Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 698

“Yellow monkey, get out of here!” Caesar’s voice just fell.
Xiao En’s heart trembled, because he saw Chen Feng turn around with a murderous look on his face.
When he was at the airport before, Caesar was furious just because Chen Feng accidentally glanced at him. It seemed that Chen Feng looked at him and was an insult to him. At that time, his assistant took him away, otherwise You can start at that time.
Since then Chen Feng talked with Princess Anne on the phone, so he always took this matter to heart, but Caesar repeatedly provoked him. If he didn’t teach him a lesson, it would not be Chen Feng.
“Where did the dog come from? It actually barked in front of people!”
Chen Feng showed killing intent, and even more rudely cursed Caesar.
Upon hearing Chen Feng’s words, everyone present changed their expressions and froze in place.
Who is Caesar? He is the descendant of the Roboli family, and he will inherit the patriarch in the future.
The family gave him everything he wanted. It can be said that Caesar is not only in the Eagle Country, even in all the countries of the European continent, but also flattered by the upper class.
Such a person has never been wronged, let alone insulting him in front of so many people.
Under the light, Caesar’s eyes widened and his face was incredible. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to refute it. What was more unexpected was that Chen Feng scolded him in front of so many people. All this happened so quickly that Caesar hadn’t reacted yet.
Xiao En had been watching from the side, and when Chen Feng said this, he secretly said it.
The thing he worries the most has happened. Although Xiao En can’t say to know Chen Feng, he knows the character of the other party.
If Chen Feng gets angry, no one can stop Chen Feng, or no one dares to stop him.
Sean can think of the next thing with his toes, but whether it is Caesar or Chen Feng, they are all guests attending Princess Anne’s birthday party. If they fight at this time, then Sean, who is the head of welcome Said that his responsibility is heavy.
“What? Say it again!”
Caesar had already reacted at this time, and walked towards Indulge angrily. It seemed that if Chen Feng said another word, he might have to get started directly. In his opinion, although he was doing it at the princess’s birthday party, he wanted to come to Princess Anne. I won’t turn my face with myself because of this yellow leather.
“Are you deaf? Don’t blame me for being polite!”
Chen Feng still had that expression. The threat from Caesar to him was really insignificant to him. He hadn’t seen any scene when he went to Dongying alone.
Hearing Chen Feng repeating another sentence, Caesar laughed furiously. In his opinion, what Chen Feng said to him was like an ordinary person threatening an adult as a child.
Not only Caesar, but even the people present, all laughed, looking at the excitement.
This is where? This is the land of the Eagle Nation. A foreigner who is a descendant of the Willoboli family in the Eagle Nation, and the future patriarch, would not make people ridicule. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would believe this.
Caesar sneered: “You are acting as a hero on the territory of Eagle Country. What are you pretending, ignorant yellow-skinned monkey!”
Chen Feng’s gloomy expression flashed in his eyes, and he said, “The last time the person who spoke to me in this tone didn’t end well!”
Xiao En heard Chen Feng’s words on the side, and felt a little bit in his heart. With Chen Feng’s character, as long as the opponent is dead or disabled, he will never end well.
Seeing Caesar’s posture will not be easy to show weakness, so if he is provocative, then his fate can be imagined.
If Caesar, the descendant of the Roboli family, is injured or maimed here, I believe it will not be long before it will cause a sensation in the world.
At that time, the matter was completely upset, not to mention Princess Anne, even the royal family of the Eagle Country would not be easy to explain to the Roboli family.
And in this case, Princess Anne would definitely not be able to protect Chen Feng, and the royal family of the Eagle Kingdom would not have quarrels with the Roboli family because Chen Feng is an outsider. Although Chen Feng is Anne’s benefactor, in this matter, Don’t say it’s a benefactor, even people from the royal family can’t retreat.
The most important thing is that Sean is in charge of this reception, but in order to calm the anger of the Roboli family, he must be inevitable.
“Master Caesar, Mr. Chen, today is the birthday party of Her Royal Highness the Princess. If you start here, then Princess Anne will definitely be embarrassed, and if this matter is spread, then the face of the Eagle Kingdom royal family will be completely lost. Exhausted, what will Princess Anne think then?”
Seeing that something was not right, Xiao En analyzed the results before and after, and hurriedly stepped forward and said, in case one step is slow, the two sides start hands, then everything is over.
Seeing that Chen Feng and Caesar had not spoken, Xiao En heaved a sigh of relief and continued: “Master Caesar, Mr. Chen, you are all the princess’s distinguished guests. I don’t think you will disregard the princess’s thoughts?”
When Shaun’s words were heard by the people present, Caesar frowned. He did not have a deal with the Arabian oil business, but he was not discouraged, and he set the goal on Princess Anne. This time he came to meet Anne. The princess pulls into the relationship.
If you make trouble here, not only will the face of the princess be unsightly, you will also lose your favor with the troublemaker.
Caesar was also extraordinary, and he considered the pros and cons in a short while, and at this moment his anger was slightly eased.
“Your Excellency Shaun, I just don’t know why Princess Anne invited a person from China to come here!”
Caesar turned to look at Sean and asked.
“That’s it, Mr. Chen is a friend of Her Royal Highness!”
Seeing Caesar’s anger abated, Xiao En quickly explained that he had no idea of making trouble, and then he secretly glanced at Chen Feng. Now Caesar will not make trouble anymore, but he is afraid that Chen Fengcheng will not be willing. Everything is over.
“Mr. Sean, you are right, I was reckless just now!”
Seeing Xiao En’s eyes, Chen Feng knew what the other party meant, and immediately stated his position.
The last time Annie went to China with her father, she did herself a favor. Although he was kind to the Royal Family of the Eagle Kingdom, Chen Feng still took this love in his heart, otherwise he would not risk his life. Dangerous, came to Eagle Country not far away to attend Annie’s birthday party.
“I didn’t see the good show, this Chinese is showing weakness!”
The guests all around showed disappointment, as if Chen Feng and Caesar didn’t do anything, which disappointed them, but from Chen Feng’s words just now they thought Chen Feng was showing weakness and did not dare to do anything with Caesar.

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