Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 685

“Since we are defeated, why should we survive? This is also his best destination!”
Wang Yidao’s expression was indifferent, as if Chu He’s death was insignificant to him.
“Amitabha Buddha, goodness, goodness, king benefactor, your obsession is too deep, killing is too heavy, if things go on like this, you will fall into the realm of demons!”
Master Fang Zheng, seeing this scene, couldn’t bear it, and asked me a word of advice.
“Dead bald donkey, you silence me!”
Before Grandmaster Fang Zheng finished speaking, Wang Yidao yelled at him, and then Wang Yidao glanced at Ye Nantian without concealing the killing intent in his eyes.
Ye Nantian has been crippled, and he will have no chance to fight the opponent again.
Originally wanted to train Chu He to avenge himself, but now Chu He is dead, and there is no chance. At this moment, his hatred for Ye Nantian and Brother Chen Feng is already overwhelming. He wants to rush to kick Chen Feng’s Tianling cover directly. .
It’s just that there are a few people of the same level as him here, and Wu Zhizhou, if he does it, he will definitely be stopped.
“Bad son, bring me the Azure Dragon Sword!”
Wang Yidao was angry at the moment, and he was not very polite to Chen Feng.
“Hmph, you competed with my senior, and after you lost, you used despicable means to sneak attack. Even so, my senior still let you go. Unexpectedly, you not only did not know your gratitude, but you were also waiting for an opportunity to retaliate! It’s really a shame to have someone like you!”
Chen Feng did not flinch, and sarcastically faced Wang Yidao’s gaze.
“Asshole, you are looking for death!”
Wang Yidao didn’t expect that Chen Feng would dare to expose his scars, and his breath broke out. As long as Chen Feng said one more thing, he would immediately rush to shoot Chen Feng to death.
When Wu Zhizhou and Guan Nantian saw this scene, their hearts moved, and their inner strength was secretly surging. If the king made a shot, the two of them protected Chen Feng for the first time.
“It’s just a broken knife, here you are!”
While Chen Feng was talking, with a wave of his right hand, the Qinglong sword flew towards Wang.
Wang took it with one hand, but his eyes kept staring at Chen Feng, wishing to cut the opponent into pieces immediately.
“You don’t need to look at me like that. It is obviously impossible to kill me now. After half a year, I will come to my door to kill you!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were still cold, and he looked at Wang Yidao and said slowly.
His words really shocked the people present. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had just finished a duel and then challenged again. The challenger turned out to be Wang Yidao, the ruler of the Wang family.
You must know that although Wang Yidao broke his arm, his strength did not lose much. Everyone present, even Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, and Ji Wudao dare not say that Wang Yidao could beat Wang Yidao. After all, Wang Yidao was the late Huaguo Huajin. , Even if it is in the late stage of Huajin, it belongs to the best.
With Wang Yidao’s strength, killing Chen Feng is like trying to get something, two people are not of the same level at all.
Not to mention everyone, even Wang Yidao was stunned at this time.
“What… what did you say?”
“Half a year, only half a year, I will come to your home to kill you!” Chen Feng repeated what he said just now.
“Haha, good, very good, bastard, I am waiting for you, I will see how capable you are then!”
Wang Yidao sneered, but with a move in his heart, this was an opportunity. Then he could blatantly slaughter Chen Feng, this bastard, and all his hatred would be reported.
Thinking of the comparison, Wang Yidao was already determined to pay attention, so he didn’t say any more, glanced at Ye Nantian coldly, then turned and left here, while the body of his apprentice Chu He was still lying there.
From the beginning to the end, Wang Yidao didn’t look at his apprentice again. Everyone at the scene felt that Wang Yidao was too unkind and unkind.
After Wang Yidao left, everyone walked and looked at Chen Feng.
Fang Zheng, Guan Nantian and others felt that Chen Feng was a bit self-righteous after winning Chu He. Of course, Chen Feng dared to challenge Wang with a knife. Their descendants did not possess such courage.
“What does Chen Feng think?”
Ji Yun couldn’t help but speak at this moment. He felt that Chen Feng was too overpowered. Although he defeated Chu He, Wang Yidao was not at the same level as him. Such behavior was like death.
“I remembered, you said before that you would challenge me and defeat me completely, right?”
Chen Feng turned his gaze to Ji Yun, his eyes gloomy.
Hearing what Chen Feng said, Ji Yun was stunned with a wry smile. When Chen Feng first played against Wu Zhizhou, he always thought that Wu Zhizhou had kept his hand, and his words were exaggerated. His strength was not strong, but Chu Hehe He saw Chen Feng’s battle clearly, and his heart was shaken. After seeing Chen Feng’s strength, how he dared to challenge again, he didn’t want to be the second Chuhe.
“Ahem, um, Yun’er was joking just now, don’t take it seriously!”
Ji Wudao gave a dry cough and said with a smile on his face.
I knew that Ji Yun was young and easily irritated. If he was irritated and stepped forward with Chen Feng, the result would be a disastrous defeat.
Secondly, if Ji Yun didn’t dare to fight, then the spread of their family’s reputation would be completely ruined.
Ji Yun also heard his father’s words on the side, with a smile on his face, but his heart was extremely aggrieved, but he himself knew that if he really played against Chen Feng, he would not have the slightest confidence to win.
“Haha, it’s okay! Master Ji, I wanted to learn about the martial arts of your family. Since Brother Ji Yun is joking, it’s a pity. I have the opportunity to visit another day. I hope I will give you some advice by then! ”
Chen Feng hit a haha, and did not continue to say anything. Although he is now strong, he will not deceive people too much. He is not forgiving. At this moment, he has hit a round and gave Ji Wudao a face.
“Haha, well, I have a chance to come to my Ji’s house in the future!”
After hearing Chen Feng’s words, Ji Wudao sighed in secret. Chen Feng is now a leader among the juniors, and even Chu He in the middle of Huajin is not an opponent. Although Ji Wudao is a master, Don’t dare to underestimate the opponent, because the most terrifying thing about this kind of person is not his current strength, but his potential, because you don’t know when he will break through the barrier and become a master in Huajin.
“Well, today’s martial arts selection is over. Chen Feng is outstanding and let him represent China in the world competition. Do you have any opinions?”
The person in charge of this selection, Wu Zhizhou’s eyes swept away and everyone slowly said.
Although the game had already had results, Wu Zhizhou still asked according to the rules.
The surrounding masters, Fang Zheng, Cang Bo, Ji Wudao and others did not have any opinion. This time the martial arts selection was none other than Chen Feng.
Both Ji Yun and Tianying looked at Chen Feng with envious expressions, but they knew that Chen Feng should be like this. He was so honored by his own strength.

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