participate in this selection!” Chu He looked at Chen Feng with a fierce look, and said, “As long as he is slaughtered, then I won’t be able to get this time. Is it the first place in the martial arts selection!”
In Chu He’s words, he made no secret of his murderous intentions against Chen Feng.
“Are you sure you want to continue the life and death contract?”
Wu Zhizhou furrowed his brows and looked up and down at Chu He. He wanted to see something. Chen Feng had already revealed his terrifying power. Under this circumstance, the other party still kept the appointment. What kind of hole card does he have.
“Since I have promised before, I have to fulfill it naturally, presumably Elder Wu will not intervene in this matter, right?”
Chu He smiled extremely confidently, as if he had already seen Chen Feng’s defeat and being killed by him. He was a little hesitant at present, but Wu Zhizhou would intervene in this matter.
If Wu Zhizhou took the initiative to stop it, although it would violate the regulations, Wang Yidao and Chu He’s master and apprentice really couldn’t say anything.
“Master Wang, you have to think twice!”
Wu Zhizhou didn’t look at Chu River, but cast his gaze on Wang.
“Hmph, today my apprentice will be the leader of Ye Nantian’s younger brother to seek justice and kill him!”
Wang Yidao’s words were vicious, and he did not hide his hatred and killing intent towards Chen Feng in front of so many people.
“Haha, it’s okay, there are too many people who are overpowered in this world. Since he wants to die, I will perfect him!”
Chen Feng looked at Chu He coldly, not caring about the threat from the other party.
“Things that do not live or die, kill you effortlessly!” Chu He sneered, carrying the family heirloom, the Qinglong Baodao, and stepped towards Chen Feng.
Chu He walked away, every step that fell, there was a thousand catties of strength, the concrete ground could not bear it, leaving footprints, Chu He was majestic at this moment, and it felt like a god of war.
During the steps, his breath kept rising, it seemed as if it was never ending, and he broke through the realm of the early stage of Huajin.
“In the middle of anaphase!”
Ji Yun had been observing that when Chu He released his breath, his expression suddenly changed. The breath fluctuations on the opponent’s body belonged only to the masters in the middle of Huajin.
This scene shocked everyone present. It can be said that all except Chen Feng were attracted to the realm of Chuhe Huajin’s mid-term.
They knew in their hearts that the middle stage of Huajin, like Chu He, came from a sect with a long heritage, and the middle stage of the sect in the secular sects was completely incomparable, and it was not on the same level.
These sects with a long tradition usually practice martial arts in ancient times. They do not easily break through. Instead, they stay in a realm for a few years and thoroughly study this realm. Only when there is no flaw, will the aura in the body be compressed. Break through to the next level.
To put it simply, modern warriors can often only break through after compressing their breath by half. In this way, although the realm is high, the original strength is not much, it is just a vain name.
However, the sectarians with a long heritage will compress the breath infinitely, and will not break through until ten percent.
This is why now some of the clear realm is in the early stage, but they can kill the mid-stage warrior, because the aura in the two human bodies is not at the same level.
Until this moment, everyone suddenly realized that the reason why Wang Yidao’s master and apprentice did not want to change the contract after Chen Feng revealed his strength. In the middle of the battle, and the real middle of the battle, the opponent can be completely suppressed with his breath.
The reason why Chu He made his final shot was also planned. At this moment, he showed his true strength in order to kill Chen Feng.
At this moment, everyone was shocked. Before they could react, Chu He’s aura had already risen to the apex, and then he released his breath and directly locked onto Chen Feng.
This aura was full of killing intent, and at a glance, Chu He was like a demon god from hell.
The suffocating intent to kill did not affect Chen Feng’s mood, and he was still as stable as Mount Tai at this moment.
As for Ji Yun, Sanjie and Tianying who were on the sidelines, they were secretly surprised. Chu He was too strong. They asked themselves if they would fight against Chu He, they would definitely die. There was no chance of winning at all. In the face of absolute power, everything was in vain. .
“Being able to die in my hands is the blessing of your previous life cultivation, you can look down!”
At this moment, Chu He looked like a rainbow, looking at Chen Feng like a tiger staring at his prey.

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