Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 696

On the screen, Princess Anne is still so beautiful and cute. She is wearing a white long dress today, with a gorgeous dress showing a dignified crown.
“Feng, I’m sorry, I’m going to greet my father later, and then I will have dinner with members of the royal family at noon, so I can’t pick you up!”
In the video, Princess Anne pouted and looked apologetic.
Princess Anne has always wanted to see Chen Feng since she knew the time of Chen Feng’s arrival, but her identity was too special, it could be said that she moved her whole body, especially at the banquet she was the protagonist, not to mention her face easily.
“Haha, nothing, see you at the evening banquet!”
Chen Feng laughed and didn’t take it seriously.
“Hey, okay, then you should take a rest first. You must be tired after flying on the plane for so long. See you tonight!”
Princess Anne smiled and responded very well.
After hanging up the phone, Chen Feng sat up from the sofa, ready to take a shower.
After looking at the phone display, Shi Pojun turned out to be calling, and Chen Feng pressed the answer button.
“Chen Feng, the people who participated in the World Martial Arts Competition this time, I have already sent you their information, you can take a look at it!”
After the call was connected, Shi Pojun didn’t mean anything and explained directly.
Before Chen Feng left China, he specially asked Shi Pojun to help check the information of all the participants.
Only in this way can we better understand the opponent, and only by understanding the opponent can we better defeat the opponent.
Although Chen Feng is very strong, he is not conceited. He will not fight insecure battles.
“I know, thank you!” Chen Feng took out the computer from his backpack and opened the mailbox to take a look.
“That one……!”
Shi Pojun on the phone hesitated and didn’t know what to say.
“If you have anything, just talk about it!” Chen Feng heard an abnormality from the other party and asked.
“Xiaofeng, I know your character, I know your strength better but this competition is different, you must be careful!” Shi Pojun’s words are full of worry?
“Well, don’t worry!”
After hanging up the phone, Chen Feng clicked and opened the mailbox, which contained the information of the 64 players participating in the competition.
There were not so many people in this competition. The original plan was to draw one person from each country, but after all, this kind of competition is world-class, and the number of people cannot be too small. The number of seats in each country has increased to four.
Chen Feng clicked and opened the mailbox. On the first page, there was a picture of a blond man, and his information below.
The man in the photo is named Arthur. In the photo, he is riding a white horse, looking forward with a smile on his face. The blue sky and white clouds, coupled with his unparalleled face, make people never forget.
Arthur is a descendant of the Roboli family, the oldest family in the Eagle Nation. He is now the captain of the Holy See’s guard and has the title of Paladin. The Cavaliers are the favorites to win this global martial arts competition.
Chen Feng looked at Arthur’s information carefully, and after reading it without losing a word, he turned it over.
On the second page, the photo shows a young man wearing a golden robe.
Morti is the descendant of Buddhism in India, known as the son of Buddhism in India. He inherited the martial arts of ancient Indian Buddhism. He mainly cultivated the physical body. The strength of his physical body has reached an incredible level. With this method, he has already broken through the middle of the vitality, and his competition is also attractive. The attention of everyone.
Zuo Zhu, a genius in Dongying martial arts, with his super talent, made a name for himself in Dongying for a short time. His sudden mysterious disappearance ten years ago caused speculation by the outside world. They all thought he was dead, but unexpectedly before this competition. Appeared and caused quite a stir.
Hong Yi, the elder of the Qinghong Group, was also one of the masters who besieged Ye Nantian back then, and his strength was unfathomable.
A member of the Gambino family in Zoromi country, he has a profound family background. He is the secret descendant of Gambino. His strength is currently unknown, but his master also participated in the plan to besiege Ye Nantian.
“Shi Pojun is interested.”
Looking at the information of these two people, Chen Feng couldn’t help but secretly said, Shi Pojun seemed to have done much in this regard. He also understood Chen Feng’s character, so he was fully prepared.
The name Chen Feng was not familiar, but seeing the text described below made Chen Feng’s pupils shrink suddenly.
William is different from the previous participating members. There is no photo in his entry profile, only text description.
William, the former leader of the Blood Kill Organization, once founded the William Blood Kill Organization with his own strength and connections, and within a short period of strength, this organization made a sensation in the world, and he was also known by the forces in the world.
The blood-killing organization that was a mega-shock that year suddenly disappeared mysteriously. After inquiries and investigations by various forces from various countries, it was discovered that William had turned to the Dark Council and became one of them.
After William joined the Dark Council, the senior officials attached great importance to him. Not only did he provide him with resources for cultivation, he also got the inheritance of the first strongman on the god list, and then defeated all the dark disciples in one fell swoop, and eventually became the son of darkness, participating in this world class Martial arts competition.
There is a line of small letters written in red under William’s profile.
“Xiaofeng, I know the hatred between you and him, and I also know that you will not let him go, but you must remember that the other party is really strong, so be careful!”
Shi Pojun knew Chen Feng’s reaction after seeing the news. He was afraid that Chen Summit would be uncomfortable, so he wrote a small line to remind him.
I had known that Ye Nantian was besieged by more powerful forces, and the person who broke Ye Nantian’s leg was William’s blood killing organization.
As the so-called enemies met, he was extremely jealous. He firmly believed that if Chen Feng met this William, he would be immortal. This kind of hatred was enough to drive Chen Feng crazy. Only one of them could walk down the ring alive.
“Good! Good! Good! William? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”
Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he couldn’t stop the killing intent in his eyes. Seeing William’s information, Chen Feng couldn’t help but think of Ye Nantian’s appearance. This hatred was already overwhelming.
Lundun Pagoda is very famous in the world. It is not only a marked building, but also a continuous building many years ago. How many princes and nobles were imprisoned, but this has been a long time.
Nowadays, Lundun Pagoda is a tourist attraction and also a world cultural heritage. This place is divided into two parts. One part is inhabited by members of the royal family of Eagle Country, and the other part is open for people to visit.
At night, around seven o’clock, the street was brightly lit and bustling, and Chen Feng arrived at the Hilton Hotel on time.
Chen Feng walked out of the hotel room, and the dozen or so agents in the lobby were already waiting.
“Hello Mr. Chen, we are responsible for picking you up to attend Princess Anne’s wedding!”
The leader of the secret service group gave Chen Feng a little salute, and his attitude was extremely respectful.

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