Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 684

He wants to completely abolish Chen Feng to relieve his hatred!
In between, he lifted his leg and greeted Chen Feng’s Xia Sanlu directly. The following is the most vulnerable part of the human body. Even if Chen Feng has strong internal strength, if this kick is hit, Chen Feng will not die or be abandoned.
If it is someone else, he might be caught, but he is facing Chen Feng.
If Chen Feng couldn’t even see this trick, he would not survive now.
Seeing Chu He kicked over, Chen Feng didn’t hesitate to raise the Qinglong sword and cut it down.
The sword of Qinglong is extremely sharp, even if it is pig iron, it will be cut to pieces, not to mention the flesh and blood legs. With a stab, Chu He’s leg of ordinary tender tofu is cut off by the sword.
Chu He screamed and fell to the ground trembling constantly, blood flowing like a shot.
His expressions and words just now were just to make Chen Feng relax his vigilance, and then took the opportunity to take Chen Feng’s life, but he didn’t expect to eat his own fruit and his leg was cut off.
“Huh, dogs can’t change eating shit, what kind of virtue is the master, and the apprentice is also the same virtue!”
Chen Feng held the Qinglong sword in his hand, standing proudly, looking down at Chu River, his words were full of disdain.
Just now Chu He’s performance made everyone think that this Tianjiao had completely lost his combat effectiveness, and his master Wang Yidao had a bright light in his eyes, and he knew what his apprentice was going to do.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng reacted so quickly. Not only did he avoid the heavy blow, he also cut off Chu He’s leg with a backhand.
All this was slow to say, but in fact it happened between the electric light and flint, avoiding the attack from Chen Feng, and then cutting off Chu He’s leg. It happened almost instantly, and everyone stayed in place.
Today’s duel can be said to be very exciting, the content one after another, sometimes prevailing, sometimes losing, this line of contrast makes everyone sigh.
Chu He was lying on the ground, his whole body stained red with blood. He looked at Chen Feng, his eyes full of resentment and regret.
“Buckling, or I just started carelessly and kicked off the weapon by you, what right do you ants have to bark in front of me!” Chu He lay on the ground, his words full of regret.
Hearing what Chu He said, Chen Feng laughed wildly, and said, “Chu He, Chu He, originally I regarded you as an opponent, but I didn’t expect you to say such things. Can’t you afford to lose? It’s too sad if you think so! I didn’t expect the inheritor of ancient martial arts to be so spineless at this moment!”
As soon as Chen Feng’s voice fell, Chu He spit out a mouthful of blood. He was so annoyed by Chen Feng’s words that he felt a sigh of relief in his chest at the moment, and he was extremely aggrieved.
Wu Zhizhou, Guan Nantian and others heard the conversation between Chu He and Chen Feng, and they were silent.
They felt that what Chen Feng said was right, that the contest only had to win or lose, and there was nothing if, but they also felt that what Chu He said was right. He was really careless. If it weren’t for Chen Feng to be like a fierce tiger at the beginning, Chu He could not use his full strength. Kicking Chu He’s knife down made him lose the wind as soon as he touched Chu He. If it weren’t for this, as Chu He said, Chen Feng might not have won, or might not have won so easily.
At this moment, Wang gritted his teeth, if his arm hadn’t been broken, he would have liked to rush forward and break Chen Feng.
Chu He was cultivated by him alone. Both martial arts and medicine are the best, and he has also worked hard to exercise Chu He’s will.
In his opinion, Chu He broke through the middle of Huajin when he was less than 30 years old. Whether in ancient times or now, Chu He can be called Tianjiao, the outstanding Chu among his peers.
In the face of this kind of strength, he believed that Chen Feng was bound to die, and it was a matter of grasping to wash away his grievances. but!
At this moment, all illusions disappeared. At the beginning of the duel, Chu He fell under the wind because he underestimated the enemy. Just now when Chu He asked Chen Feng what kind of martial arts he was studying, he saw a glimmer of hope because he told the only apprentice. .
“As long as you can achieve your goals, as long as you can defeat your opponents, you must use any means at all costs and as long as the final winner is you, then all history is written by the winner!”
Chu He was defeated, and Wang Yidao’s desire for revenge fell through. Looking at Chu He lying on the ground at this moment, he did not have the slightest pity for being a master, and some were just resentful, hating the other party for not earning his breath and failing to help him get revenge.
Chu He lay on the ground and gasped for breath, and then he spouted another mouthful of blood. After the blood spurted out, his face was slightly slower, and he looked at Chen Feng with hatred, full of unwillingness: “I’m really unwilling!”
“Useless waste, you lose when you lose, why are you still alive!”
Without waiting for Chen Feng’s answer, Chu He’s master Wang in the distance spoke coldly. In his opinion, Chu He could no longer avenge him, and now he would only lose face.
Hearing Wang Yidao’s words, Chu He was taken aback and looked back at his master with an unbelievable expression. He did not expect his master to speak like this.
“Huh, did you see it? This is your respected master. You are just a piece of his chess piece. He will abandon you without hesitation or even kill you when you wait for things that are useless. The person who most wants you to die now is not me, and your master!”
Wang Yidao’s words made Chu He unacceptable at first, but Chen Feng did not expect to say again, his master’s original idea.
“shut up!”
Chu He roared, and again affected the injury, with blood flowing in his mouth.
“Master, is this really the case? Am I just a tool for your revenge? Do I only have these values?”
Chu He looked sad and looked at his master, his only relative in this world. He even regarded the master as his father. He was afraid. He was not afraid of death, but afraid that what Chen Feng said was true. .
“You can judge yourself!” Wang Yidao didn’t look at Chu He’s eyes, and answered his words faintly in his mouth.
“Really! Good, good, I didn’t expect Chu He to end this way, okay!”
The only hope in Chu He’s heart was shattered. He yelled hello several times, raised his right hand and surging inside, slapped his chest with a palm, cutting off the last trace of vitality.
Chu He died. He did not die by Chen Feng’s sword. He committed suicide, but it was entirely because of his master’s last words.
At this moment, even the air calmed down, and the words of Chu He before his death echoed in everyone’s ears. Those good voices revealed his inner despair.
Chen Feng stared at the scene in front of him blankly, Chu He is bound to die today, but even Chen Feng did not expect that he would end in this way.
“Wang Yidao, no matter how you say Chu He is also your apprentice, and is the only one, how can you be so cruel?”
After a short silence, Cang Bo of the Tianshan Sect couldn’t help but said that their Tianshan Sect had some connections with the Wang Family, and they had a lot of friendship even in modern times.

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