Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 700

“Mr. Chen, forgive me for not being able to accompany you. There are fruits and wine here. Please feel free to do so. I will report the situation to the princess!”
Xiao En said with an apologetic face, he had seen the expressions of the people at the door just now, and his heart moved.
“Shaun is polite. Go ahead and do it!”
Chen Feng had long seen that Xiao En went to Princess Anne to report that he had arrived at the venue, and wanted to ask Princess Anne to ease the relationship between him and Caesar. It was just that if he knew something, he knew it and couldn’t say it.
Seeing that Chen Feng had no opinion, Xiao En quickly speeded up and left here.
Although Caesar was surrounded by the crowd, his gaze kept looking in the direction of Chen Feng from time to time. At this moment, seeing Xiao En leaving alone, he hurried over from the crowd.
“Mr. Sean, I don’t know where the Princess is now?” Caesar said before coming to Sean.
Xiao En hesitated for a moment, and was about to tell the other person, when someone shouted: “Look, your Royal Highness is out!”
Before they finished their words, everyone turned to look at the northeast corner of the palace. They saw Princess Anne smiling, wearing a white dress, walking slowly, she is still so beautiful, the white dress is decorated with gems, but noble. Without losing elegance.
She also wears a necklace around her neck and a jade bracelet in her hand. There are no fewer than dozens of gems on her body.
If ordinary people wear it like this, it might look a bit vulgar, but it is completely different when worn on Princess Anne.
Behind Annie were two maids dragging her long skirts.
When Annie came, she kept looking for Chen Feng’s figure in the crowd. She watched for a long time but there was no Chen Feng. Annie frowned. As for the others, she didn’t take a look, including Caesar, the descendant of the Roboli family. Inside, none of them have this qualification.
Princess Anne was a little disappointed, but at this moment, she glanced casually and saw the familiar figure, now lonely at the door, Princess Anne’s eyes lit up, her smile grew stronger, and Chen Feng came.
“Your Royal Highness, you are so beautiful tonight. Compared with your beauty, everything around you is dim!”
After a brief silence, Caesar walked out of the crowd with a smile on his face, came to Princess Anne, and praised her without concealment.
“Thank you!”
Facing Kai Kai’s praise, Princess Anne politely thanked her.
“Princess Anne, your beauty may not even be enough for angels!”
“Yes, where the princess is, the surroundings are full of light!”
The surrounding guests stepped forward, one by one greeting.
I have to admire these gentlemen dressed, but their cheeks are unusually thick, they say goosebumps, their faces are not red, and their hearts are not beating.
Princess Anne still smiled and responded to everyone. At this moment Caesar suddenly said: “Beautiful Princess Anne, I wonder if you have invited a friend from China tonight?”
Caesar’s words were a bit loud, he said this deliberately. When his words came out, the banquet fell silent for an instant.
“Yes, is there any problem?”
Annie was shocked when she heard what Caesar said, not knowing what the other party meant.
“Princess, it’s like this. I have met with that Chinese man twice, but the other party’s performance is outrageous, completely like a savage without evolutionary success, and not only I think so, all the guests around Think so!”
“In my opinion, it is disrespect for such a person to come to your banquet. I suggest that he be kicked out immediately!”
Caesar couldn’t wait to say at this moment, he immediately blasted Chen Feng out like Princess Anne.
As Caesar’s words spread, all the polite surroundings looked towards Chen Feng in the corner.
In that inconspicuous corner, where Chen Feng stood alone, this phenomenon was incompatible with the atmosphere of the scene.
Princess Anne glanced at Chen Feng subconsciously, with anger in her eyes. She was angry with Caesar, and she was angry with what Caesar had just said.
Caesar had been observing Anne’s expression on the side, seeing the princess put away her smile, her face was gloomy, Caesar didn’t know what was wrong, and her heart sank.
“what happened?”
There are also some savvy people in the crowd, and they can see that something is wrong at this moment.
“Mr. Caesar, you must know that tonight is my birthday party, not yours. I don’t care what you think of my Chinese friends, but since they are my friends, you will never be allowed to insult you!”
Although Princess Anne’s words were light, everyone could tell that the princess was angry, to be precise.
“Your Excellency Caesar, you are disrespectful to my friend, you are disrespectful to me, are you here to humiliate me?”
No matter how stupid Caesar was, he would have reacted when he heard Annie’s words at this moment. Besides, he had a very high mind. When he noticed that he was not good at this moment, he wanted to take it back.
It’s just that it’s too late.
“Your Excellency Caesar, I must tell you seriously now that you immediately apologize to my friend. If my friend does not forgive you, then I am sorry, I can only ask you to go out!”
Princess Anne’s words were extremely firm and beyond doubt.
As the princess’s voice just fell, everyone was completely stunned, with incredible expressions on their faces.
Some of the guests present did not know what kind of grievances Caesar had with Chen Feng, but Caesar’s performance just now suffices to explain that Princess Anne just came out, and Caesar directly pointed out that the princess had driven the Chinese out, but No one thought that Princess Anne would say so.
Not to mention everyone, even Caesar can’t react at this moment.
He didn’t expect Princess Anne to humiliate him so much in front of so many people, and in Princess Anne’s words just now, he came here to humiliate her.
This is a terrible thing, you must know that he represents the Roboli family, and he still couldn’t react to it at this moment.
Although the Roboli family is powerful, it is not strong enough to ignore the royal family.
Princess Anne’s words undoubtedly slapped him severely in front of so many people.
At this moment, everyone involuntarily looked at Chen Feng in the corner. Chen Feng was so inconspicuous in their eyes just now, but at this moment he suddenly became the focus of everyone.
Caesar was pale, trying to say something to save the situation.
“Your Royal Highness… Me!”
At this moment, his heart was extremely aggrieved and extremely angry. He never dreamed that things would happen like this. He has always been aloof, but he did not expect to be forced to such a degree at this moment.
“I have already said, either apologize or leave, I will not repeat it, and mine will never change!”
Before Caesar finished speaking, Princess Anne interrupted him directly, her expression firm, beyond doubt.

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