Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 689

“Well, Chen Feng is very good, very strong!”
William narrowed his eyes with interest. He had heard of Chen Feng’s name a long time ago. He single-handedly rushed to Dongying, saved the hostages, and later killed two strong men on the god list. It was not easy. .
From then on, William ordered Evka to inquire about Chen Feng’s news at all times. He had already regarded Chen Feng as his opponent.
“There is another thing. Just recently, a world-class martial arts organization suddenly spread the word that the number of participants in the competition has suddenly tripled!”
“Haha, it’s okay, it’s just some clowns, even those who were selected before, it doesn’t matter. In this competition, those people are destined to become green leaves and set off for the strong!”
William revealed his arrogance in his words, and then continued: “In the next few days, Iveka, you have to investigate Chen Feng, and all the forces that are hostile to him will also be investigated, and what are the hostile forces and these hostile forces. Who among them participated in this competition, and a simple assessment of their strength!”
“Yes, boss!”
Evka hurriedly said yes, but she was a little confused and hesitated to ask: “The leader can definitely win the game with your strength. What are you going to do to find out?”
“Nothing, I’m just afraid that Chen Feng died prematurely!”
You can hear from William’s words that in his eyes Chen Feng is like a person who has been sentenced to death. It’s just who is responsible for the operation. If he fails to fight Chen Feng in the end, it will be his regret.
“Subordinates understand!”
Evka suddenly realized that William’s realm is only valuable if he kills the same rank with his reputation.
South America, in the primeval forest.
There is a man dressed as a primitive man walking in the dense forest.
The leather skirt he was surrounding was an adult leopard, skinned and worn on his body after he was killed.
I saw that he was holding a stone axe in his hand, and when he walked, the branches or trees in front of him would break with a single wave, opening up a walkable path.
There are many wild beasts in the rain in the primeval forest, but no matter which kind of beast meets him, they all show fear. Flee immediately.
These are all because of the killing intent radiating from the young man. The killing intent on his body has almost turned into substance, making all creatures shudder every time they feel it.
Moreover, animals have a very sensitive sense of smell. They can smell the blood of the same kind on young people. Moreover, these beasts are not without the slightest wit. They have seen bloody scenes of young men slaughtering the same kind.
The young man’s hand-held stone axe was like a god of war, and there was no animal that could stop him wherever he went. After a while, he walked through the primeval forest and walked out.
What caught my eye was the endless grassland. The young man took a deep breath and walked away.
There are many wooden houses scattered on the grassland, and many people can be seen walking in the distance. Some people are dressed like young men.
The young man walked to the grassland wooden house, and sometimes people passed by him, and he responded with a smile. At this moment, his temperament was very different from just now.
“Baka, the chief just said, let you see him as soon as you come back!”
A middle-aged man in the distance saw Bakar and shouted.
The young man named Baka responded and walked to the center of the wooden house.
There is a wooden structure house in the center. The house is huge and surrounded by stone walls. It is completely different from the surrounding houses. This is the residence of the tribal leader.
Baka came to the room and saw a gray-haired old man above.
“Baka has seen the leader, what do you want me to do?”
The old man slowly opened his eyes, and Baka did not dare to neglect and hurriedly bowed to salute.
This old man is the leader of the tribe and also Baka’s grandfather. The old man looks at Baka, his eyes full of doting and pride.
“Little Baka, you are already twenty-four years old this year. If you stay in the tribe, you won’t be able to broaden your horizons. It’s time for you to go out!”
Baka was taken aback, and said: “First… Where do you want me to go, grandpa?”
“This world-class martial arts competition will be held in the Vatican. Where do you go to represent our Indians in the competition? You have reached the mid-stage of dynamism. I don’t ask you to achieve the final victory, just participate in this competition. I believe your strength will improve!”
“Grandpa, don’t worry, I won’t lose the face of Indians!”
Baka looked confident.
“it is good!”
Hearing Baka’s answer, the old man’s smile grew stronger, and he continued: “Tomorrow your uncle Ollie will go with you, so go back and clean up!”
The next day Baka got up early and waited outside. When Uncle Oli was also ready, the two left the tribe riding a leopard. This was the first time Baka left the tribe and was full of yearning for the outside world.
In another place far away, Egypt, in an ancient palace.
An old man wearing a black robe, holding a staff in his hand, sitting on a chair, looked down and said, “My child, you are leaving here tomorrow and represent us in Egypt to participate in a world-class martial arts competition!”
The old man’s voice is not loud, but it gives people a feeling of irresponsibility.
Indeed, as the Pharaoh of Egypt, he has great reputation, and he is the only person who inherited the ancient heritage of Egypt. He is extremely powerful. He is a god in this country, and all the people obey him.
There was a young man below the main hall, and after hearing Pharaoh’s words, he quickly bowed down.
“Yes, Lord Pharaoh!”
Pharaoh stood up, looked deep into the distance, and said: “We have not participated in such a competition for many years, but this time is different. After the competition, some things may be affected, so I must participate. My request for you is , Don’t lose the reputation of this country!”
“Master Pharaoh, don’t worry, if Ferdido doesn’t get a place back, he is willing to no longer live in this world!”
The young man knelt on the ground, his voice full of confidence and piety.
“Hahaha, it doesn’t have to be the case, you just need to do your best, go back, pack things up, and go!”
Hearing what Pharaoh said, Feiddo quickly got up from the ground, nodded and said yes, and then left the hall.
Dongying across the sea from China.
In a palace in Dongying, a young man in Dongying samurai clothes was sitting cross-legged on the ground at the moment, his body motionless, if he didn’t look closely, he thought the other person was sitting down.
A simple, vicissitudes of knife stood beside this young man. This knife looked inconspicuous, but it was the famous middle knife of Dongying.
The door of the young man’s room was pushed open, and an old man in a uniform walked in.

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