Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 695

Thinking of this, Xiao En glanced at Chen Feng secretly and found that the other party did not show anything, as if he hadn’t noticed this scene.
Although Chen Feng didn’t show anything, Xiao En knew that Chen Feng must have discovered it a long time ago, but he didn’t say anything.
“what happened?”
Chen Feng suddenly turned to look at Xiao En.
“Ah? Nothing, nothing!” Xiao En quickly responded without responding for a while.
“Don’t worry, I believe those people behind don’t dare to attack the escort vehicle. If they dare to do so, they will die easily, and if serious, they will provoke a war between the two countries. I don’t think they will be so stupid!”
Chen Feng looked at the front blankly, and analyzed.
“Mr. Chen is right!”
Xiao En replied, after thinking about it, he felt that Chen Feng was right. Even though those people had some power, their strength was fragile in front of a country.
Sure enough, the vehicles behind just followed from a distance, not daring to do anything excessive.
The journey was very safe, and soon I came to the door of the hotel.
“The opponent is protected by more than a dozen special team members led by Eagle Country Guardian Sean. They have now arrived at the hotel, please give instructions!”
Seeing Chen Feng walked into the hotel under the protection of everyone, the three forces behind saw this scene and quickly reported to the person in charge above.
“Continue to monitor, don’t act rashly!”
After the surveillance personnel sent the news back, they got basically the same reply, and they dare not attack Chen Feng here.
Chen Feng came to the front desk of the hotel and simply registered the information. After Xiao En and Chen Feng chatted a few words, he turned and left, but the dozen or so special forces did not leave. They were ordered to protect Chen Feng’s safety.
At this time, in the building opposite the Hilton Hotel.
Evka was still in that capable dress, came to the door of a room, knocked on the door first, got a reply, and walked in.
“The chief, has received accurate information, that Hua Guo Chen Feng, is in the Hilton Hotel opposite at this moment!”
Evka gave a report as soon as she walked in, and opposite her was William the Son of Darkness.
William nodded and motioned for Eveka to continue.
“Today Chen Feng just got off the plane, the Qinghong group, the Mafia, and the Shenyin of Dongying, the three forces have been following behind until Chen Feng just stepped into the hotel!”
“But what is a little weird is that the Mafia, Shenyin, or Qinghong group just followed behind, but did not make a move, and according to the information our intelligence group received, there is not a single master among the three forces!”
After talking about this, Evka paused, and then continued: “You must know that Chen Feng is not so easy to deal with. The tripartite forces did not send a master, indicating that they do not want or will not attack Chen Feng in Lundun. Normal!”
“Haha, it’s normal!”
William laughed and continued: “Chen Feng has now represented China in the World Martial Arts Competition. At this juncture, if any force uses the older generation of masters to attack Chen Feng, first, China’s military alliance will definitely start. Crazy revenge. Second, if the tripartite forces do this, the World Martial Arts Organization will not sit idly by no matter what it is for!”
“Originally, they only had personal enmity with Chen Feng. By then, I am afraid that they will become enemies with the Huaguo Wushu League, and in doing so, they obviously did not put the World Martial Arts Organization in their eyes. They can’t bear the consequences!”
“Of course, there is one more point. These three forces have disciples or descendants to participate in the competition. If they attack Chen Feng in advance, they will fall into the tongue. Their descendants are not as good as Chen Feng!”
This son of darkness is not a general, just a few simple words, he analyzed the cause and effect of the matter.
“Well, that should be it!”
Evka nodded and agreed with William’s explanation.
“But then again, once the World Martial Arts Competition is over, I think the three parties will try their best to deal with Chen Feng, and even join hands!”
“At that time, he will have no retreat, only death!”
William walked to the window, looked at the Hilton Hotel in the distance, and sneered.
“Boss, it’s easy to kill him with your strength!”
Evka complimented.
“Interesting guy, I really want to break his neck immediately!”
William’s gaze seemed to be able to see Chen Feng in the opposite hotel. At this moment, his body was murderous, showing a cruel look.
“This…!” Evka hesitated for a while, did not dare to say it.
William looked at her and smiled, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, although I am a little anxious, but it is not the time yet. If in a martial arts competition, in front of people from all over the world, I would break his neck. Will become a catchy person!”
William’s words were extremely arrogant and self-confident. It is no wonder that he reached the middle stage of the dynamism at a young age, and the strongest person on the god list is still his master, and he is qualified to be arrogant.
Lundun is the capital of the Eagle Country, and it is also the center of the economy.
The weather in Lundun is a bit humid, and it will rain from time to time. Early this morning, the rain stopped and the sun emerged from the clouds, adding some warmth to this land.
There was a Rolls-Royce Phantom on the highway slowly driving towards the rich area.
“It was sunny when I got off the plane, but now it’s foggy again!”
Caesar, sitting in the car, couldn’t help but complain, as if he didn’t like this kind of weather, which would make the mood a little boring.
“Well, Susan has nothing to do today. Go back and take a good rest!”
Caesar turned his head and said to Susan beside him.
Although Susan responded, she was depressed. She is Caesar’s assistant, but another woman who is Caesar. Every time they come back from a business trip, they will return to the villa together and enjoy the love of men and women.
But today Caesar let her go directly, Susan knew that Caesar’s current goal had been on Princess Anne.
Susan is beautiful and has a good figure, but compared with Princess Anne, she is still inadequate, or not at the same level at all.
Caesar was only thinking about pleading with Princess Anne, and had already thrown her aside. Although Susan felt a little uncomfortable, she didn’t say anything.
Her character is like this. When she feels uncomfortable, she would rather fight it alone than be known by others.
Susan opened the door, got out of the car, then got in her own car and drove towards the villa.
It’s just that Susan doesn’t know why, she’s always feeling uncomfortable during this period of time, and she always has a frightening feeling. She still doesn’t know that this feeling comes from Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was lying on the sofa, holding a cell phone and talking with Princess Anne.

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