Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 683

“Inheritor of ancient martial arts? Vulnerable waste!”
Chen Feng stood and walked away, his expression cold, holding the Azure Dragon Sword in his hand, and his voice resounded in all directions for an instant.
Chu He didn’t answer. He was lying on the ground and twitching, like a fish leaving the water, breathing heavily. His arms were broken and he had no fighting power. He watched Chen Feng walk step by step. He was both scared and horrified, but at this moment he was like a fish on the chopping board and could only be manipulated.
So far, the duel was over. This scene completely lost the ability to think. They didn’t expect Chu He to lose.
At this moment, even Wu Zhizhou, Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, Ji Wudao and other senior experts were shocked by the phenomenon in front of them. The inheritor of Chu River’s ancient martial arts, the strong mid-level of strength, held the Qinglong sword, but In the end, he lost, to Chen Feng, who he looked down upon.
They even felt that all of this was a bit fake, how could Chu He be like this?
They thought that even if Chen Feng was strong, it was impossible to win Chu He in the mid-transition stage, but at this time Chu He’s screams reminded everyone that all of this was true.
“Before the duel, Elder Wu was full of praise for Chen Feng, and even said that Ye Nantian has such a junior, so he can be proud. I thought that Master Wu was a little exaggerated, but now it seems that I underestimated the other party!”
Guan Nantian touched his beard, with thoughts in his eyes, not only explaining to others, but also giving himself a reason.
“Yes, whether it is Chen Feng’s experience with the enemy, his astute response in battle, or the analysis of the battle situation in order to respond, no matter from which point of view, Chen Feng is really a role model for the younger generation, let alone the younger generation. It is difficult for us to do this!”
Ji Wudao agreed. Looking at Chen Feng at the moment, he had a very good impression of this junior.
“He is not only meticulous, his strength is not weak, otherwise he can’t do so. Just now Chu He’s strongest killer move has been brewing for a long time, and Chen Feng responded in a hurry, but even so, he still resisted. It’s so extraordinary! Our apprentice is ashamed of such strength!
Founder also spoke slowly at this moment, analyzing the challenge this time.
Hearing Master Fang Zheng’s analysis, several other people secretly turned around. Indeed, although Chen Feng’s strength is not as good as Chu He, it is similar, so, their apprentice. It is not Chen Feng’s opponent at all! ”
“How is it possible! How could this be? Why is he so powerful?”
Listening to the analysis of several elders, Ji Yun didn’t know why, and several questions just emerged.
Before this selection, when he first came out, he always thought that he was the first person in the middle of the stage of transformation, and even the best among the younger generation, so he was extremely confident.
Unexpectedly, the appearance of Tianying shocked his heart, thinking that the other party had given him a sense of crisis. Then, Chen Feng replaced Tianying in one place and became his strong enemy.
Then, the life and death duel between Chu He and Chen Feng attracted everyone’s attention. Chu He actually possessed the strength of the mid-phase of Huajin, but even so, Chu He was still defeated and lost to Chen Feng’s hands.
Looking at the indifference on Chen Feng’s face and the indifference that radiated from his body, Ji Yun knew that they were no longer of the same level.
“Hey, it’s incredible!”
Tianying has accepted this fact at this moment. He sighed and said: “We are incomparable with him. We are the inheritors of the family or the sect. Since we were young, we have learned the best exercises, taken the best medicines, and guided by the family elders, which makes us less travel. There are many detours and the road to martial arts is even smoother, but Chen Feng does not have these resources. His current strength is all obtained by himself. In this case, he has to be admired!”
“Well, the truth is admirable!”
San Jie rarely put away his cynical smile, and nodded with a stern expression on his face. He strongly agreed with Chen Feng. At this moment, he suddenly remembered something, his head tilted slightly, he wanted to see the arrogance just now. Ang, Wang Yi who vowed to kill Chen Feng, what expression will Senior Wang look like at this moment.
Wang Yidao’s eyes are protruding, his mouth is big, and he looks incredible. He didn’t expect that when he killed him, things would turn out to be what it is now, and Chu He’s embarrassed look lying on the ground reminded him all the time that it’s all What really happened before us.
He didn’t believe it, or he couldn’t believe it.
“How did that happen?”
“Why is this, how is this possible!”
Seeing Chen Feng coming like a god of death, Chu He kept repeating the two sentences just now, he was defeated, and his dignity and pride were completely crushed by Chen Feng.
“Trash you go first, I’m afraid you will be scared and afraid to fight me when I show my strength, that’s not good!”
“You dare to fangs with me?”
At this moment, he remembered his arrogant words and self-confidence before the game.
Lying on the ground, Chu He no longer had arrogance and self-confidence. Instead, he was lost and lost.
Chu He’s heart was broken at this moment, he had no hope, even if Chen Feng did not kill this time, his future road of martial arts would also end, and there would be no further progress.
Chu He sat up full, but this action caused severe pain in his chest. He couldn’t help but coughed. After a while, he looked at Chen Feng and said, “What martial arts did you use?”
“You can look down!”
Chen Feng’s voice was cold, like the wind of death blowing in Jiuyou, Chu He was already a dead person at his serious moment, and he felt that he could not show mercy to his enemies.
Of course, Wang Yidao competed with Ye Nantian. In the end, Ye Nantian’s men were merciful and did not take the other’s life. But Wang Yidao not only didn’t feel grateful, but also wanted to avenge Ye Nantian all the time. Even after Ye Nantian was disabled, Wang Yidao did not give up this opportunity. And he was going to send his apprentice to take Ye Nantian’s life.
Chen Feng is Ye Nantian’s junior, no matter from which angle, Chu He will undoubtedly die, Chen Feng will not be merciful, let alone pity.
“Tell me, what is your martial arts? Tell me!”
Chu He’s face was pale, and his body was constantly moving on the ground to where Chen Feng was. Coupled with his hysterical voice, this scene made everyone feel that Chu He had completely collapsed. He just wanted to understand the defeat before he died. What kind of martial arts did Chen Feng, his inheritor of ancient martial arts, learn?
“go to hell!”
Just when everyone was thinking that Chen Summit would not tell each other, Chu He suddenly roared, sweeping away his frustrated expression, his face was squalid, his eyes revealed insidiousness, and he rushed towards Chen Feng with lightning speed.

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