Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 690

The young man opened his eyes fiercely, and there was a glimmer of light flashing in his eyes, accompanied by the heavy murderous intent. After seeing the old man’s face, the young man’s murderous intent was obviously back to normal.
“It’s been ten years, Zuo Zhu, how do you feel like you have been in retreat for so long?” The old man looked at the young man in front of him and said slowly.
The young man hurriedly got up and saluted, and then respectfully said: “I have met an adult. Since I took the medicine you gave me ten years ago, my physique has improved. In these ten years of retreat, I have reached the mid-stage of energization! ”
Between Zuo Zhu’s words, there is pride and gratitude to the elderly.
This young man was not simple. Ten years ago, he was known as the first genius of Dongying martial arts, but he disappeared one day. His disappearance caused a shock in the Dongying martial arts world. Many forces searched for it, but there was no clue. In the end, everyone thought he had no idea. Reborn.
In fact, he was picked up by Dongying’s official secret, and then cultivated him secretly.
“Well, yes, it’s been ten years, and it’s time for you to leave the customs, now there is one thing for you to do!”
The old man was very satisfied with Zuo Zhu.
“My lord, please tell me!” Zuo Zhu quickly and respectfully said.
“Tomorrow you will leave Dongying with the people of Shenyin and go to participate in this world-class martial arts competition. Whether you can win the championship is secondary to your design. The most important thing is that you have to kill someone during the competition!”
The old man said this, thinking of the shame of the Dongying martial arts world, and the anger in his eyes almost burst out.
“Who to kill?”
“Hua Guo Chen Feng!” The old man said these words almost gritted his teeth.
“My lord, don’t worry, I will cut off Chen Feng’s head!”
Zuo Zhu’s murderous intention suddenly appeared as he spoke, and his eyes lighted up.
The old man was very satisfied with Zuo Zhu’s performance.
In this day’s time, the world’s major powers, families or sects and their descendants have all set off at this moment, and the goal is the Vatican.
But Zuo Zhu of Dongying didn’t do what they did. Instead, he uttered words that killed Chen Feng across thousands of rivers and mountains.
As soon as this sentence came out, it caused a sensation. You must know that Zuo Zhu was the most talented warrior of Dongying in a century. Ten years ago, he was already a strong man among the younger generation of Dongying, but he suddenly disappeared mysteriously ten years ago.
Unexpectedly, when he reappeared, Zuo Zhu would say to kill Chen Feng, how could this calm everyone.
Moreover, Chen Feng had toppled Dongying upside down, which was a shame to the world of Dongying martial arts. For such a person, all the warriors of Dongying could not kill Chen Feng to relieve his hatred and wash away the shame.
This matter slowly became known to the warriors in the world. This time the sensation was not because of Zuo Zhu, but because of Chen Feng.
It is well known that Chen Feng became famous after Dongying and his entourage, and then killed the descendant of the hidden family of Jing family. Later, the descendant of the Chinese sword king wanted to challenge Chen Feng, but was killed. These deeds have spread all over the country. It is no exaggeration Except those who practice in retreat in the martial arts world, everyone knows.
Under such circumstances, Dongying’s Zuo Zhu even dared to challenge Chen Feng, and vowed to take Chen Feng’s head, how could one not be shocked.
“This time I saw a lot of fun. Dongying’s Zuo Zhu didn’t know if I could meet Chen Feng in the martial arts competition!”
“I just don’t know, which of them is stronger and weaker?”
“Let me say that Chen Feng is in the limelight these days, and his strength is obvious to all. He should win. Besides, Dongying’s Zuo Zhu is a rare genius, but he has not seen him for so many years. Who knows how strong he is? ?”
Originally, the warriors were paying attention to this world-class martial arts competition, but who knew that there was a stick in the middle left Zhuo, and he wanted to challenge Chen Feng, which attracted a lot of attention.
Everyone discussed whether Chen Feng and Zuo Zhu could meet in the martial arts competition. If they meet, if they do, who will win?
Chen Feng didn’t know what happened outside.
On the South Mountain in Xiliang, in the courtyard where Ye Nantian lives.
Facing the first sun, Chen Feng was breathing through the mysterious breathing method.
“Ok?” Chen Feng was closing his eyes and vomiting, but at this moment he suddenly opened his eyes and frowned slightly.
“What’s wrong? Xiaofeng!”
Ye Nantian, who had been watching from the side, suddenly stepped forward and asked with concern.
I saw Chen Feng shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Senior brother, it’s okay. It’s just that my strength hasn’t improved during this period of time. It is inevitable that I am a little impatient!”
Since Chen Feng studied martial arts, it can be said to have a smooth journey. There are few bumps. His previous realm has improved very quickly, but since he entered Huajin, he stayed in the early stage for a long time, but even so, he is still a young one. The strong of the generation.
It’s just that as the descendants of the hidden family leave, his advantages are gradually being pulled away, whether it is Tianying, Sanjie, Ji Yun, Jing Teng and his strength are almost the same.
There is also Chu He, a strong man. Although he lost to Chen Feng in the end, Chen Feng was a bit difficult to win in this battle. Aside from the experience of the battle, Chen Feng is not Chu He’s opponent by strength alone.
This fact really frustrated Chen Feng, so last time he said he challenged the king with a knife, in order to put pressure on himself. On that day, he dealt with some things in the world, and then came directly here to prepare for retreat for the future Prepare for the martial arts competition.
But I didn’t expect that after coming here, my cultivation speed would even slow down.
“Xiaofeng, you are really too impatient!”
Ye Nantian sighed and continued: “You have reached the bottleneck now, which is the limit your body can withstand!”
“But Na Chuhe has reached the middle stage of the dynamism!”
Ye Nantian explained: “You are different from them. They are a hidden family and an inherited family. If you talk about the moves alone, you may be the same as them, but if you have the training time and devotion to martial arts. You are far behind them, and there is one more important point!”
“It’s medicine assistance. You must know that medicine can change the martial artist’s physique and increase internal strength, and you can also directly break through this realm. However, these are the current martial arts circles who want to directly use medicine to shorten the time!”
“But inheritors of ancient martial arts like Jing Jia will not do this. They will only use drugs to slowly change their physique, but they will not use drugs to make breakthroughs. In contrast, you have never used these foreign objects. , You can reach the present level, it can already prove your appearance!”
Ye Nantian smiled and explained the cause and effect of the matter.
“Oh I see!”
Chen Feng suddenly remembered what Wu Zhizhou once said. He said that in this world-class martial arts competition, a group of energetic young people will appear.

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