Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 693

Chen Feng’s goal is the holy city of Eagle Nation, but the plane needs to be transited in Tibai.
Speaking of Tibai, it is the most populous city in Ala Khan, the economic and financial center of the Middle East, and it is also known as the richest city in Ala Khan!
The city of Tibai can be said to be very famous all over the world. Whenever people mention Tibai, the two words “luxury!” will not automatically come to mind.
After several hours of flying, Chen Feng’s passenger plane landed at Dibai Airport. Due to a four-hour intermission, Chen Feng did not stop at the airport after getting off the plane. After all, there were four hours, and the time was also Not short.
Besides, I have come to Dibai. Although time is tight, I can’t go out and play, but it’s okay to see it.
Chen Feng had a bite to eat and went to stroll outside the airport. Time passed a little bit, and it was only about eight o’clock that he entered the airport again through security check.
At this moment, a noisy voice came from the front, and a group of men swaggered out of the special passage. It could be seen that the appearance of this group of people was not Arab, but European and American.
The leading man, dressed in a suit, was dressed in the wrong way, but his face was not so good at the moment, so gloomy.
Beside this man, there was a graceful woman. She was dressed in professional attire. She was tall and bumpy, which made people look bright. The woman did not speak, but followed closely behind the man. .
Behind the two of them, there were seven or eight strong men. Seeing that their skin color did not seem to come from the same place, they could tell that they should be bodyguards through their dressing and demeanor.
A group of people walked in mighty, and the headed man was not only in a bad mood, but his pace was also very fast, as if something urgent was waiting for him.
The woman behind him, trotting all the way, was still left behind. The woman did not complain, and still followed the man’s pace.
“Damn, this group of bastards, they didn’t keep a little promise, they said good things, and now they regret it again. What a bastard!”
The headed man couldn’t help but scolded as he walked, showing how angry he was inside.
“Dear Master Caesar, you are right, those Arahan people are really not keeping their promises!”
Following the woman in professional attire on the side, she agreed, saying that she is Caesar’s assistant. In her words, Caesar is the assistant to the president of a certain group company of Eagle Country. This time I came to Alahan mainly to talk about oil cooperation.
They had already been here once before, and this was the second time. They had already negotiated, but the other party suddenly changed his mind.
I was planning to sign a contract, but the other party raised the price of a barrel of oil by one-tenth from the original price.
This made the Eagle Nation’s financial group think that the other party was deliberate, and deliberately played them in this way.
“These bastards, if it weren’t because I was anxious to go back to attend Princess Anne’s birthday party, I would definitely go to them to be fair this time!” Caesar looked angry, although he also knew that the oil had risen recently because of the United States. Price, but it will never rise to such an exaggerated point.
“Yes, they tore up the treaty without authorization this time because they didn’t talk about credibility. They will definitely pay the price for this stupid behavior!” The blonde beside Caesar looked angry.
Although it is their UAE royal family that represents the Arab side this time, the blonde still feels that the other party will regret it.
The Caesar in front of her is not simply an assistant to the president of the Eagle Country Consortium. His other identity is the direct line of the Caesar family of the Eagle Country Royal Family, and he is the most promising person to inherit the position of the patriarch in the future.
The Caesar family is not only a family of the Eagle Kingdom, but also a family with a long heritage. Whether it is power or wealth, the family is at the top, comparable to several top families in Korea.
Even the Caesar family can control the direction of the political power. If it weren’t for the royal Princess Anne banquet, he would not be invited to it.
The topic discussed by the other party was heard word by word by Chen Feng. He did not expect that these people were from Europe and the United States, and they were from the family of the Eagle Country. What made him even more unexpected was that the other party had received an invitation from Princess Anne.
“Yellow monkey, what do you look at?”
Caesar was angry at the moment. He accidentally saw Chen Feng staring at them. He was originally annoyed by the Arab non-conservative things. At this moment, he saw Chen Feng. He spread all the anger in his heart on Chen Feng’s. Body.
When Caesar’s words came out, the beautiful blonde and the eight bodyguards glanced over.
They saw Chen Feng. After seeing Chen Feng, the blonde only thought where the other party had seen him, but they couldn’t remember for a while.
At the moment, the eight big men were angry and fierce. Their moods changed due to the words of the master. They looked at Chen Feng one by one, and they were about to move forward.
Originally, Chen Feng didn’t want to participate in this matter, but the other party’s words made him unhappy. At this moment, Chen Feng frowned slightly.
When the other party mentioned Princess Anne just now, Chen Feng glanced with some curiosity, but he didn’t expect that this glance made the other party feel uncomfortable and spoke harshly.
“Master Caesar, you don’t need to be angry with such a lowly person. We still have important things to do, and Princess Anne invited you, let’s go back as soon as possible!”
Just then the blond girl beside Caesar comforted.
Just when Caesar was about to get angry, the girl next to her hurriedly played a round. Although she felt that Chen Feng was a little familiar, she couldn’t remember it for a while, and she didn’t think about it anymore. It was very important to attend Princess Anne’s banquet. Although Caesar is a direct line of the family, he still does not dare to ignore Princess Anne.
“Well, Susan, you are right!”
Caesar looked at the girl in thought and said.
Caesar was so dazzled by anger that she almost forgot about Princess Anne. Just now Susan couldn’t help but think of Princess Anne’s delicate face when she mentioned it. The anger in her heart also eased slightly.
This time he talked about oil on behalf of the family with Ara Khan, but in the end he didn’t talk about it, which made Caesar angry. This matter is said to be not big, but it is not too small, and it can’t keep the family from being hostile to him. People will take this opportunity to do something unfavorable to him.
However, under Susan’s reminder, he suddenly reacted. In case Princess Anne had taken it down, what is the oil of Ara Khan? At this moment, Caesar stood in the same place and imagined the future with Princess Anne. Under this circumstance, he had no interest in arguing with Chen Feng anymore, he didn’t even look at Chen Feng, and turned and left with the blonde girl and eight bodyguards.

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