Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 682

At this moment, how could he let it go with Chen Feng’s means, and quickly pursued the victory and prepared to end the duel.
This scene fell in Wang Yidao’s eyes, and made him feel moved. Chu He is his only apprentice, and he has carefully nurtured it for so many years, for the sake of shame and revenge for himself. If Chu He loses, it will not only be him. He couldn’t keep his life, nor could his revenge be avenged, and there were too many people watching the battle this time, and he would definitely not be able to gain a foothold in the martial arts world in the future.
But after watching it carefully, Chu He didn’t suffer severe damage and was not severely strong. Wang Yidao immediately breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a moment of fear.
Chu He’s figure retreated quickly, and no one else felt anything, but Ye Nantian, who was watching the battle, looked at this scene, somewhat familiar, as if he had seen this trick. At this moment, he suddenly remembered something and shouted: “Chen Feng, Be careful!”
“go to hell!”
Almost when Ye Nantian’s voice came out, Chu He also opened his eyes. At this moment, he had a hideous face and murderous intent. His hands were spread out, turning into an indestructible sword, facing Chen Feng who was chasing him. A knife fell.
Chu He didn’t keep his hands with this move, but his strongest killer move.
Facing this scene, Chen Feng couldn’t dodge, and he didn’t want to dodge. He suddenly stopped in extreme speed, his body surged, his feet clasped to the ground, and he slammed his fist, ready to take the opponent’s trick.
With a loud noise, the hand knives and fists collided, the aura raged, and dust was thrown up around them, covering the two of them.
Chu He has been preparing for a long time and can be said to wait for work at ease, and Chen Feng is also in a crisis, temporarily responding.
This move changed the situation.
“Unfortunate, if Chu He mentioned the Qinglong Baodao, Chen Feng would be in danger!”
Guan Nantian frowned slightly, showing a worried look.
Today, Chen Feng brought them amazing time and time again, and they were very fond of this junior. At this moment, I really don’t want Chen Feng to lose and be killed.
But Chu He is no ordinary person after all, otherwise he would not cultivate to the middle of Huajin. Although he was at a disadvantage just now, he still used his ultimate move to escape the catastrophe at the critical moment, and he also got a chance to breathe.
At this moment, Chu He slammed his right foot and swept to the side. As expected, he was going to raise the Qinglong Sword and slay Chen Feng. From the beginning of the competition, Chu He could be said to have been at a disadvantage. This made his pride accept No more.
You must know that he was a person in the middle stage of Huajin, and a person who inherited ancient martial arts. He did not expect to be so embarrassed by Chen Feng, a secular warrior, that he wanted to mention the Qinglong Baodao and shave Chen Feng alive to dispel him. Hate in the heart.
Chen Feng also saw this scene, knowing what the other party thinks, how can he let the other party do what he wants.
When it was said that it was too late, Chen Feng’s inner strength blended into his legs and stepped on fiercely. The ground cement cracked and rubble floated. Chen Feng grabbed the floating rubble and threw it out.
“Swish! Swish! Swish!”
Several rubbles were thrown by Chen Feng, and the rubbles whizzed and flew towards Chu River, preventing the opponent from getting the Azure Dragon Sword.
“Son of a bitch!”
Chu He yelled, and quickly avoided.
You must know that when you have cultivated to a certain level of martial arts, you can pick leaves and hurt people, not to mention the gravel thrown by Chen Feng now. The gravel is like a dart, and neither speed nor strength should be underestimated, Chu He didn’t have the confidence to use his body to resist this move.
Besides, this gravel contains Chen Feng’s inner strength and great power. If he can avoid it, why should he be stupid enough to use his body to harden it? This is completely meaningless.
Chen Feng knew that the opponent did not dare to take it hard, and his purpose was not to use this trick to hurt the opponent. His main purpose was to prevent the opponent from getting the Azure Dragon Sword. Seeing that the time was ripe, Chen Feng’s inner strength surged and rushed over. .
At this moment, Chen Feng used the mysterious breathing method to use his internal energy to maximize his speed. All he had to do was to grab the Qinglong Baodao first, kill the opponent, and then completely end the duel under the attention of everyone Take away his life, shame his brother.
At this moment, it attracted the attention of too many people, Cang Bo, Fang Zheng, Wu Zhizhou, and Wang Yidao. You must know that the battle between masters, life and death is often a matter of moments. At this time, the fight is speed. Who is fast? Whoever has the upper hand can fight back.
At this critical moment, the surroundings were surprisingly quiet, thirty meters, twenty meters, and ten meters. A ghostly figure appeared near the Qinglong Baodao, and it turned out to be Chen Feng.
In terms of speed, Chen Feng and Chu He were about the same, but just now Chen Feng used the gravel thrown away, causing Chu He to retreat. After a delay, the speed naturally could not keep up with Chen Feng.
Without any hesitation, Chen Feng stepped on one foot fiercely, and the Azure Dragon Sword was instantly bounced. Chen Feng grasped it in his hand, turned around fiercely, and slashed it.
This knife didn’t have any skills or moves, only one word was fast. From picking up the knife, to turning around and swinging it, there was only a moment.
“not good!”
Chu He’s heart sank, his hairs started to open up, his sense of crisis reached its peak in an instant, but he couldn’t control his body at the moment, and his heart trembled as he saw the sword approaching.
From the beginning of the fight to the present, for the first time he felt the breath of death coming. At the moment of crisis, his internal energy surged forward, suddenly stopped the forward body, and moved aside.
The slowness actually happened between the electric light and flint. Almost at this moment, the big knife that Chen Feng raised had already fallen, almost falling against the tip of Chu He’s nose.
Although the blade didn’t cut him, because the speed was too fast, the airflow still cut through Chu He’s skin, and the blood drops dropped, but fortunately, he didn’t hurt himself.
Chen Feng missed the knife and did not stay at all. He drew the knife instantly and waved his backhand. He wanted to take advantage of the situation and completely obliterate the opponent’s last hope.
Chu He had just escaped from life and death. He was in a state of mental tension and his mind was unstable. At this juncture, Chen Feng drew a knife again, and he had no way to escape. He could only subconsciously. Raising both hands, the inner strength surged and wanted to block with both hands.
But after all, his hands are a combination of flesh and blood, how can it be compared with a sword, and it is impossible to resist the surging of internal strength in time.
Of course, if the realm reaches the master level, maybe it can be done.
Chu He’s arms touched the big knife. Although his arm was not cut off, it was shattered. He screamed and flew out in response.
Chu He’s body flew far, then hit the ground heavily. ,
“It’s over!”
At this moment, Wu Zhizhou, Guan Nantian, and Fang Zheng moved in their hearts. They knew that this game was nearing its end and that Chu He, a master in the mid-stage of the Jin Jin, had completely lost!
Being defeated by Chen Feng is not only defeated, but life will not belong to him.

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