Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 680

Seeing his apprentice Chu He’s performance and everyone’s reaction, Wang Yidao sneered in his heart and looked at Ye Nantian. Today, the enemy of the broken arm was recovered from Chen Feng.
Chu He’s strength was too strong, and there was a strong killing intent on his body. Coupled with Wang Yidao’s gaze just now, Ye Nantian couldn’t help it anymore and hurriedly called out Chen Feng’s name. He wanted to stop this. Field duel.
He also knew that speaking now would definitely damage his face, but compared with Chen Feng’s life, then nothing matters. The most important thing is that Chen Feng was in the early stage of Huajin.
And Chu He had already reached the middle stage of transformation, it was the real stage of transformation. It was not those half-hearted, plus the Azure Dragon sword in his hand, Chen Feng’s odds of winning were extremely small.
And it hasn’t officially started yet, it’s the best chance to stop it.
“Oh, what’s wrong, is Ye Nantian scared now?”
Almost at the same time that Ye Nantian called out Chen Feng’s name, Wang Yidao said in a cold voice, “Ye Nantian, in front of everyone, is it possible that you still want to break the contract? Don’t forget, this is a duel between the two of them. Neither you nor I can participate!”
Wang Yidao’s eyes turned, as if remembering something, and he continued, “But since we are old friends for many years, I can give you a chance not to kill Chen Feng. It’s just that you two brothers and sisters kneel down and kowtow, then apologize. , This time the challenge of life and death is over, how about it?”
Ye Nantian’s face was red, and his heart was very angry. This Wang Yidao was really hurt. If Chen Feng really did this, then when he thinks of Chu He, Wang Yidao will be his apprentice, and he will be uneasy, and the road to martial arts will also be stagnant. But this challenge of life and death has attracted too many people’s attention. Once Chen Feng kneels down and admits his mistake, he will no longer be able to gain a foothold in the martial arts world of China. Not only that, he will also be spurned by people, greedy for life and fear of death. , Kneel down to the enemy in order to survive.
Ye Nantian couldn’t bear all this.
“Brother, don’t worry!”
How could Chen Feng know Wang Yidao’s thoughts? When he made this bet, he didn’t think of backing down. Even if he died in the end, he didn’t feel ashamed. Besides, was Chen Feng an ordinary person?
Seeing Chen Feng’s firm and confident eyes, Ye Nantian hesitated, did not say anything, he knew his junior.
Moreover, Chen Feng would not fight a battle of uncertainty. Since he said this, he must be sure in his heart. Thinking of this, the anxiety and panic in Ye Nantian’s heart gradually calmed down.
But at this time, neither Wu Zhizhou, Fang Zheng, Ji Wudao, Cang Bo, or Guan Nantian were optimistic about this absolute.
Even though Chen Feng’s previous performance was amazing and his strength was extraordinary, he was highly praised by Wu Zhizhou, but even so, they still did not believe that Chen Fengsheng would win, or that the chance of winning was particularly low.
On the other hand, Chu He’s true Jinjin mid-term, no matter where such a strong person stomped, he could use it to attract attention.
They didn’t know what hidden strength Chen Feng had, and he was able to play against the mid-level Huajin masters. This scene seemed familiar. When Chen Feng revealed his strength just now, everyone guessed Chu He like that.
“I really don’t know the sky and the earth are thick!”
Seeing Chen Feng’s eyes, Chu He couldn’t help but smile. This feeling was like a child standing in front of an adult holding a treasured sword.
“My senior brother broke your master’s arm back then, and today I will kill you!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were cold, his breath raging, and his fighting spirit was full.
This trick can’t help but have to do with his own life and death, and another layer is to save Ye Nantian’s face, and at the same time, he has to get the last spot in the martial arts selection, so as to participate in world-class competitions. Only in this way can you collect Ye Nantian’s enemies back then. Information, so this battle, no matter from which point of view, can only be won, not defeated.
“Haha, things that do not live or die!”
Chu He sneered: “The reason why I studied martial arts is to avenge my master’s back then, but I didn’t expect that Ye Nantian was completely beaten and maimed, completely turned into a waste, so you can resist his hatred, don’t you Blame me, you can only blame you for not being Ye Nantian’s junior!”
“go to hell!”
As soon as Chuhe’s voice fell, Chen Feng shouted, his breath rose to the extreme, his whole spirit was like a rainbow, mobilizing his internal energy into his feet, resulting in a rapid increase in speed, and his whole person instantly disappeared from the spot.
Like a violent mad dragon, it went straight to Chu River.
At this moment, Chen Feng’s killing intent was not weak, Chu He, his whole person was like a sharp sword out of its sheath, unstoppable.
Chen Feng appeared, and then he slammed his fist towards Chu He.
Inner strength blended into his arms, making his fists extremely powerful. He opened his bow from left and right, his fists turned into shadows, and went straight to Chu River’s door.
Can step dragon shape
Chen Feng didn’t use his own martial arts, but instead attacked Chu He with the fist techniques of other martial arts. He was already close to Chu He, and his fists roared like thunder.
“court death!”
Chu He’s pupils shrank abruptly, Chen Feng shot too quickly, Chu He didn’t even react for a while, and quickly backed away and avoided.
Seeing this victory and chasing, Chen Feng slammed his right foot, and the concrete floor cracked, then his palm was half-clawed and he grabbed Chu He’s face.
It seems that Chen Feng is extremely irritable and makes continuous shots. In fact, he is extremely calm inside. The first move is not rash shots. Chen Feng attacks with his left hand and defends with his right hand. In the disadvantage, he retreated and defended, and the plan was extremely careful.
“Go away!”
Chu He was furious. He was suppressed by Chen Feng as soon as he took the shot. He was even more entangled at this moment, unable to achieve his full strength. He shouted and kicked out, preparing to distance the two of them.
Chu He was stronger than Chen Feng, so he was ready to fight Chen Feng with his own strength, but he didn’t find Chen Feng not playing cards according to the routine, and he was close to Chu He, so that he couldn’t draw hands at all.
Chu He kicked out a few consecutive kicks, but Chen Feng avoided him, and then he used his hands and feet to take down Chen Feng completely.
At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly changed his moves and attacked Chu He’s Xia San Lu.
Changing the fist to the leg, Chen Feng changed so quickly that Chu He couldn’t react at all in a short distance.
With a “bang”, Chen Feng kicked Chu He’s wrist, his hesitating reaction was not so fast, and the distance was too short, Chu He couldn’t hide at all, so he could only rush into his arm for maximum protection. Be safe by yourself.
Even so, there was a sharp pain in his wrist, the tiger’s mouth cracked, blood was flowing, and more importantly, because of the pain in his arm, he subconsciously let go of his hand, and the sword in his hand fell.
For soldiers, the gun is the second life.

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