Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 686

As for San Jie’s still indifferent expression, he was not interested in this at all. It didn’t matter to him who got the last spot, he just hoped to leave this ghost place quickly and go to the outside world to have a happy life.
“Well, since I don’t have any opinions, then it’s so decided, I will report this matter to the organization, and they will make the final decision!”
Wu Zhizhou pondered for a moment and continued: “Then today’s selection is over!”
“Everyone, I’ll leave first!”
Wu Zhizhou gave everyone a fist, then turned and left.
Although Chen Feng did not force Ji Yun to face him against him, Ji Wudao’s face was also a bit unbearable. Everyone felt like a mirror. Ji Wudao did not dare to confront Chen Feng, so he flinched, and Chen Feng’s attitude was not very tough. Given Ji Wudao’s face, he didn’t want to stay too much at this moment.
“Chen Feng, I admire you. You are very strong, but I will not be willing to fall too far behind you. I hope that one day we two can have a duel!”
Tianying was silent for a moment and said to Chen Feng.
“Haha, Brother Tianying is serious, we have the opportunity to discuss each other!”
Chen Feng still has a good impression of Tianying. He thinks that the other party is the real warrior.
Hearing Chen Feng’s answer, Tianying smiled and nodded, then Cangbo threw a fist at everyone and led Tianying away.
Seeing that everyone had already left, Sanjie couldn’t wait for a long time and came to Chen Feng and said, “I said, big brother, when should we go to play!”
Seeing Sanjie’s unpromising appearance, Fang’s front was as earthy, wishing to go up and slap his big bald head a few times.
“This! Brother, I have something to deal with, you go back first, I will contact you in the afternoon, let’s go have a pot!”
Chen Feng said to San Jie with a smile on his face.
Don’t mention Sanjie at this time. This feeling is happier than winning the lottery.
Master Fang Zheng left with Sanjie, and only Chen Feng, Ye Nantian and Guan Nantian were left here.
“Chen Feng, you just promised to challenge Wang with a knife. It was so reckless!”
Ye Nantian frowned, his expression worried.
“Yes, although Wang Yidao has already broken his arm, his combat effectiveness has not been greatly affected. He has reached the peak of the late stage of Huajin. You have no chance of winning against him, and Wang Yidao will never be so naive. mistake!”
Guan Nantian sighed and thought Chen Feng’s move was a bit wrong.
Chen Feng had been listening to him all the time. He had seen the worries and hesitations of Senior Brother and Guan Nantian before, and he knew something was going on.
“Brother, don’t worry about seniors, you don’t have to worry about it. I did this for a reason. Wang Yidao had a grudge against him. He spent a lot of energy to avenge him, but his only apprentice died in my hands today. The hatred is already overwhelming. Under this situation, I am very dangerous. It is impossible for my seniors and brothers to protect me every step of the way. Therefore, I said a half-year appointment, and all the seniors are there. In this case, my danger is relatively high. Lower it a lot!”
“Yes, Not Bad!”
After Ye Nantian and Guan Nantian heard Chen Feng’s explanation, they nodded secretly. Indeed, from Wang Yidao’s performance just now, if there were not several masters and Wu Zhizhou present, Chen Feng was afraid that they would be killed immediately.
“Another point is that the reason why I chose to challenge him is to put some pressure on myself. I think under this pressure, I will be free from distractions and concentrate on improving my martial arts realm. It’s not a good thing. Besides, in this world-class competition, the strange thing is that there are none of the hidden powers. This makes one have to suspect that this competition is a bit strange, and I vaguely think something is going to happen. A major event is about to happen in the world, and it may be in chaos!”
“Well, that’s right!”
Where did Chen Feng get a lot of information from Wu Zhizhou, and under the analysis of this information, people suddenly felt covered by clouds. Chen Feng is now a well-deserved strong man among the younger generation. He just got this person and didn’t let him. I was ecstatic in my heart, but on the contrary, the pressure was increasing. The so-called greater ability and greater responsibility, Chen Feng will not be able to do whatever he wants as before.
“Chen Feng, you don’t have to think too much. The pressure is too much. If you are anxious for success, you will fall behind. Everything is worthy of your heart!”
Chen Feng sent the brother and Guan Nantian to the residence. Before leaving, the brother was a little worried to remind.
“Brother, don’t worry!”
Chen Feng nodded, turned and left.
Guan Nantian said that the world of martial arts may really change in the future.
In summer, the weather is hot, and even at night, the temperature is still very good, unless you are hiding in a room where you are free and walking on the street, like walking barbecue.
But summer is still good for most men, because at this time you can see those exposed girls walking on the street, becoming a beautiful landscape in this city.
“Wow, look at that beauty, how beautiful, oops, look at that long-legged beauty, but she wears too little, the pants are not as big as my underwear!”
San Jie walked in the street with excitement, the beauties on the street, he only felt that he couldn’t get through with a pair of eyes.
Not long after, Sanjie, Yuwenbo, Chen Feng and others came out of the restaurant, their faces flushed.
After Yu Wenbo and San Jie met, they drank a few more cups. They only felt that they were too late to meet each other. The two drank a lot of wine, and Chen Feng didn’t drink much, but only met them symbolically.
After the meal was over, and did not disperse, Yu Wenbo called, called a car, and then took Sanjie, Chen Feng went to CWA, the largest bar in Xiliang.
CWA is a well-known bar in Xiliang and even in China. It covers an area of more than ten acres. No matter the equipment or decoration inside, it is one of the few. At night, it is a paradise for young people. Many handsome boys and girls, all Gather here to dance.
However, the most distinctive feature here is the little girl who accompanies the wine. The little girls here are beautiful and beautiful, with a pinch of water on their skin, and these beauties come from all over the world, and different places can be said to be the most important in the bar. A means of management.
Bars like this were originally strictly controlled under normal circumstances, but everything in the bar has not been sealed off. Few people even come to this place to look for things. For a while, the owner behind the bar has become a mystery to everyone. Many people speculate. His background is particularly deep.
At about ten thirty in the evening, a luxury car parked at the entrance of the bar, and Chen Feng, Yu Wenbo, and San Jie walked out of the car.
“Wenbo, you deserve to be my confidant, my friend!” San Jie looked at the luxuriously decorated bar, already incoherent in excitement.

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