Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 699

“It’s okay, the princess is kind and has many friends, but not all friends are qualified to come here. I think Princess Anne should be embarrassed to refuse, or forgot, it doesn’t matter, I will tell the princess!”
Caesar looked at Chen Feng with contempt, and it seemed to him that Chen Feng’s stay was in his hands.
At this moment, even the surrounding guests looked at Chen Feng with mocking eyes, as if the other party was not qualified to attend the banquet with them, and it seemed that Chen Feng would definitely be kicked out of the banquet.
But here, only Sean shook his head secretly. Others didn’t know, and he still didn’t know how much Princess Anne, who was noble and elegant in the eyes of others, admired and cared for their despised Chen Feng.
Sean looked at Caesar and saw that the other party was still proud. Sean couldn’t help but sympathize with each other. Don’t say that he is only a descendant of the Roboli family, even if the patriarch of the Roboli family personally told Princess Anne to expel her Chen Feng, I believe Princess Anne will never agree.
Caesar was scrupulous about Princess Anne, for fear of leaving a bad impression on the other party, so he didn’t do anything at this banquet, but he had made up his mind. After seeing Princess Anne, he would definitely beat the princess to treat the Chinese. Drive away.
When he wants to come, he is also a person with status and status. If he speaks about Princess Anne, he will not lose face.
Caesar never thought about the relationship between Chen Feng and Annie. He wanted to come to the other side only so he could interact with Princess Anne. Perhaps he met during the last visit to China. At best, he was the second generation of officials or wealthy. In the second generation, this identity is really insignificant in front of Caesar.
If the other party knew his identity and didn’t know what expression he would have, Caesar looked expectant, as if he had seen Chen Feng’s embarrassed look.
The surrounding guests gathered around Caesar and left here.
“Mr. Chen, thank you very much, for taking care of the overall situation, you did not embarrass Princess Anne, but you gave me a step down. I sincerely thank you!”
After Caesar’s crowd left, Xiao En came to Chen Feng respectfully, and his tone was very excited.
“Haha, Mr. Sean, you are serious, it’s nothing, as long as he doesn’t die, I won’t pay attention to him!”
Chen Feng laughed, and then turned to ask: “Mr. Xiao En, who is that guy just now? How come it feels bigger than the King of Eagle Country!”
Xiao En smiled bitterly: “That person’s name is Caesar, he is the descendant of the Roboli family. If there is no accident, he will definitely become the patriarch in the future!”
“The Roboli family is one of several ancient families in the Eagle Nation, and even the Eagle Nation royal family must give them some face!”
“Oh? That’s the case, no wonder!”
Chen Feng nodded, smiling, without the kind of panic and surprise after hearing the identity of the other party.
Xiao En saw Chen Feng’s expression, but he was not surprised.
Who is Chen Feng? He drove to Dongying alone, causing a siege by the power of one country, and was even more wary of many countries. The Roboli family may be strong and huge in the eyes of others, but in Chen Feng’s eyes, it is insignificant.
“Mr. Sean, why don’t you go ahead and let me go by myself!”
Seeing that Xiao En hadn’t said any more, Chen Feng asked.
“Well, if Mr. Chen doesn’t mind, I’ll accompany you over there!”
A smile appeared on Xiao En’s face. He was afraid of any conflict between Chen Feng and Caesar, and he was afraid of it. He didn’t follow at any time, and he could deal with anything.
“In this way, thank you very much!” Chen Feng smiled.
Xiao En laughed when he heard the words, and asked Chen Feng to go first.
“Interesting, I didn’t expect the yellow-skinned monkey to really dare to follow!”
“Oh, that’s the case. It seems that this person is really shameless. When he is thrown out of the banquet, he will have a good show!”
Those guests who supported Caesar on the way saw Chen Feng and Xiao En, and they talked in private.
Hearing the comments of the people around him, Caesar also looked back, and Chen Feng really followed.
“Okay, I really don’t know how many kilograms I am. I rushed a hero in this place, but it doesn’t matter, I will make him a bear!”
Although Caesar’s words were light, the surrounding guests heard them and laughed. The reason they did this was to please the descendant of the Roboli family.
Chen Feng saw the other person, but there was nothing on his face. Xiao En, who was beside him, saw this scene as well and cursed an idiot in his heart.
“Caesar, you are really a stupid family. I wish I could meet Her Royal Highness first, otherwise you bastard would be in danger!”
Sean thought of this and accelerated the pace of progress.
This ancient palace is full of history. In this special atmosphere, the scene is arranged as a dinner party.
The long tables are covered with white tablecloths, fruits from various countries are placed on them, and there are also bottles of expensive red wine.
The guests, or three, five people gathered together with red wine in their hands, chatting and laughing, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. This kind of gathering is very popular in the upper class.
There is also a waiter carrying a plate, shuttled among the crowd, to provide them with quality service.
This harmonious atmosphere was destroyed by the arrival of Caesar.
As soon as this descendant of the Roboli family stepped into the venue, he attracted the attention of people around him, and then one after another, with different purposes, surrounded Caesar to flatter him.
“Master Caesar, it really is you, depending on your temperament, you won’t be a descendant of the Roboli family!”
The speaker was the eldest daughter of a certain family patriarch in the Eagle Country, but their family was far behind Roboli. At this moment, the woman looked at Caesar’s eyes with light, giving the impression that Caesar just nodded her head. Will do anything for each other without hesitation.
“Haha, thank you!”
Caesar was still in the air. It seemed that the woman in front of him was able to talk to him. It was already an honor for the other party. As expected, he heard that Caesar was talking to him. The woman’s face was flushed, her heart was racing, and she couldn’t react.
“Master Caesar, I recognized you from a distance. Your noble temperament can cause a commotion in everyone!”
“Haha, yes, Master Caesar is a descendant of the family, how can he be an ordinary person!”
The surrounding guests followed Caesar one by one, speaking with goose bumps.
Caesar has long been accustomed to all of this. He has stood at the apex of the pyramid since he was born. All of this stems from his identity?
At this time, Chen Feng and Xiao En also walked in. Compared with Caesar’s bustle, Chen Feng was extremely deserted. There were a few people at the door who had witnessed Chen Feng and Caesar’s near-hands. They stood at this moment. At the door, talking about Chen Feng in a low voice.
In their eyes, this Chen Feng offended Caesar, and even dared to come here, which is simply insulting himself.

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